A software system designed by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems for construction and real estate & property management companies.

About Newstar

The REMS modules address the accounting and operational needs of a wide range of industries, including:

Property Managers; Residential, Commercial, Retail and Condominium Construction; General, Heavy Construction and Specialty Trade Subcontractor, Homebuilders and Developers.

The Solution highlights:

  • Transaction update protection - automatic roll-back of partially updated transactions if there is a system or logic error.
  • The paperless office concept.
    • All audit trails printed on demand.
    • All reports can be previewed on-line with search and scroll fold options.
  • Transaction UNDO option - erroneous entries can be rolled-back, corrected and reprocessed making your final records free of correcting entries.
  • PO Matrix Report provides a breakdown of outstanding Purchase Order status for selected Suppliers. The report lists the Payment Draw Amounts, Invoiced-To-Date Amounts and Balance Due. There are provisions for the subcontractor and builder to confirm or change amounts and approve for payment. Homebuilders can use this report as an authorization document to support payments to Subcontractors who do not issue invoices.
  • Auto Pay PO option in Accounts Payable lets you generate and set up a Supplier invoice from the Purchase Order; plus you can also post the invoice and cut the check, all from the same option.
  • User defined Report Presentation - by using report writing features specifically designed within the REMS application as well as the generic report writing capabilities featured in the relational database management system and direct interface to the standard office products, the user has control over the presentation of their data.

The Technology highlights:

  • Leading edge technology - Open Client/Server architecture providing powerful development tools, information access, a Windows interface and easy integration to popular desktop applications.
  • Portability, connectivity and flexibility - The system delivers maximum performance and functionality in an open architecture. The system is written in Progress 4GL (Fourth Generation Programming Language), an advanced application development tool used to create the system’s mission critical, transaction-oriented business applications. The key advantages of a 4GL are its development speed and the tremendous reporting flexibility given to the end-user.
  • Progress provides an industrial strength database that grows with evolving technology and allows the solution to be portable across a wide variety of hardware platforms, operating systems, network protocols, GUIs and databases.
  • Solid foundation – The Progress SQL compliant, relational database provides open data server architecture to manage all your current and future computing needs.
  • The Windows compatible system (Windows 3.1, Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 & XP, NT)

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User Reviews of Newstar

Submitted on February 15th, 2019 by Anonymous

The software is a great tool for storing information. The design of it does not allow you to sort or filter data , change the font settings or the appearance of the different screens. The software had to be used the way the developers set the defaults. Some of the fonts on the screens are very small, the colors the developer choose for the excel style reports is very light which blends in with the data. Converting everything to excel is the only way to manipulate and view data to work efficiently. Ironically, there is a third party company that provides an excel based program to use in conjunction with Newsrar which will do everything you need it to do that Newstar should be able to do.

The Good…

Perfect for storing data

The Bad…

The user should be able to… adjust the font, color scheme of the excel based screens, filter and sort data and utilize the report features. The reports will not pull data if there a lot stored, which if this is a system for home builders, there would be a lot of data.

Submitted on October 2nd, 2018 by ag zaw moore

good software