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A multi-module management system designed by DPSI.
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iMaint is a complete solution to all of your asset management needs. iMaint is a very powerful asset management system that gives you the ability to automate every task from maintenance to keeping a parts inventory. This product is completely customizable on a company-by-company basis and even a user-by-user basis. You can choose which screens are visible to which user (or group of users), change screen labels to fit your companies terminology, or even switch to a completely different language in the program. This program is available as an “in-house” or a web-based solution. This product is fully capable of being used in wireless PDA’s, and interfaces with other popular accounting systems such as Microsoft Business Solutions GP. This product can be paid in full and licensed for your use; or your company can elect to pay a monthly subscription fee. iMaint features an extensive online help section and user guide to aid in any questions your staff may have. Furthermore, iMaint complies with all regulatory documentation (EPA, ISO, OSHA, GASB 34, etc.). Finally, iMaint allows you to link drawings, documents, video clips and other files to work orders, assets, and procedures; ensuring that your company can fully utilize and customize the software package.

Also available is iMaint Fleet; a vehicle maintenance management enterprise system. This product is very similar to iMaint in many ways, but it features a Fuel module. This module allows you to apply Fuel as an inventory item; and treat it as such.


The Assets module of iMaint is incredibly powerful and versatile. It allows you to enter information in a standardized format; or user-defined fields can be set up for all assets, or for an asset type. Additionally, labor hours labor costs, downtime hours and miscellaneous costs are tracked by MTD, QTD, YTD and LTD. You can also group assets at your discretion, this is incredibly useful for work order scheduling and reporting purposes. The existence of an Asset Tree allows you to view each asset and its parent or children. Viewable with every asset is the following additional information:

  • All parts associated with the asset
  • All procedures associated with the asset
  • Schedules set up for the asset
  • Work orders (open or historical) for each asset
  • General ledger accounts
  • Warranties on your assets
  • Recurring costs for each asset (e.g., depreciation)
  • Meter readings
  • Seasons
  • Drawings, schematics, photos, etc.
  • Additional Comments

General Ledger and Budgeting

iMaint allows you to establish general ledger accounts for all maintenance-related cost accounts. This module allows you to define fiscal year periods with up to 13 periods and budgets for each (account). Costs that are applied in iMaint create an associated Cost Transaction record. This record is created as an audit trail showing information such as date, work order, asset, etc. These Transaction Records can be viewed at any time with selection options such as date range and type of transaction. You can set up an unlimited number of accounts per asset, part, contact, purchase or work order. Recurring costs, such as depreciation, are automatically applied.

Parts & Inventory

iMaint features a versatile parts & inventory management system. This module has the capability to maintain and manage any number of warehouses you may have. A part can be stored in any number of warehouses; meaning it can be stored in more than one location (primary/backup parts). Transferring of inventory is simply completed within the computer system; only users that you give security clearance to have the capability to do this. Furthermore, any changes made to inventory (quantity, location, cost changes) are logged and can be reviewed later to see exactly how parts are being used. Searching for an inventory part can be done by searching just your location, or by searching multiple locations. Search results display locations with the part and the quantity available for use. iMaint allows for components to be tracked, if they are installed on an asset. Each part in your inventory can be associated with any number of vendors, manufacturers, assets, substitutions and attachments. Hazardous materials are also flagged for safety purposes.

Running a physical inventory count is easily done in a three step process. First, you create a list of parts to count; this list can be based on any combination of part criteria. Secondly, you print the list and use it to count the parts in stock. Then finally you enter the numbers into the system. At this point you can print a reconciliation report and update physical inventory.


iMaint allows you to group work to be performed into projects. The Projects Module then allows you to set up budgets for each project; budgets are compared to actual costs, which are automatically tracked from work orders. By allowing for the creation of project schedules; iMaint can then automatically generate work orders when needed. Additionally, all work orders historically associated with a project can be linked to said project and reviewed at any point in the future. iMaint supports the use of third-party project management software as well.


iMaint realizes the importance of issuing and tracking purchase requests and purchase orders. To make this process more efficient and accurate, the Purchasing Module will automatically generate purchase orders as they are needed based on the re-order method specified for each part. Furthermore, iMaint allows you to generate purchase orders two other ways; you can enter them through a purchase request, or you can manually enter them in the purchase proof. iMaint can generate a “re-order alert report;” this report shows you what needs to be ordered including parts you need for outstanding work orders. Additionally, maintenance users and other users outside the maintenance department can submit purchase requests for parts to be ordered by the iMaint purchasing system. You can also set approval limits on a per dollar, per user basis; ensuring your employees don’t purchase too many items.

Reports & Graphs

iMiant’s Reports and Graphs Module allows you to collect and analyze information about your companies operations. This module boasts over 100 pre-defined reports with accompanying graphs. Furthermore, this module gives you the ability to create your own reports. iMiant also allows you to specify what information you want on which report; that is, if you want to run a report including certain information and excluding other information you can. Reports can be saved to many commonly used formats such as excel, word, HTML, Lotus and text. You can also make changes to a report after it is created; and any changes made to labels, will automatically be reflected on your reports (e.g. changing asset to equipment). iMaint also has the ability to perform multi-site reports; meaning it can collect information from different databases and combine the information for powerful cross-site analysis.


iMaint gives you the ability to create and edit scheduled work orders. The features of the scheduling module are listed below:

  • Multi-Job Work Orders: If you have work orders due near the same date you can elect to have those work orders automatically combined based on similar assets or procedures.
  • Auto-Schedule: This feature allows you to create and print work orders that are due within a date range specified by you.
  • Season Date Ranges By Asset: You can specify date ranges when out of season work should not be done, and in-season work should be completed
  • Scheduling Capabilities: You can schedule work orders based on date last scheduled or date completed. Additionally, you can use fixed dates and bypass regular scheduling to handle special situations.
  • Warranty Coverage: If you have assets that are still under warranty; you can mark them in the system and view or print a complete list of all assets covered by warranty.

Work Orders

iMaint provides support for all types of work orders; be they simple (with no asset), procedure (with a defined maintenance job) or flexible (multiple assets and procedures grouped together). iMaint automatically displays a summary of the work with estimated actual and remaining labor costs; and other parts and miscellaneous costs. The work order module allows you to define work order status (e.g., planned, open, started, completed, canceled, etc.) and apply costs to one or more general ledger accounts; splitting costs by percentage or specified amounts. By allowing multiple comments, attachments, and user-defined fields; you will have the ability to follow up with a work order like never before. Cost accounting keeps track of labor, parts, and miscellaneous costs associated with maintenance. The flexibility of the work order module allows you to allocate your resources by scheduling resources to specific work orders. Additionally, if one warehouse doesn’t have the parts needed the system can automatically check other warehouses and at your discretion issue parts. If a work order is changed after creation, the system automatically marks it as amended and records: the change, the user who made the change, and the time & date of the change. Work orders that are closed can be re-opened as necessary to make corrections or add information (until the accounting year is closed).

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