An inventory application designed by Fishbowl Inventory for startups and small organizations.

About Fishbowl Inventory

As companies grow they find that the QuickBooks Inventory control capabilities are no longer sufficient for their inventory control needs. They expand beyond multiple locations, the number of products they stock increases, they move into manufacturing, they need wireless bar coding, etc. This is what Fishbowl Inventory provides.

Essentially, when a company integrates their package of QuickBooks (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) with Fishbowl Inventory, Fishbowl will take over all the inventory control functions from QuickBooks. The QuickBooks inventory functions are turned off and parts are no longer tracked in QuickBooks.

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Multi-Location Part Tracking

Location Groups/Classes

Using Fishbowl’s Location Groups function you will be able to track inventory across multiple warehouses, retail outlets, and delivery trucks or anyplace you store your inventory. Inventory valuation, sales, parts and quantities can then be reported on based on the location group they belong to. These location groups then correspond to the various classes within QuickBooks that you define.

Multiple Location Part Tracking

Fishbowl Inventory provides true multi-location part tracking across multiple locations both within a given warehouse and at multiple warehouses. A location can be set up as a store, a division, or even sections of a warehouse. It is easily defined to best fit your business needs. Simply click on the part number in question and everywhere that part is located, anywhere in the system, at multiple locations within a warehouse, or across multiple warehouses, it is immediately displayed on your screen.

Inventory Locations

If your warehouse is divided into aisles, rows and shelves Fishbowl can automatically generate a matrix of locations for you without having to define each location individually. Simply create a new location. Specify the desired number of aisles, rows and shelves and Fishbowl will create all the desired storage locations. Then simply move the desired inventory into the locations and Fishbowl will track where your inventory is stored.

Auto ROP/Auto PO

How much inventory should you carry? Using the sales/usage history of any given part in inventory, Fishbowl’s Auto ROP (Reorder Point) function will calculate the proper reorder point and order-up-to levels for any of your products. Once an item reaches the reorder point Fishbowl Inventory automatically creates a PO for that item, to the preferred vendor, in the proper quantity and at the correct price. You can then issue the PO to the vendor or alter it first and then issue it. Any price changes by the vendor are tracked in the Fishbowl database.

Part Status

Fishbowl Inventory tracks the location and status of every item you have in stock, whether it’s in a single location or in multiple locations. This information is available at the click of a button in multiple modules throughout Fishbowl Inventory.

Part Monitor

Every company has parts that move more than others. Why not have an interactive reporting of what those parts are and when you’ll need more? With the Monitor you’ll see whether your biggest movers are approaching critical levels or whether operations can continue to run without incident. In addition, you’ll see how many of one part has been allocated to the different points in the consumption process. No more inventory shortages on your most consumed parts. Fishbowl Inventory’s part Monitor makes it easy to see when it’s time to re-order to keep sales moving.

Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting is a technique that allows the user to count inventory at a limited number of locations within your warehouse and have that information entered in real time with minimal disruption to your regular flow of business. Simply pick a part to check, count the quantity, enter it into Fishbowl Inventory, and the inventory is immediately updated to the correct amount.

Order Management: Pick, Pack and Ship

Pick Lists: Specify Locations / Serial Numbers / Lot Numbers, Etc

Does your Sales Order double as your Pick List? Do you lose time and money trying to find where specific parts are located? The Fishbowl Inventory Picking module lists the part number, description, location and bin number in an easily understood and readable format. And for those parts with lot and/or serial numbers the user can pick the default numbers that Fishbowl Inventory provides or pick the parts that are more readily accessible and then enter the correct numbers when the order is readied for shipping.

UPS and FedEx Integration

Both UPS’ World Ship and FedEx’s Ship Manager integrate into Fishbowl Inventory. Simply enter in the Sales Order number and Fishbowl Inventory automatically populates your shipping software to print out your labels, weight and tracking numbers based on what you are shipping.

Order Management: Sales and Purchasing

Sales Order/Quotes

Fishbowl’s Inventory’s Sales Order modules allows the user to enter customers, products or QuickLists all from easily accessed drop-down lists. Double click on any line item and you can quickly see what is in stock and what is back-ordered. Any pricing discounts for specific customer/product combinations are remembered and automatically entered as the parts are entered onto the Sales Order. Add notes to the Sales Order as a whole or to each line item individually. And if you need a quote simply save it as a quote and then when the customer agrees to the price simply issue it as an official Sales Order and you’re on your way.

Part Status

Fishbowl Inventory tracks the location and status of every item you have in stock, whether it’s in a single location or in multiple locations. This information is available at the click of a button in multiple modules throughout Fishbowl Inventory.

Today View

When starting your day you shouldn’t have to search through every module to find out what’s waiting to be done within the company. To address this problem Fishbowl’s Today View brings all your in process functions onto one screen. At a glance, you’ll see outstanding Sales Orders, Purchase Orders waiting to be received, Inventory needing to be picked, and Material ready to be shipped. Each item in the Today View is linked to its respective module so you can navigate right to the task with one click. No more time wasted in figuring out where to start the day.


If you sell configurable products that change from one customer to the next then chances are you understand the difficulty in selling, producing and properly tracking these type of products. This is what the Configurator was designed for. For example, let’s say you sell a computer called System1A. But the customer wants a bigger hard drive and more RAM. With Fishbowl’s Configurator you can define a configurable Bill of Materials so that when the customer places the order, the salesman can select the desired options from lists directly within the Sales Order. Any additional charges for premium features are automatically added to the price for the product and added to the Sales Order. Upon issuing the Sales Order, a Work Order for that configured product is automatically created. Just pick, pack and ship the finished item and you’re done.

Quick Lists

Do you have regular customers that buy the same list of items every time they order from you? Fishbowl’s QuickLists feature allows you to give that list a name so that the next time that customer purchases you won’t have to re-populate the Sales Order from scratch. You can then edit the Sales Order anyway you like.

Variable Pricing

Fishbowl Inventory has an extensive pricing module that allows the user to define as many pricing schemas as needed (by customer or customer group) and to have the pricing automatically applied as the Sales Order is created. Define them by a percentage discount or a dollar amount. Simply go to the pricing module, and select new. The Pricing Wizard will walk you through the easy process.

Manage Purchasing and Vendor Relationships

Fishbowl Inventory automatically saves and organizes critical part and Vendor information, and displays it in an easy to use, helpful fashion. What vendors have you purchased from in the past? Who gave you the best deal or turn-around time? Fishbowl Inventory makes purchasing a snap. And when you hit the reorder point on a particular item then Fishbowl will issue the Purchase Order to the correct vendor.

Sales Order to Purchase Order Conversion

Convert any Sales Order to a Purchase Order at the touch of a button. If the item(s) have been purchased before then Fishbowl will remember the previous price and will automatically enter that price into the Purchase Order as the default.

Multiple Ship-to Addresses

In the real world, you sell to companies that may have multiple ship-to addresses. Fishbowl Inventory allows you to use multiple ship-to addresses for your customers, and for vendors that drop ship, you can enter multiple ship to addresses for where the product is to be sent.

Point of Sale

Do you sell directly to the public through your own walk-in store? With the Fishbowl Inventory Point Of Sale you not only have full-scale inventory control but you also have the ability to use a wedge style bar code scanner (like what you see at any retail store) to wand-in all your bar-coded products and create a Sales Order on the fly without having to enter anything in by hand. Simply wand all the products in and Fishbowl Inventory calculates the total, reduces your inventory control, and creates a receipt.

Part Definition and Details

Serialized Parts, Lot Number, Revision Levels, Expiration Dates

If you sell expensive products, if you produce product in batches, if your products are perishable or the government requires tracking of the product you sell, then you need more detailed part tracking than QuickBooks currently provides. Fishbowl Inventory provides true serial number tracking where the part number does not change with each serial number and the history of the unique serialized part is tracked from the moment it enters the system to the moment it leaves. The same is true for lot numbers where a quantity of a given part needs to be tracked as a group. Revision levels for new model parts and Expiration dates for those parts that have a shelf life. And if that isn’t sufficient Fishbowl Inventory also includes unlimited custom fields for each part or product you stock.

Bill of Materials / Kitting

The Fishbowl Inventory BOM module is defined in the Parts module and has no limit on the number of parts, sub-assemblies, or types of parts included. Simply define the BOM within the Parts module, with the correct quantities, and you’re ready to begin manufacturing. If you wish to manufacture immediately then select the Manufacture button and the required parts are immediately pulled from inventory and the finished part is complete.

Unit of Measure Conversions

Create your own Unit of Measure conversions and equations with the built-in Unit of Measure Wizard. There is no limit on the number of conversions you can have. Buy by the pallet, box, case, each, etc. Store in a different unit of measure. Sell by still another unit of measure and have Fishbowl store specific prices for each unit of measure so that you don’t have to remember what to charge your customer if they buy by the pallet instead of by the box. Fishbowl will makes unit of measure conversions easy.

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User Reviews of Fishbowl Inventory

Submitted on September 1st, 2020 by an anonymous Fishbowl Inventory user.

I helped my CEO in selecting this product to replace our current software. Off the bat and because we know exactly which options we need to run our business, we listed some software requirements we couldn’t live without to the salesperson at Fishbowl. After he checked with his superiors, he assured us that they’re able to accommodate and if not, they will refund us our money if we canceled within 30 days. As the days dragged along, we were nearly into the third week without being able to test the system out after we had paid for it. We asked them to give us an extension on this trial period in case they couldn’t deliver on some of the necessities in the software. Long story short, they weren’t able to deliver on some aspects we needed, mainly, to have the previous balance for customers to show up on the invoices or receipts. Their fix was for us to download all the customer balances from QB, nightly, into a spreadsheet, remove all the parents, and upload that sheet into Fishbowl, etc. or for us to take payments in Fishbowl without the ability to apply a payment for multiple accounts. These two options, for anyone who does this for a living, knows that they’re not realistic. So one day before the 30 days were up, we asked them to refund out money as they couldn’t deliver on what was agreed upon. They started to play games, saying they already worked on a custom receipt and that would cost us over $3k. Please learn from our mistake. I will update this post routinely after we see our refund.

The Good…


The Bad…

Their dishonesty

Submitted on January 13th, 2020 by Michael

They have been horrible to work with. 3 months later and I still have a system I can’t use. They have done nothing they said they would!!!

The Good…


The Bad…


Submitted on October 9th, 2019 by Blake Rooker

This is overpriced and severely outdated! One problem after another this program disappoints. AND rather than fix the software, they “lease” you the software through a third party so you HAVE to pay in full even if you decide not to use Fishbowl. $20,000 down the drain. Don’t do it!! There are PLENTY of better options

The Good…

You can call customer support and talk to someone. Rare these days. It didn’t help us but it was nice to be able to call and hear it from the horse’s mouth that there was no fix.

The Bad…

“leasing” the software through a “third party” (not buying that). Severely outdated and bug ridden.

Submitted on June 13th, 2019 by Dan Hunt from Southwind Engines

It will connect with SolidWorks and with QuickBooks. It had all the features to be able to track source and certification of all parts, in order to satisfy the FAA about our Quality Control system.

Submitted on July 11th, 2018 by a Fishbowl Inventory user from Liberty Laser Solution

We ended up going with FishBowl but are not overly satisfied with the outcome to be honest. It just has not been able to make things that much easier and has been a struggle to get the software to do what we need.

Submitted on March 1st, 2018 by an anonymous Fishbowl Inventory user.

I don’t like that it doesn’t have templates so I have to manually enter in an item each time. It’s also not user friendly and doesn’t allow for easy searching by category. In fact, while it allows us to create categories for products, we can’t actually search by category. For example, I can’t search for categories such as medication versus office supplies The user license also doesn’t make sense because it kicks another user off if too many are on.

Submitted on September 26th, 2015 by Lance from Brandow Consulting

Fishbowl is a feature rich distribution and manufacturing add-on to QuickBooks. It’s an inexpensive robust solution for mid-sized companies.

The Good…

I’ve been consulting Fishbowl users since 2006. The software has come a long way since then. In more recent years, I’ve seen an increased number of manufacturing companies benefit from Fishbowl Inventory. Fishbowl tracks costs well and forces the user to keep inventory accurate. It has a limitless reporting tool if you have the budget for custom reports. The biggest benefits my mid-sized (10-20 users/ 50-200 employees) clients realize are in the areas of job and production costing, improved inventory accuracy and visibility. The biggest benefits my small clients (3-10 users/ 5 - 20 employees) realize are the new uses of logical standard processes and automatic professional documents where there were none previously.

The Bad…

  1. Surprisingly, even though they are the #1 selling inventory tracking system for QuickBooks, many of my clients still experience connection issues with QuickBooks. The connection will error out and need to be reset. 2. The reporting tool is not for everybody. Even though it has limitless capabilities through customization, most users of QuickBooks reports find the move to some Fishbowl reports not so user friendly. 3. Their customer support and training can be disappointing.