Liquor store point of sale system from Heartland Payment Systems

About LiquorPOS

Heartland LiquorPOS is built specifically for wine, beer, and liquor stores. LiquorPOS can run on traditional terminals or mobile tablets.


  • Time Clock
  • EMV Payment Processing
  • Inventory and Mobile Inventory Control
  • Reporting
  • Label and Shelf Tag Printing
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs
  • Business Analytics

User Reviews of LiquorPOS

Submitted on August 14th, 2020 by J. Screed from Noncompas

Decent easy-to-configure lightweight system with some major flaws at the company level.

The Good…

It’s easy to install, since it’s a kind of fake client-server app.

The Bad…

Support is horrible, always blames the customer, and is about two decades behind the curve. You can’t run their systems on virtualized servers because their hardware key (how obnoxious is that???) DOES NOT WORK WITH PASSTHROUGH tech for various VM solutions. This is despite the fact that the dongle manufacturer DOES SUPPORT THIS. The company says they don’t and they don’t have to, and “virtualization is overkill anyway”. Yes, they think virtualization is silly.

Submitted on March 6th, 2020 by Ahmad Jbawi

#1 the software is old technology and all the update they release just like when a doctor try to save 100 years old man’s life to make him lives a little longer, #2 they have the worst technical support team ever who know nothing, if you are already a user of LiquorPOS software and you need help they will tell you all kind of lies blaming printers, scanners, pcs just to hung up the phone and 5 mins fix will take you 20 days, my advice to you as a POS dealer for over 10 years and been in Electronics & IT Industries since 1997, dont buy thins software and choose instead PC America Cash Register Express or mpower software

The Good…

Nothing, there is nothing i like about this software and the service

The Bad…

To Improve the software they need to develop new software with new technology and hire new support team