A multi-module management system designed by The General Store for retail trade companies.

About The General Store

The General Store is affordable, dependable, and powerful point of sale software with a proven track record. Since 1983, The General Store has been providing retailers worldwide with the management tools they need to succeed! This software is one retail management system with multiple options because your store is anything but general.

Why the General Store?

In today’s retail environment you need all the competitive edge you can get. The General Store is POS software to help you get that edge with the management tools you need to build your business. No matter what your retail specialty, from clothing to gifts, hardware to books, grocery to liquor, The General Store POS software has a proven track record. Technology can give you the tools and time to be more creative and more efficient.

Easy to Learn and Operate!

Although it’s packed with advanced features, The General Store is POS software that was designed with the novice computer user in mind. The extensive use of on screen help facilities provides you with an instant reference manual at the touch of a button. Get up to speed in a snap!

The General Store for Windows

The General Store for Windows is the affordable solution for your retail business. With more than 20 years of experience in retail point of sale software,“POS” and the input from thousands of users, The General Store designed the system from the ground up to be both powerful and easy to use. You won’t find a more complete POS software package for under $1000.00! No matter what size retail store you have, there’s a General Store version to suit your needs.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale - The most powerful and flexible point of sale module for the money.

POS Features

  • Dynamic update of item sales and inventory data
  • Dynamic unit to carton to case inventory management
  • Parts Explosion control for kit items
  • Track sales of serialized items
  • Discounts by percentage and/or multiple prices
  • Barcode and OCR scanning
  • Item Inquiry before and/or during sale
  • Access items by item number or vendor’s order number
  • Add new items “on-the-fly” at POS
  • Add new customers “on-the-fly” at POS manually or by scanning the customer’s driver’s license (requires Honeywell Xenon bar-code scanner)
  • Customer lookup by name or number
  • Age verification (automtic if using Honeywell Xenon bar-code scanner to scan driver’s licenses)
  • Automatic “On Sale” price management
  • Track sales of apparel items by size
  • Sales tracking by customer
  • Dynamic accounts receivable updating
  • Credit Limit checking on charge accounts
  • Payments on charge accounts with printed receipts
  • Mailing list management and lockup
  • On-line credit card authorization with draft captures - Requires Third Party Software
  • Split Tender Price quotes
  • Prints invoices and paper tape receipts
  • Cash drawer management and reporting
  • Salesperson tracking
  • Complete tax calculation and recording
  • Complete layaway
  • Automatic sale of deposits on items such as soda using item Tag Along X and Z Reporting
  • Paid Outs

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable - Manage your money to maximize your investment.

Accounts Payable Features

  • Complete check writing facility
  • Terms and discounting support
  • Total invoice control with double pay protection
  • Integration to general ledger
  • Vendor history reporting

Customer Tracking

Customer Operations -All the tools you need to manage your customer accounts&plus&the tools to you need to keep them coming back !

Customer Tracking Features

  • Completely self-contained gift card capability
  • Completely self-contained loyalty program
  • Full accounts receivable support with statements and aged receivables*
  • Recurring Charge capability*
  • Concurrent balance forward and open item receivable methods*
  • Full mailing list support for cash and charge customers
  • Sales tracking for cash and charge customers
  • Customer list and labels supporting multiple selection criteria
  • Built-in loyalty and customer referral programs

Employee Management

Employee Management -Help your employees become more productive and maximize their potential.

Employee Management Features

  • Built-in employee time clock
  • Number of sales for each period
  • Dollar amount of sales for each period
  • Profit contribution for each period
  • Commission tracking
  • Automatically updated at point of sale
  • Employee Log In via Fingerprint Readers, Badges, or Manual Entry
  • Configurable security settings for each employee.
  • Complete employee auditing for item movement in POS and the back office.

General Ledger

General Ledger -Total integration with the entire system so you’ll know where you stand every month.

General Ledger Features

  • Total integration with all systems
  • Advance journal entry maintenance and editing
  • Detail ledger balance sheet
  • Comparative last year - this year profit and loss statement with expense to revenue ratios
  • Fiscal year beginning any month

Inventory Management

Inventory Managment -Get control of your inventory! Know what you have… and what you don’t.

Inventory Features

  • Complete movement control and reporting for all retail, including apparel
  • Up to 10 price levels
  • Multi-unit pricing 3/$1 .00, etc.
  • Mills pricing support-fractional cents such as $1 .299
  • Automatic calculation of selling prices by cost markup and/or profit margins at all times
  • Integrated purchasing with suggested order - directly interfaced to receiving
  • Parts explosion supporting multiple items sold as a consolidated unit or kit
  • Maintains data on serialized items for floor planning and warranty requirements
  • Price label generation with optional barcode printing capabilities included
  • Up to 5 vendors per item
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Detailed stock status reporting by vendor, department and category with quick “hot list” of reorder status items
  • Item sales reporting by vendor, department, and category - daily, monthly, and year to date including contribution to profitability at each level


Plan Price for 1 User Price for 5 Users
Lite $695 $1495
Standard $995 $1995
Plus! $1495 $2895

Product Overview

User Reviews of The General Store

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Robin Venters

As a new start up retailer, with several thousand sku’s to deal with, I had no idea how much help I would require getting my network, and multiple points of sale, set up and running. The General Store’s delivery scores a 10, on a 10 scale!