ECi RockSolid MAX

A multi-module management system designed by ECi Software Solutions for retail trade companies.

About ECi RockSolid MAX

RockSolid MAX® is an easy-to-use software solution that helps home and building supply retailers with outdated or manual systems upgrade technology and get more done. The software is cloud based so the initial investment is lower, hardware requirements are reduced, and backups are automatic. RockSolid MAX is affordable, with features that independent suppliers need to manage point of sale, inventory, purchasing and receiving, reporting and more. Plus, you can connect from anywhere so you can manage your business even when you aren’t at the store.

RockSolid MAX is intuitive, so new employees can immediately serve your customers. All transactions are linked in the system, so staff can access documents electronically (instead of digging through filing cabinets) to quickly respond to inquiries and be more productive. You can even email invoices or statements directly to your customers, saving time, reducing expense, and increasing cash flow.

Stocking the right inventory is essential, and with seamless vendor integration RockSolid MAX makes the process easy and fast! Special orders are painless and consolidated purchasing improves efficiency and maximizes volume discounts. Plus, with an extensive library of predefined reports and analytic dashboards, you can stay informed on operations and make decisions based on data.

Product Overview

Market Focus

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Industry Focus

ECi RockSolid MAX is designed primarily for use in the retail industry.

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