Restaurant Management

A restaurant POS system designed by Fusion.

About Restaurant Management

Restaurants can segmented into two categories – Counter Sales or Full Service Dining. Counter Sales (coffee shops, fast food, sandwich shops, etc.) create a transaction for each customer encounter. Full Service Dining requires the transaction remain “open” allowing changes, subtractions and additions prior to settlement. Regardless of the environment, restaurants present several unique requirements to conventional ERP systems.

  • Menu Items- Most items on a restaurant menu don’t exist in the underlying ERP. Menu items must be converted to the sum of their raw materials prior to relieving inventory.
  • Recipe Management- Menu items are constructed from numerous material and labor items. Managing recipe and menu items requires ongoing involvement of key personnel.
  • Split Checks- The ability to separate charges among patrons and process multiple payments per transaction quickly and easily.
  • Modifiers- Virtually every ticket or menu item has logical modifiers, i.e. no onions, medium rare, extra cheese, etc. which may or may not affect the cost and price.
  • Cascading Touch Screen Menus- Restaurant systems must be intuitive, touch screen environments allowing the end user to quickly and easily move through the menu.
  • Kitchen Integration- Communications with key kitchen work centers determined by the items on the order must be handled automatically.
  • Distributed Order Entry- Traditionally, orders were entered at a central location. Restaurant systems must allow the operator or even the customer to enter orders from the table.

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