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Today’s restaurants are demanding additional flexibility from their point-of-sale software. Intuitive order entry, manager operations, and basic reporting aren’t enough. With over ten years experience, from affordable multi-store reporting and extensive internet-based gift and customers rewards programs to seamless integration with accounting software, RPOWER puts you in control.

RPOWERS simple windows configuration and minimal installation footprint equal ironclad stability in the workplace, keeping your focus on the customer and not you point-of-sale system. Our nationwide team of trained dealership is available for support and service whenever you have a question.


Compile your daily sales information with the reports that fit your location. Let RPOWER trigger and email specified daily activity and close day reports automatically. Retrieve realtime reports accessible from anywhere in the world. The RPOWER reports database puts information at your fingertips. RPOWER makes these features eminently affordable, with absolutely no recurring fees.

Flexibility and Speed

A high-volume establishment requires a point-of-sale solution to keep pace with its staff. RPOWER’s unmatched capability to process multiple transactions seamlessly from large number of workstations makes for order turnaround without awkward software constraints. Slow credit card approval times are a thing of the past with RPOWER’s internet processing. Successful businesses listen to their customers. Over the last ten years and continuing into the future, RPOWER is constantly adjusting to meet your establishment’s needs. Whether for a multi-store or a privately owned site, specifically targeted features for fine dining, delivery, night clubs, quick service, and more are all available within your RPOWER system.

Software Intergration

RPOWER understands each ownership group has its own set of business software applications. From accounting and payroll packages to outsourced inventory control and labor scheduling, restaurateurs are relying on additional computer applications to help support and grow their businesses. RPOWER has developed and continually produces comprehensive interface software to allow direct integration to your business applications. And no other restaurant POS system on earth interfaces to QuickBooks as RPOWER does. Its completely hands-free on both ends, even over the internet.

Kitchen Video (Optional)

Our integrated touch-screen Restaurant Display System is paving new ground for restaurants everywhere. From extending management capabilities for chefs, bar managers, and expediting stations to implementing a visual check display for bars and nightclubs, the RPOWER RDS is the economical printing solution of Tomorrow’s POS. Of course, standard bump bars are welcome.

Delivery Module

RPOWER’s delivery system grew up during the 90’s in Manhattan handling busy lunch deliveries for corporate billing clients. Sites with 2,000 accounts and 20,000 customers doing $250,000 in billing per month are not uncommon. This is tough and unusual upbringing forced RPOWER to be perhaps more well-rounded than some, and certainly battle-proven over many years. At the same time, we are constantly working to make it better.

Customers may be organized into account, whether for billing or not (individual members may be designated cash only). Ship-to addresses may be associated with accounts, customers, or individual checks.

RPOWER’s delivery dispatcher uses an ýorder basketý system to organize orders as they come up for one-touch driver assignment. You can use a central cashier or drivers can have banks. Either way, checks can be quickly tipped out and closed in batches by driver.

RPOWER quickly finds customers by phone number (quickly typed in by hand or using multi-line caller ID), name, account number, or company name. For new customers, caller ID names are ýFixed upý and the operator given choices from which to pick the properly formatted name for completion, including dropping it into company name.


RPOWER gift and customer rewards program extend far beyond the basics. From the availability of internet multistore gift cards to scalable frequent diner and loyalty rewards programs, RPOWER lets you cater to your customers. Not only are these programs affordable, there are absolutely no transactions or recurring monthly fees.

Gift Cards and Loyalty

The RPOWER on-line loyalty and gift card program associate an electronic ID (swipe card, bar code, account number, credit card) with an account stored in a central database and accessed over the internet. Each account maintains two separate balances, a cash balance, and an accrued point balance. The combination and use of these two balances defines the particular type of customer relationship program.

Loyalty/Frequent Diner Program

The restaurant assigns a point value for each dollar spent in its establishment. Customers accrue reward points over time with their purchases. These points have a discount or payments on future visits. Both accumulation and redemption values can vary according to day of week and time of day.

Gift Card Program

A customer can purchase a gift card at one location, increase its balance at another location, and make purchases at all locations. The RPOWER multi-store gift card system can periodically reconcile inter-store balance transfers.

VIP/Discount Card Program

A VIP/ Discount program typically associates an automatic, pre-selected discount on specified items for a program member. A restaurant may either sell these cards or simply give them to their preferred customers. RPOWER, in turn, tracks how these discounts are used for each VIP/Discount card member.

Promo Card/Coupon

A Promo Card gives the customer either a full or partial percentage discount, up to a limit, and is deactivated upon use. A restaurant would typically distribute these cards to potential customers. A Promo coupon is a promo card number printed on a label for mailing, or included in an email, along with a 4-digit security code to prevent unauthorized use.

Debit/Prepay Card

The debit/Prepay Program is designed to be used in corporate, school, and hospital cafeterias, coffee shops, and other establishments that have a high volume or repeat customers. Customers first prepurchase desired amountson their cards. When additional money is needed from a customer during a transaction, RPOWER can automatically apply change due back to the card. RPOWER provides additional support for cafeterias with the use of meal plan subsidies and discounts.

Time Clock Management

RPOWER keeps you in control of your employees with a fully intergrated Time Clock module. Its built-in tip tracking and labor reporting give you the tools you need to manage your labor. Easily calculate overtime and run time clock reports for payroll and analysis.

RPOWER’s extensive features include multiple jobs and pay rates for employees, numerous security level settings, simple time clock and tip editing, pre-set tip pooling and allocation, and realtime analysis to keep management ahead of the curve.

The RPOWER Time clock module can drastically reduce valuable management time and produce the reporting every restaurateur needs to minimize labor costs. To save even more time, use one of the RPOWER external Payroll interfaces to transmit all needed payroll information to your payroll services provider.

RPOWER Reports

The RPOWER reports interface makes it possible for multiple restaurants to extract and transmit daily sales, labor, customer, and inventory information to a corporate-level database.

Each location running the interface sends a daily XML file to a Microsoft .Net C# application that imports the data to a MySQL relational database. During this process, the RPOWER database importer also correlates and consolidates restaurant-level operational data (menu items, payment methods, employees, etc.) data forwards the synchronized information to all locations. The corporate database is then accessible for generating a variety of reports, queries, and extractions.

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