LOC Store Management Suite

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A retail management system designed to enhance retail operations, including point of sale, warehousing, and corporate and back-office functions.

Product Overview

Store Management Suite by LOC Software is a retail management system designed to streamline point of sale, warehouse, and corporate and back office operations. It delivers over 40 dedicated modules with features like bank integration, labor management, mobile POS, and more. LOC SMS handles advanced reporting, inventory control, and promotional and loyalty program capabilities. The system also supports selling items by UPC, vendor code, or alternative code.


  • Over 40 dedicated modules
  • Strong customer loyalty capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and analytics


  • Steep learning curve
  • Complex setup process
  • High cost for small businesses

Target Market

Regional and national retailers, especially grocery stores, with at least 50 employees.

Store Management Suite (SMS) by LOC Software is a client-based retail software solution that integrates various aspects of retail management. This suite encompasses essential modules that are typically outsourced by other providers, including bank integration, customer loyalty, labor management, mobile point of sale (POS), pay-at-the-pump, and digital signage.

Back Office

SMS Back Office originally started as a back-office system. It has evolved into a versatile management tool for retail operations, catering to both single and multi-store users. SMS Back Office offers control over the store or enterprise, covering merchandising, inventory control, purchasing, receiving, business analytics, and reporting.


SMS Loyalty goes beyond a standard rewards system, serving as a growth engine for modern merchants. It provides insights into customer trends and behaviors through customer demographics tools. Retailers can manage customers with multiple risk and shopper levels, implement tiered pricing, and offer transaction-based promotions, leveraging various tracked metrics to drive customer engagement and sales.

Point of Sale

SMS Point of Sale prioritizes security and flexibility, adhering to PCI and VISA security standards to ensure compliance. With a customizable touch-based interface, it integrates into existing store processes. Its data handling capabilities are built on Microsoft SQL, guaranteeing reliability, a rich feature set, and speed. Even during network or server downtime, SMS POS lanes continue to process transactions securely.


Modern retail systems demand strong security measures, not only for cash but also for data and physical security. SMS Security tools offer customizable security levels to restrict access to various parts of the system and functions. Access can be controlled through login, access codes, or fingerprint recognition, with a detailed electronic journal that logs every system interaction. Additionally, SMS Security interfaces with DVR security systems, allowing merchants to combine transactional data with video for enhanced monitoring and surveillance.

Store Management Suite caters to retailers’ needs, offering a secure software solution that encompasses many facets of retail management, from operations and loyalty programs to point of sale and security.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Store Management Suite (SMS)

Submitted on June 14th, 2022 by Anonymous

While it has some useful tools it cannot even do something as simple as average freight into the cost of items being received. It is highly user unfriendly and will fight you at every step of the way.

The Good…

There are many ways to sort and present information on the back end and it does keep good records.

The Bad…

Its search parser leaves a LOT to be desired, it has a terrible PO/Receving/Delivery management suite, it is ugly, obtuse, and has poor documentation.