A full ERP system designed by NCR for professional services and retail trade companies.

Product Overview

NCR CounterPoint is a retail management system designed to seamlessly integrate business operations and customer interactions. Its mobile POS system enhances customer shopping experiences by allowing businesses to process transactions and check inventory on-the-go.

The software includes an email marketing platform, enabling personalized customer engagement. With real-time inventory management, it ensures efficient handling of stock. The system’s alert feature keeps owners updated on store activities, ensuring smooth operations across multiple locations.


  • Integrates with third-party apps like Microsoft Excel
  • Customizable functionality and UI
  • Strong CRM tools with embedded customer loyalty programs


  • Requires technical support for updates
  • Not ideal for all retail types
  • Resource intensive

Target Market

Specialty retail businesses. Its features real-time inventory management, customizable POS, and integrated email marketing cater to retailers needing a comprehensive solution for both front-end and back-end operations.

About NCR CounterPoint


Inventory and Purchasing Management:

  • Robust Inventory Management: Tracks and manages stock efficiently.
  • Automated Purchasing: Streamlines purchasing and receiving process.
  • General Ledger Integration: Facilitates financial tracking and management.
  • Serial Number Tracking: Manages high-value items and warranties.

Sales and Customer Management:

  • Touchscreen POS: Enhances customer interaction and sales efficiency.
  • Built-in Customer Loyalty Programs: Boosts repeat business and loyalty.
  • Detailed Customer Management: Provides comprehensive sales history and customer insights.
  • Point of Sale (POS): Offers extensive cash register functions and sales management.
  • Receivables Management: Integrates charge sales, tracking, and finance management.

Marketing and Expansion Tools:

  • Integrated Email Marketing: Connects with customers for repeat business.
  • Ecommerce Integration (CPOnline): Seamlessly expands business online.
  • Mobile POS: Allows sales and inventory checks on-the-go.

Operational Efficiency and Security:

  • Data-Driven Solution: Utilizes SQL for advanced data management.
  • Third-Party Integration: Compatible with applications like Microsoft Excel.
  • Multi-Site Management: Manages multiple store locations efficiently.
  • PCI Compliance: Ensures security in customer transactions.
  • Offline Ticket Entry: Maintains sales during network outages.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of NCR CounterPoint

Submitted on November 9th, 2023 by James Haynes

Does not interface with Quickbooks as advertised

The Good…


The Bad…

No Educated Support

Submitted on June 13th, 2018 by Anonymous

For power-users and med-large businesses

The Good…
  • Completely customizable functionality and UI
  • API to develop integrations
  • Flexible payment options
  • Huge bank of features and tools
  • POS Highway offers amazing support, unlike any POS company I’ve worked with before
  • Own the software for life, not paying for life
The Bad…
  • You need good trainers or you’re screwed
  • You need good setup and onboarding team
  • Price is higher initially, but justified by ROI of having the system in place
  • Some functions can be tedious
Submitted on March 8th, 2018 by Anonymous

We’ve had a 10 year old version of Counterpoint which leaves us to perform a lot of manual workaround. The updated version is nice but not worth upgrading to because of its complexity. It has too many features and options that make it less user friendly. It would require a lot of training to learn the program.