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Always on Mode

Eventually, the development of Internet and cloud computing brought around the first cloud-based POS systems. Now, business owners can access their reporting and data remotely from the internet! However, while a locally-run network was fast, a cloud-based system was often inconsistent. Intermittent connectivity and still-developing WiFi technology meant your system was often slow or totally unresponsive.

From conception, Revel Systems has recognized these two major drawbacks to the different POS systems, and sought to build a system that gave all of the benefits of the two, without the drawbacks. Inspired by this, they developed a unique hybrid architecture that allows your Revel iPad POS to run on a local network, based on the Apple iPad, while still maintaining all of the benefits and convenience of a cloud-based system.

This hybrid architecture allows Revel to operate with the only Always On Mode on the market. This means that even when your internet is slow or completely down, your local network will operate without any issues or interruptions. While many other systems talk about Offline Mode, Revel is the only system that delivers. No need to buy extra hardware or special equipment, and there is no loss in functionality. Revel calls it Always On Mode, because more often than not you won’t even notice you’ve gone into Always On Mode because there won’t be difference in your system. You can even continue to accept credit cards!* All your terminals will still communicate, all your data will be accurately stored, and you won’t lose any confidence in your system. And Revel iPad POS is the only point of sale system who can make this claim!


Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, enables businesses to keep track of their customers and their customer preferences. This helps improve profit margins while also building customer relationships. CRM utilizes technology to organize and synchronize customer information with sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support to help build a better experience for customers.

Revel’s CRM-enabled Point-of-Sale streamlines this process, thereby allowing business owners to make the most of their customer data.

Revel’s CRM Capabilities Include Keeping Track Of:

  • Customer name
  • Customer address, with billing and shipping address differentiation
  • Customer email
  • Gift card and loyalty program information, including points accrual
  • Personalized call names (for pickup orders)
  • Comprehensive order history
  • Notes section, for adding customer details such as allergies or aversions

All CRM information is viewable on Revel’s backend management suite. This enables businesses to export data to a reporting platform of their choice, including popular CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Magento, and Sugar CRM.

Delivery Management

Revel is the first iPad POS to feature a fully integrated Delivery Management Console. With a growing number of home ordering options being made available to consumers, tracking delivery orders and drivers is becoming a more integral part of the food industry.

With the use of the Revel POS Delivery Management Console, owners and managers will get insights and reporting vital to growing your business. From the moment an order is taken, and until it reaches the customer’s door, the Revel iPad POS is tracking, timing, detailing, and reporting information back to the cloud.

Orders can be received in person, over the phone, or through the web, and can immediately be entered into the delivery queue. Revel also offers the most flexible array of payments options, including: Paypal, Credit card (in store or at the door), Gift Cards, and many more options too. When the orders are all delivered, drivers can check in back at the store, and the Revel POS will send all order data to the backend Delivery Management Console.

The frontend system allows drivers to check out or be checked out for one or multiple orders at a time. No order will ever be lost, as the delivery tracking screen shows the status of the deliveries. Using the Revel Customer Relationship Management feature, employees can search by name, phone number, or address to find, edit, and assign the order to a previous or new customer. If the order is for a first time customer, employees can enter the appropriate information and instantly add the new customer into their client database.

Like all Revel reporting, the Delivery Management Console data is stored via the cloud and available anytime and on any Internet-ready device.

Owners and Managers Can Gain Valuable Insight Into the Delivery Side of the Business With Such Metrics As:

  • Average and Individual Delivery Times
  • Delivery Payment Breakdowns
  • Average and Individual Food Prep Time
  • Tip Tracking and Breakdowns
  • Links to Individual Order Details
  • Aggregate Delivery Totals
  • Delivery Management Console Dashboard Report

Employee Scheduling

Creating schedules for your employees is easy and intuitive with the Revel POS. Simply access the backend via web browser, and select the employee for whom you wish to create a schedule.

This multifunctional feature gives you the ability to create and modify schedules for all employees, as well as the ability to easily reference an employee’s shifts and projected hours, as well as their overtime pay.

  • Easy setup: Set up the date and time, and select the role you would like them to use (for example, manager). You can also schedule multiple time slots in one day for employees working different shifts.

  • Color Coded Time Slots: The employee scheduling time slots are color coded for easy reference–red refers to doubletime, and orange to overtime. This gives you the ability to reference an employee’s projected hours for the week at a glance.

  • Change Timesheet Rules on the fly: These rules are set in the backend under the “Time Sheet Rules” tab, allowing you to fully customize employee hours, as well as what constitutes a full day. If, for example, you set a full day as 8 hours, any employee working more than 8 hours will accrue overtime. You can also easily set the multipliers for overtime and doubletime in this tab.

  • Email Schedule to Employees: Select the employee(s) you would like to email schedule(s) to; you can select multiple employees at once; and click “send email.” These employees will then receive an email with a clickable link to the schedule you created, and you will see if the employee confirmed the schedule on the backend, once the schedule has been accepted. (Each employee would need their email entered into his/her Employee Profile to receive the email. This is entered by an admin with scheduling permissions.)

  • Toggle between shift, hours, and wage views: This feature enables you to smoothly toggle between different views–by selecting the corresponding button, you can see an employee’s specific shift, the hours to be worked, and the wage he or she will earn.

  • Copy shifts to other weeks: Easily copy employee scheduling across the month by selecting the shift you’d like to copy, click “copy shifts,” and then select from the calendar which weeks you’d like the shifts to copy to.

Intelligent Reporting

With Revel Intelligent Reporting Suite, business owners have access to the top five most popular reports:

  • Sales Summary – A global breakdown of all financial payments and transactions
  • Hourly Sale’s – Sales totals broken down by the hour or time period
  • Product Mix – A listing of all products sold in a given time period with easy to read graphs and figures
  • Order History – A comprehensive history of all orders, including any and all relevant information
  • Payment Summary – Detailed breakdown of payment types received

Inventory Management

Keeping an accurate account of your existing inventory is imperative to running an efficient, and profitable business. This is why Inventory Management is a great idea. With a Revel Systems iPad POS system, business owners can not only keep track of their inventory, but also manage the purchase and reorder process, directly from within the backend management console.

Revel Systems’ iPad POS Inventory Management module is built for business owners to manage their inventory in a very straight forward, easy to understand format. Set up your starting inventory, manage the receipt of new inventory during an inventory tracking period, and track outgoing sales. Once you recount your actual inventory, your Revel Systems backend management console will then calculate waste loss variance, and waste loss percentages automatically, helping you manage shrinkage or loss.

Set up low-stock alert thresholds within the backend, and Revel will automatically alert you once you have passed below a certain level to remind you to reorder. Furthermore, once it is time to reorder, you can easily generate purchase orders directly from within your management console. Store vendor contact information and link it to products, and then use that information to generate a purchase order. Once you’ve received the items in your orders, you can let the system know and it will update your Inventory Management area. Automatically.

Online Ordering

Give your customers even more ways to enjoy your offerings by implementing online ordering. Patrons wishing to place their orders at your business ahead of time can do so online–this cuts down on wait time and gives customers the added convenience of ordering items for pickup at their convenience. Revel offers fully integrated online ordering within the point of sale app–your customers can now place orders in advance online, and pick them up at your business.

Online Ordering Provides Multiple Benefits, Including:

  • Customer convenience: Busy customers who need to order food for pickup can do so online, allowing them to order and pick up at their convenience.

  • Reduced wait times: Online orders are placed in advance for pickup, meaning customers in your restaurant will spend less time waiting in line.

  • Customizable pickup time: Customers can set pickup times for online orders according to their needs–“ASAP” allows them to order an item for immediate pickup, or they can choose a later time or date. Pickup times are restricted by your business’s hours as set in the backend of your Revel POS, so there’s no worry about customers placing orders to be picked up after your business has closed for the day.

  • Mobile ordering: Revel’s online ordering feature is also available via mobile device–your customers on the go will be able to place orders at your restaurant on the go from their mobile devices.

Combined with loyalty and reward programs, online ordering is key to building your customer base as well as attracting new clientele. Give patrons more ways and convenience to enjoy your restaurant’s offerings by implementing online ordering on the Revel POS.


Revel has integrated with PayPal to provide business owners with even more options for their point of sale system. PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid online, via a mobile device, and in store; and now it is available to use through your Revel iPad POS. This is an easy to use service that gives customers the flexibility and security to pay without opening their wallets, through a trusted source they know and love. Using PayPal" at your business provides many benefits, some of which include:

Mobile Discovery: Potential customers can pull up a mobile directory of nearby establishments that accept PayPal, helping them discover new places to patronize.

Ordering ahead to save time: Customers have the option of ordering ahead to cut down on wait times and avoid the line.

Secure payments on pickup using PayPal" accounts: Customers, many of whom already know and use PayPal", won’t even have to take out their wallet, or share any financial or payment information with the merchant.

Setup is easy – after your establishment is set up on Revel’s backend, your businesses will appear in the mobile, consumer-facing app. The PayPal" app is available on all Apple and Android devices, and is easy for your customers to setup. Most people are already familiar with PayPal", and feel at ease with its ability to handle payments securely. Customers can add their photo for easy identification. There are two ways your customers can use PayPal" in your shop:

Order ahead: PayPal" orders appear along with online orders on the Revel POS. These occur as prepaid orders, so the order balance will automatically appear as “$0.00.” since the customer pays the merchant ahead of time. Customers can also select pick up times within the app, which can communicate with your kitchen printer.

In-store check-in and payment: Customers will “check in” at your store with the PayPal" app. When they’re ready to pay, they will let you know they’d like to pay with PayPal". (A visual notification on the Revel POS will be there to let employees know when potential customers have checked in.) To complete payment, store employees simply touch the PayPal" button in the top left corner, and select the appropriate customer from the drop down list, to then bill that users PayPal" account.

Payroll Management

Whether you employ 5 people or 500, managing payroll (Payroll Management) can be one of the more tedious tasks involved in running a business. Tracking the basic hours that an employee has worked can be laborious and time-consuming enough, but once you take into account double time and overtime calculations, tips and all the various labor laws that can go into accurate payroll management, the task can be pretty daunting. Now take that and apply it to multiple employees and any number of establishments, and you can see how payroll management can get complicated.

While it can seem overwhelming, tracking your employee wages is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Similarly, it should be a key feature of any Point of Sale that is worth having you help run your business. With the Revel iPad POS, employees can keep track of their time worked and payroll directly from any iPad POS terminal. Employees can even have different wages for different jobs they may perform. If your employee waits tables during lunch, but works the bar at dinner, you can capture that. Or if they work in the inventory room mornings, and runs a cash register evenings, Revel’s iPad POS also captures this data without a problem.

As employees clock in to the Revel iPad POS, your point of sale system will keep track of employees’ time worked, as well as automatically calculate their overtime and double time wages, and even declare tips. Set up your local labor laws into the system, and Revel will calculate the rest! Track your payroll totals from directly in your backend payroll management console, and with an easy export to Excel, CSV and JSON file formats, you can be sure to integrate directly with your accounting software of choice.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking

The ability to manage your inventory is key to any business. Keeping track of items as they are sold will help you know which products are successful, and when to restock.

As an Extension of the Revel Inventory Management Feature, Revel Helps Your Business Take It One Step Further With the “Purchase Order Generation and Tracking” Feature, Which Will Allow You to Create and Manage Purchase Orders Directly From the Revel Point of Sale.

Revel’s backend inventory tracking shows a listing of all products, including their costs and current stock level. A customizable low-stock alert threshold is available to let users know when they are running low on an item. Business owners can also track inventory based on receipts, theoretical use, waste loss variance and waste loss percentage.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking Functionality Includes:

  • Creating Vendor Cards: Users can create vendor cards to reorder ingredients or items. The vendor card includes contact info, shipping terms, and tax rates. Vendors can be linked to certain products or ingredients along with default ordering information
  • Reorder Tab: Items can be reordered from the reorder tab, which lists any item linked with a vendor, or any vendor with linked items
  • Generate Purchase Order: Users simply select the items they would like to order and click “Generate PO” —all vendor information autopopulates in addition to shipping information.
  • Edit PO information directly from the form: Order units, conversion factor, quantity, and price can all be edited from the PO form, as can Comments, shipping terms, and the FOB (“Free On Board”) agreement.

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User Reviews of Revel POS

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Jeremiah Voris

An advantage of Revel is that we can change settings on the fly and push those updates to every single location without interrupting our operations.

Submitted on June 16th, 2019 by Maxwell Cohen

It’s very very helpful having access to the backend at any moment and seeing exactly what the restaurants are doing at any moment.