A manufacturing, planning, scheduling, and sequencing software.

About Optessa

Optessa is a manufacturing planning, scheduling, and sequencing software.

Optessa comes in three main forms:

  • Optessa MLP
  • Optessa MLS
  • Optessa RTS

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Even Solution Quality

  • Less frequent rescheduling or replanning necessitated merely by uneven solutions
  • Smooth supplier requirements and reduce parts inventories
  • Fulfill sales orders rather than pulling in low priority stock or forecast orders to resolve schedule problems
  • Balanced product mix
  • Maintain high throughput
  • Balance and level workforce

Complete Model

  • Demand, demand attributes, related preferences and constraints
  • Master data, such as products, routings and bills of material
  • Supply chain and logistics related constraints and rules
  • Production constraints, also called material, plant and labor constraints and rules

Optessa MLP

Optessa MLP products the order planning functionality through demand-capacity matching, master production scheduling, and slotting. Optessa MLP generates plans and schedules for manufacturers with a single plant, for entire regions, or global operations.


  • Selection of orders from an order pool to fill production capacity
  • Order Slotting / Master Production Scheduling of selected Orders
  • De-selection / reselection of orders from a previous plan to accommodate changes (in capacities, orders, supplier constraints, dealer orders)
  • Demand planning at product or part level
  • Demand-Capacity matching planning to meet parts & product inventories
  • Balancing & smoothing of orders across multiple plants and across weeks
  • Evaluation & bottleneck identification in a supply chain
  • Generate forecast orders to fill capacity of a planning bin
  • Selection of projects given capital & production constraints to optimize financial KPIs

Optessa MLS

Optessa MLS handles the order sequencing and provides details on how to sequence specific product features (when and how to ship parts and assemblies).


  • MLS considers all rules and constraints; users can prioritize constraints by assigning a priority ranking or weight.
  • MLS supports a large and comprehensive set of rules and constraints; it is also readily extensible if a new constraint is encountered.
  • MLS simplifies rule and constraint definition.
  • The system allows constraints to be specified in terms of weekly / daily / hourly bins or buckets.

Optessa RTS

Opessa RTS provides real-time sequencing and scheduling for modern manufacturing plants.


  • Powerful Optimization Engine
  • Flexibility
  • Throughput
  • Stability
  • Late order allocation / substitution

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