Aptean Routing & Scheduling

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A fleet management software for multi-depot operations and complex routing scenarios.

Product Overview

Aptean Routing and Scheduling is a fleet management software that handles complex routing scenarios, including multi-depot and multi-skilled operations. The software’s resource management functionality ensures that plans are based on actual driver and vehicle availability.

The platform integrates with fleets across multiple sites and incorporates business intelligence for reporting and analytics. Additionally, features like strategic scenario modeling, customizable routing rules, and waypoint mapping contribute to its effectiveness in managing and planning the distribution of goods over multiple-day periods.


  • Utilizes machine learning for forecasting
  • Dynamic tripping for multi-trip routes
  • Integrates with vehicle telematics


  • No free trial available
  • Steep learning curve

Target Market

Medium to large-scale distribution and transportation companies facing complex routing and scheduling challenges.

About Aptean Routing & Scheduling

Aptean Routing & Scheduling delivers advanced transportation management systems, helping to streamline daily operational processes – including route planning and proof of delivery, improving driver retention, enhancing fleet efficiencies, delivering outstanding customer service, and turning private fleets into profit engines.

Aptean Routing & Scheduling Key Features

  1. Route planning and scheduling optimization
  2. Proof of delivery
  3. Route execution
  4. Home delivery
  • Real-time routing and capacity management that continuously optimizes route plans as orders come in and influence customers’ choice of delivery slot
  • Live execution tracking to monitor real-time progress against route plans from the telematics system; provide updated ETAs to customers
  • Strategic scenario modeling the impact of “what-if” scenarios to make more informed future decisions
  • Machine learning improves forecasting using both internal and external factors
  • Simulations determine the likely impact of any decision
  • Dynamic tripping is purpose-built for multi-trip routes where late drivers can upset schedules and proactively identifies changing conditions and automatically re-allocates loads

Pricing Details

Request a quote for Aptean Routing & Scheduling software. There is no free trial or version available.

Video Overview

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Aptean Routing & Scheduling

Submitted on January 12th, 2023 by Marc Deakin

Having the ability to model multiple scenarios using real-world data is incredibly useful. It means we can see the impact of change before committing to any investment in time or money.

Submitted on January 12th, 2023 by Jeff Overstreet

Aptean’s transportation optimization software has delivered a major boost to our operation. The money and time we save using the system far outweighs the cost of the license fee.

Submitted on January 12th, 2023 by Lee Johnson

The Aptean Routing & Scheduling team not only helped us configure the software for our business, but it also made some general adjustments to the standard system which has significantly improved the quality of the results it produces in our particular type of operation.

Submitted on January 12th, 2023 by Chuck Gans

I have worked with many vendors in my 20-year career in food distribution and Aptean has been one of the most supportive companies I have ever worked with. The company has always been quick to understand our needs for enhancements and our requests for training and support. We believe that what we have achieved would not have been possible without the aid of Aptean Routing & Scheduling software.

Submitted on January 12th, 2023 by Logistics Manager

We’re doing a high percentage of the work in a fraction of the time. We saw the solution impacting almost all our results by a meaningful degree such that we are able to see real cost and time savings as a result. We have reduced our time planning deliveries significantly which allows the team to focus more time with the actual deliveries and more time allocated to ensuring customer delivery satisfaction.