A real-time integrated trucking software for dispatching, billing, driver pay, fuel management, accounting, and more.

Product Overview

Axon Trucking Software is a versatile management tool designed for the transportation industry, catering to businesses of various sizes. It offers both cloud-based and on-premise solutions, focusing on streamlining fleet operations, including maintenance, dispatching, billing, and fleet accounting.

Key functionalities include equipment mapping for asset tracking, proximity alerts, KPI monitoring, barcode scanning, invoicing, and warehouse management. Additionally, the software is equipped with an International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) calculator for efficient mileage tracking and financial reporting, supporting business intelligence tools for comprehensive data management.


  • 24/7 real-time satellite tracking
  • Designed for transportation industry
  • Fully integrated management systems


  • Difficult to import excel files
  • No quarterly tax option

Target Market

All businesses in the transportation industry seeking a comprehensive solution for fleet operations, including dispatching, billing, and fleet accounting. Its ability to handle diverse tasks such as equipment mapping, invoicing, and IFTA calculations makes it ideal for businesses requiring a multi-faceted, real-time logistics platform.

Not Recommended For

Very small operators or startups with limited resources, as its broad range of features and capabilities might exceed the needs and budget of smaller-scale operations.

About AXON Trucking Software


Powerful Integration

  • Integrated systems link invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Payable, and General Ledger
  • Single-entry update across Fuel Tax reporting, Accounts Payable, and Financial Management Systems
  • Complete integration of all management systems ensures efficiency and accuracy


  • Executive Briefing for a financial snapshot of the business
  • Customizable financial overview including Net Profit/Loss, Payables, Receivables, and Account Balances
  • Automated and manual updating of the Executive Briefing for real-time data
  • Comprehensive financial statements and cash flow statement creation
  • Multiple bank account management and direct deposit options
  • Efficient bank reconciliation process

ACE and ACI Manifest:

  • ACE ID request and CBP codes management
  • Manifest report generation and history report for tracking
  • ACI manifests and messages handling with history report feature


  • Satellite tracking and communication with drivers
  • Real-time updates on order status and equipment locations
  • Efficient order confirmations and driver call-in management

Custom Reports:

  • Personalized reporting with detailed customization options
  • Preset reports for streamlined access and detailed drill-down capabilities
  • Easy report export and print options


  • Comprehensive dispatch software for efficient order and equipment management
  • Color-coded timelines for easy status identification
  • Detailed mapping and equipment status tracking

Document Imaging

  • Flexible document imaging for various file types
  • Easy attachment and automatic attachment options
  • Custom columns for manual document attachment

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  • Integrated with EDI for invoices, payables, and order tenders
  • Convenient ePayment options and status tracking

Equipment Routing

  • Detailed equipment routing tracking.
  • Mileage tracking for payroll and fuel tax purposes
  • Equipment move tracking for operational efficiency

IFTA Fuel Tax

  • Automated IFTA fuel tax software for hassle-free reporting
  • Integrated fuel downloads and mileage tracking
  • Comprehensive fuel tax reports and history


  • Automated invoice generation from various business activities
  • Efficient recurring invoices and quick payment options


  • Comprehensive trucking-specific payroll software
  • Automated calculations and extensive paperwork preparation

Safety and Control

  • Automated warning system for maintenance and qualifications
  • Detailed tracking for driver qualifications and product safety
  • Real-time information access for informed decision-making

Security and Confidentiality

  • User-specific access controls for data security
  • Restricted access to confidential financial entries

Tickets and Project Management

  • Efficient management of high-volume transactions
  • Customizable ticketing and project tracking
  • Mobile app for real-time order and field transaction updates
  • Features include mapping, tracking, attachments, and printing

Work Orders

  • Streamlined work order creation for parts, labor, and sublet
  • Integrated with inventory for real-time stock updates
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of AXON Trucking Software

Submitted on May 17th, 2023 by Anonymous

We went with Axon but have since changed from it. Axon was more for refigerators and vans and we work in drayage. They are not really designed to cover for drayage. The pricing and support it turns our were not really good for us since our focus is more with intermodal transportation.

Submitted on March 21st, 2023 by Conley Bulk Services

Very, very time consuming

The Good…

It’s a great software

The Bad…

You must teach yourself how to use