A cloud-based software for custom home builders and remodelers to manage projects.

Product Overview

BuildTools is a construction project management software specifically designed for custom home builders and remodelers. It centralizes all project information, including budgeting, scheduling, communications, and documents in one place. The software offers features for team communication, project management, financial management, and more, allowing users to streamline the bidding process, track project progress, and manage financial aspects effectively.


  • Internal and external sharing of messages, documents and updates
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • All project data from schedules to financials in one location


  • Limited customization
  • Limited multi-project overview

Target Market

Custom home builders and remodelers of all sizes who need project management software.

Not Recommended For

Production home builders or semi-custom home builders. ECI recommends their software ECI MarkSystems for construction companies in that space.

About BuildTools

BuildTools by ECI Solutions is an innovative project management software for custom home builders and remodelers. It provides a suite of tools to manage every construction project aspect effectively. Aimed at organizing the construction chaos, BuildTools centralizes all project information, including budgeting, scheduling, communication, and documents, in one accessible location. This user-centric platform, engineered by builders for builders, amplifies productivity and streamlines processes, enabling builders and remodelers to grow their businesses efficiently.

BuildTools Key Features:

  • Project Management: Offers a complete suite of tools to manage construction projects effectively.
  • Scheduling: Facilitates efficient project scheduling, automatically notifying subcontractors and employees of schedule changes.
  • Communication: Enables seamless communication across all project modules, with a unified inbox for easy message management.
  • Estimates & Proposals: Streamlines creating and managing estimates and proposals.
  • Financial Management/Reporting: Provides tools for managing financial aspects, including budgets, revised budgets, and actuals.
  • Bid Management: Simplifies the bidding process, allowing for centralized bid management and electronic project order writing.
  • Document Archiving: Keeps all notes, photos, and documentation archived indefinitely for easy access and reference.

BuildTools Pricing:

BuildTools starts at $369/month, which includes three users. Additional users can be added for $20/month per user. This includes unlimited projects, training, support, and client and subcontractor access. There is a 14-day free trial available.

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Starting Price
$369 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of BuildTools

Submitted on July 12th, 2022 by Lhuaine Charlery

We can schedule ongoing tasks… and everyone who needs it gets it. And it’s two-way. The individual can notify and send pictures of completed projects to all involved.