A point-of-sale software for retail and hardware store businesses.

Product Overview

CashierPro is a point-of-sale software for hardware stores and retail businesses. It allows for efficient tracking of a diverse range of products and automates various aspects of inventory management, such as reorder alerts and barcode scanning. Additionally, CashierPro’s compatibility with various hardware devices and payment processing options offers flexibility and convenience for businesses looking to streamline their sales and checkout processes.


  • Unlimited 24/7 support and free upgrades
  • Good for small to mid-size retailers
  • User-friendly and low learning curve


  • Pricing details not shared by the developer

Target Market

Small to medium-sized retail businesses, especially those in the hardware store sector, but also pet and farm supply outlets, building supply retailers, fishing and hunting supply stores, garden centers and landscaping supply shops, general and sporting goods stores, auto parts and furniture stores, clothing, department, gift, fabric, and crafts stores.

About CashierPRO

CashierPro Key Features

  • Sales Management: Includes features for quotations, cash till sales, invoicing, layaways, and special orders.
  • Pricing and Promotion: Tools for managing promotional event pricing and eco-fee management.
  • Purchasing and Inventory: Offers purchase ordering with sales-based or min/max suggested orders, and a strong inventory control system adaptable to multiple units of measure.
  • Contractor and Project Support: Includes contractor bid pricing, job site tracking, and interfaces with estimating systems like Seljax, Luxwood, and RenoWare.
  • Financial Integration and Reporting: Compatible with QuickBooks and Sage50 for financials, with extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Customer Engagement: Features for digital signature capture and email communication of quotes, invoices, and statements.
  • Additional Tools: Document management module, eCommerce interface (compatible with platforms like WooCommerce), barcode label generation, and a virtual product keyboard for touch-screens.
  • User Experience: Designed for ease of use with comprehensive support services.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of CashierPRO

Submitted on March 27th, 2023 by Sehlley

I love the versatility of CashierPRO. I was able to go back and review sales to help identify a problem with a customer. It was so easy!

CashierPRO supplied top quality hardware, including a double-sided printing Laser Printer which will save me significant dollars in paper costs and filing room alone; and the CashierPRO Support has been fantastic!

Submitted on July 10th, 2022 by Laura

I switched for a variety of reasons. I liked the layout of CashierPRO when I saw it at the Buying Group Show, it looked more user-friendly then our current POS System, I felt that I could utilize it more in my store.

I was not entirely satisfied with the service I was getting from current POS Provider when I phoned with troubles, I found that often it took a long time for them to get back to me and I did not always get the results that I was hoping for.

Since switching I have found that overall CashierPRO is very quick to respond to my concerns if I am having technical issues with the system, someone who can help me answers the phone and does help me I do not have to wait for a call back.

I love the fact that I can easily go in and change things up in the system and I don’t need a huge manual to walk me through everything I am doing.

The one added bonus that I did not expect, is that my customers actually like the display screen on my CashierPRO system better than on the previous POS system.

My staff grumbled a bit when we first changed over because of the differences between the two systems but everyone picked up the new system easily and now they like the CashierPRO system for how easy it is to learn new things on it and they don’t feel like they can’t try a new function with fear of crashing the system. They are also loving how easy and quick cashing out is at the end of the day.

Overall we are all very happy with the switch over and the new system.

Submitted on January 3rd, 2022 by Kristy

We are very happy with the change from our previous POS to CashierPRO! The support has been phenomenal. As for switching from our previous POS system, we needed to be able to update our system with a company that has Tech Support that is willing to help when you need the help, not weeks later and for an extra service fee. I spent a lot of time and energy researching different companies to find one that would be able to help us thrive as a small but growing business. CashierPRO was the one company that had everything that we needed to thrive, and even now, all of the staff at CashierPRO are willing to listen to our needs and try to accommodate us with some of the ideas we have come up with as well. I think that CashierPRO as a solution was our best bet. I am very glad that we have made the change.