A CMMS and facilities management software for managing work orders and preventive maintenance.

Product Overview

Eptura Asset, previously ManagerPlus, is a CMMS software. It is a modernized replacement for Hippo CMMS, offering enhanced features and capabilities. These include facility, lifecycle, and automated asset management. Eptura Asset also supports preventive maintenance, inventory control, purchasing, invoicing and downtime tracking.


  • Multi-language support
  • Customizable dashboards & reporting
  • Offers maintenance request portal


  • Pricing requires consultation call
  • Limitations in task customization

Target Market

Medium to large-sized companies in construction, warehousing, and food production, particularly those with employee counts ranging from 200 to 5,000.

About Eptura Asset

Eptura Asset is a CMMS software designed to help organizations manage their assets more efficiently. It provides tools for automating the day-to-day operations of asset management, allowing technicians to focus more on tasks that drive business value.

Eptura Asset suits many environments, including offices, industrial sites, and special-purpose real estate. It’s available in over 10 languages, catering to a global user base. The software offers a unified platform for managing all aspects of asset management, including preventive maintenance, equipment lifecycle tracking, and vendor management.

Eptura Asset Key Features

  • Automated Asset Management: It streamlines the upkeep of facilities and equipment, automates preventive maintenance and provides tools for managing work requests in a single portal.
  • Facility Management: The software enables easy service requests, inventory tracking, vendor invoicing, and compliance checklists, providing a holistic view of all facilities.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Eptura Asset helps schedule regular maintenance to ensure timely repairs and reduce repair costs, thereby increasing asset uptime.
  • Asset Lifecycle Management: Users can track the cost history, upcoming maintenance, and repair schedule of all assets in one place, offering greater visibility over asset performance.
  • Maintenance Request Portal: This feature enables end-users to submit maintenance requests conveniently and allows technicians to manage these requests effectively.
  • Digital Floorplan Capabilities: These help users quickly locate and track assets and equipment for efficient inventory management and maintenance planning.
  • Multi-language Support: Eptura Asset supports multiple languages, enhancing accessibility and user experience for diverse, global teams.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Users can manage KPIs, streamline asset operations, and control costs by consolidating all physical assets into a single view for large-scale decision-making.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The platform simplifies the production of information for regulatory purposes and helps run maintenance programs for certifications.
  • Cost Control and Forecasting: It provides tools for measuring maintenance costs and labor effort, helping in planning asset lifecycles and informing depreciation schedules.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Eptura Asset

Submitted on May 19th, 2023 by Keron George

We are looking to start an Small Airplane Maintenance business and were looking into some maintenance management programs.

The ManagerPlus system was a solid maintenance management program but they were more generalized and not catered towards our MRO needs.

We liked the system and its layout but we found other more specifc MRO software programs

The Good…

Strong general maintenance management program

The Bad…

not specifc for our industry

Submitted on March 17th, 2023 by Jeff Town

We’re 9 months into getting ManagerPlus lined out. One of the big selling points for us is they did offer a little more technology that fits our parameters a little better. They offered a QR system per unit. Basically the user can scan a QR code on a report, identify deficiencies on vehicles and automatically update that within the system. That eliminated the paper trail we were leaving behind on our day to day stuff. Also, it interfaces with Geotab, which was a big thing we were looking for for mileage tracking. We were able to stay with the same tracking hardware and software we currently have. We didn’t have to replace all that to make it work together. The implementation wasn’t without some struggles. Just like any new thing you’re setting up it wasn’t without it’s growing pains. All in all, the software is pretty easy to use; pretty straight to the point. There’s still things we’re learning as we go along but for the most part, it’s been a pretty easy change over.

Submitted on January 26th, 2011 by Anonymous

With ManagerPlus I was able to track my assets, and be able to see where my potential liabilities may occur so I can run my business more effectively.

We all came to the conclusion that ManagerPlus was the one we needed to go with to meet the needs of our company. It met all of our needs. It tracked our assets. Each department found it was more efficient to use, and it helped us create our reports we needed to become more efficient and saved the company more money.

For an asset intensive company, I would highly recommend ManagerPlus.