A cannabis POS and compliance software system designed by Flowhub for dispensaries.

Product Overview

Flowhub is a compliance and point of sale software designed for cannabis dispensaries in the US. The software provides an all-in-one platform that focuses strongly POS and inventory management. It also integrates with Metrc to help businesses stay in compliance with automate state traceability reporting.

Flowhub is a cloud-based application hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.


  • Customizable product catalog
  • Supports multiple integrations, such a Metrc
  • Provides efficient inventory management


  • Requires a developer quote to get pricing details
  • No free trial available

Target Market

Cannabis dispensaries of all sizes looking for an industry-specific POS solution that integrates well with other compliance systems and offers inventory and sales management.

About Flowhub Maui

Video Overview

Key Features

  • Point of sale software
  • Metrc integration
  • Employee permissions
  • Global product catalog
  • Room + drawer setup
  • Price/cost management
  • Inventory management
  • Loyalty, specials + discounts
  • Reporting
  • Activity tracking
  • Hands-on onboarding
  • Everyday phone support


  • Mac and PC compatibility
  • Import CSV files for customer profiles or product catalogs
  • Set employee permissions
  • Manage multiple locations

Automated compliance

  • Metrc integration
  • Set cart restrictions to ensure customers do not exceed transaction limits
  • Calculate the appropriate tax
  • Print and scan all compliant labels

Enhance customer experience

  • Check in/out and improve speeds with mobile usage
  • Loyalty programs
  • Specials and discounts


  • Activity logs
  • Daily Metrc reporting
  • Drawer management
  • Dashboard analytics and reporting

Cannabis Inventory Management

Track and trace products throughout their supply chain and reorder products before you run out.

Manage multiple locations

  • Global product catalogs
  • Import packages from Metrc
  • Add CSB templates
  • Edit details in bulk


  • Mobile access
  • Discrepancy approvals
  • Assign items into sale categories

Supply chain optimization

  • Inventory logs
  • Par levels
  • Metrc integration
  • Reporting


The NUG is a mobile scanner device with applications for check-in, audits, and transfers. The option is meant to help manage employee time better when it comes to inventory management

Mobile check-in app

  • Instant check-in
  • ID and age verification
  • Document management
  • Wifi and cellular data access

Mobile audit app

  • Real-time inventory auditing
  • Manager approvals
  • Discrepancy management
  • Inventory search

Mobile transfer app

  • Establish a central distribution
  • Move inventory
  • Real-time inventory counts
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Flowhub Maui

Submitted on December 9th, 2022 by Anonymous

for $400/600 a month i would highly recommend trying another system

The Good…

its generally easy to fix the mistakes as they come

The Bad…

they system merges metrc tags together, products are consistently misaligned with other products and the button to upload sales at the end of the day will not upload everything so you have to manually do a CSV upload

Submitted on April 13th, 2020 by Veronica Bowie

A very unethical company & they are extremely overpriced. The product is trash!

The Good…

Nothing at all

The Bad…

They are unethical, money hungry, and don’t care about their customers

Submitted on November 4th, 2019 by Veronica

Flowhub is unethical, their system crashed a lot. The reporting is awful, and lots of printer errors during rush hour. We were closed for months and they kept charging us even tho we weren’t using the system. I reviewed them on google and they turned off their google reviews

The Good…


The Bad…

The reporting, the customer service, and u take customers emails but u don’t have access to them. It’s a waste of time adding them into the system

Submitted on March 11th, 2019 by Vartan

Flowhub makes it easier because using the nug to scan IDs, to building the cart on the iPads, to the order showing up on the cashiers screen. It lets me have my business be more of an experience. it saves time and there’s less issues than other solutions.

All you do is scan the ID and everything pops up, you click “add customer” and you’re set. You also check-in exiting customers.

It’s been really easy to teach my staff. We’ve had a 40-50% increase in sales because of this piece of technology. I can easily show customers what they have in the cart and what they will be spending. We can add them to the queue and send them to the register. Inputting product is very quick,

I can enter the manifest such as the type of product, the price point, and the quantity.

Submitted on October 10th, 2018 by Ethan Shean

I don’t think the POS we had in the past met the standard of operations we wanted with all of our stores. We have all systems are multiple stores ready to go in less than 24 hours. It’s been great so far.

We have consolidated a lot of processes and avoided double tracking and duplication in inventory levels. We’ve never experienced a freeze during a transaction.

It also checks our compliance and double-checks our weights pretty easily. It lets us know where we are for our limits for the day.

The reporting aspects let you make things as complicated as you want. The API connection to METRC is great.

Submitted on October 1st, 2018 by Brian Sullivan

We use Flowhub in a few ways for retail. We have a nug device that checks IDs, makes sure they’re valid and puts them into our system as a customer to track loyalty points and give discounts. At that point we can pop items into their cart, discount, and check them out. It has really improved our customer experience.

The best component is the compliance so it won’t let us oversell to a customer. It also has an API that we can enter sales through and submit them to the state.