Fund EZ

A full accounting software system designed by Fund EZ Development for startups and small organizations.

Product Overview

Fund EZ software is a cloud-based solution tailored for medium to smaller non-profits. It allows for the customization of accounts and reports and offers advanced reporting modules for additional customization. It offers ease of use, even for those users without a strong accounting background, and its effective management of multiple funding sources. The software provides reporting capabilities, automatic backup and saving features, and continuous updates to improve functionalities.


  • Offers a customizable chart of accounts
  • Cloud-based platform allows remote access


  • Exact pricing details not provided by the developer
  • Limited built-in help options

Target Market

Medium to smaller non-profits needing a user-friendly, cloud-based accounting solution for managing multiple funding sources and generating reports.

About Fund EZ


  • Daily Transaction Journal Reports
  • Balance Due and Aging Reports for Payables and Receivables
  • Columnar Consolidating Financial Statements
  • Standard Nonprofit Financial Statements
  • FASB 117 Financial Statements
  • Custom Financial Statements
  • Pre and Post Allocated Financial Statements
  • Budget Comparison reports with Variances
  • Budget Comparison Reports with Unexpended Amounts
  • General Ledger detail and summary reports
  • Encumbrance Ledgers and PO Reports
  • Trial Balance Reports

Accounts Payable

  • Manage vendors, add/edit accounts payable invoices for purchases, charge invoices to an unlimited number of funds or control accounts.
  • Utilize direct allocations to memorize account distributions, up to 999 details per allocation, in all A/P transaction journals.
  • Automatic pop-up of open purchase orders by line number, upon selecting the vendor.
  • Schedule pending A/P computer checks by selecting individual invoices or by group.
  • Perform cash requirement procedures and print either pre-printed or MICR computer checks.
  • Void checks and adjust invoices with automatic credit/debit memos.
  • Auto-create, edit and print 1099 and 1096 IRS approved forms.
  • Print all vendor listings, invoice and check register reports, balance due reports, aging reports, cash transfer reports and cash basis expense reports.
  • Fully integrated to the general ledger and purchase order modules.

Accounts Receivable

  • Manage clients, add/edit accounts receivable bills to record revenue, to an unlimited number of funds or control accounts.
  • Utilize direct allocations to memorize account distributions, up to 999 details per allocation, in all A/R transaction journals.
  • Subdivide clients into agency groups for segregation on balance due reports.
  • Open bills pick list automatically pops-up in cash receipts, when a client code is selected.
  • Auto-create cash receipts function can create payments for open bills by any combination of batch #, bill date, fund, A/R account or agency.
  • Adjust accounts receivable bills with automatic credit/debit memos.
  • Print all client reports including listings, bill and cash receipt registers, balance due reports, aging and history reports.
  • Fully integrated to general ledger, client billing and HIPAA billing modules.


  • Allocate transactions using direct allocations at ‘point of entry.’
  • Direct allocations work in all transaction screens across all accounting modules.
  • Utilize fixed percentage, units of measure, direct amounts or a combination of methods.
  • Allocate admin or overhead expenses at period-end with indirect allocations.
  • Select one or more chart of accounts levels to be used in the allocation, and disable irrelevant levels to simplify allocation instructions.
  • Supports up to 999 ‘from/to’ transfers within each indirect allocation group.
  • Allocate using fixed percentage, units of measure, weighted average of direct costs, weighted average of selected accounts or its inverse (ratio value method).
  • Allocation targets can differ from source accounts to maintain pre-allocated amounts.
  • Use up to 12 different allocation groups within one allocation - one for each month of the year.
  • Allocate to new department levels not used in transaction entry, to create a ‘new-view’ of the organization.
  • Allocate budgets along with actual dollars and print allocated budget comparisons with an option to include budget revisions.
  • Print allocated financial statement and allocation distribution reports that display generated percentages to 10 decimal places.

Client Billing

  • Enter billing orders and print billing invoices with varying ship-to addresses and up to 999 billing code lines per order.
  • Unlimited length memos for each billing code allow detailed explanations of products or services sold.
  • Set billing codes for goods or services sold with variable, fixed or sliding scale pricing.
  • Cost per unit can be calculated to three decimal places and fractional unit amounts and descriptions (e.g. dozen) are available.
  • Assign default chart of accounts data to a billing code for the posting to the credit side (usually revenue) on A/R bills.
  • Adjust billed invoices automatically by adjusting the quantity sold or adding new billing codes to existing invoices.
  • Creates accounts receivable credit/debit memos for billing adjustments and appends details to original invoice for reprinting.
  • Create recurring billings for groups of clients with user defined billing details and frequency control.
  • Print order, invoice and sales reports as well as statements of accounts and statements of client activity.
  • Fully integrated to the FUND E-Z accounts receivable module.

Fund Raising

  • Track donors and their attributes.
  • Track donations and other donor activities.
  • Track pledges and pledge receivable balances.
  • Integrate donation, pledge and adjustment activity with FUND E-Z accounting.
  • Import donor, donation and pledge information from external files.
  • Use the built-in word processor to send mail-merge acknowledgements to donors.
  • Report on fund raising information using variable search and sort criteria.
  • Integrate to the data access component for custom reports, exports and data analysis.

General Ledger

  • Record bank deposits, manual checks, and adjusting journal entries.
  • Utilize direct allocations to memorize account distributions, up to 999 details per allocation, across all transaction journals.
  • Budget management – auto create budgets, mass update budgets, edit budgets, add budget revisions, post budget revisions, and print budget analysis reports.
  • Perform unlimited automatic bank reconciliations, reconcile one cash account across funds, auto-clear cash items, and print reconciliation reports.
  • Print GL source journals, trial balances, account detail and general ledger reports with running balances, print financial statements and budget reports.
  • Create custom column and row codes for financial statement formatting.
  • Create filter and sequence codes for unlimited filtering and sorting of report information.
  • Setup and print FASB 117 financial statements.
  • Fully integrated to all other FUND E-Z accounting modules.

Purchase Orders

  • Enter and print purchase orders with unlimited ship-to addresses with up to 999 products per PO.
  • Update quantity of goods received, auto or manually close PO’s, either one PO line at a time or entire PO with one click.
  • Product codes can apply to all vendors, or be restricted to one vendor, with variable or fixed pricing.
  • Assign default chart of accounts data to a product code or use a direct allocation to assign split distributions.
  • Encumbrance ledger account distributions can be edited directly from the PO with a pop-up.
  • Enable the auto-close PO feature to insure that postings to the encumbrance ledger do not exceed earmarked monies.
  • Print purchase orders, PO registers, PO history, goods received and encumbrance ledger reports.
  • Encumbered columns on budget comparison reports are used to display ‘worse-case scenario’ variances.
  • Fully integrated to the FUND E-Z accounts payable module.


  • Backup utility creates a compressed *.fbk file that can be saved to any drive, folder and file name at any time.
  • Restore utility warns against overwriting data and requires supervisor password rights to execute and access rights to view restored data.
  • Import fixed width data or comma delimited data which utilizes a flexible user-defined import spec to maps fields.
  • Import general journal entries, cash receipts, cash disbursements, invoices, bills, clients, vendors, donors, budgets, and billing claims with full data validation, error reports and success reports.
  • Export capabilities for all reports to numerous formats and applications including MS Word, Excel, Lotus, Adobe Acrobat, CSV files, and more.
  • A full suite of security tools are included including data integrity checkers, recreation of system indexes, recreation of GL net activity files, data cleaners and data editing tools.
  • The remove obsolete data function deletes old fiscal years and properly maintains bank reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions that straddle the remove date.
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Product Overview

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