A construction erp software for contractors that features accounting, estimating, project management, costing and more.

Product Overview

Maestro*ERP is a construction ERP software for general contractors as well as service, civil and trade contractors. It operates as a full bid to bill software with features like accounting, estimating, costing, project management, change orders and payroll.


  • Customizable reporting
  • Bilingual capabilities
  • Features budget and project performance reporting


  • Requires consult call for pricing
  • Limitations to changes after data is transferred

Target Market

General contractors, civil contractors, trade and service contractors looking for a customizable ERP.

About Maestro*ERP

Maestro* ERP is a comprehensive software designed for general contractors and construction managers. It integrates various functionalities such as contact management, timesheets, and billing, tailored specifically for construction project needs.

Maestro*ERP Key Features


  • Automated creation of budgets, subcontracts, and billing contracts.
  • Catalogues for product and resource pricing.
  • Quick estimate generation with templates.
  • Profitability calculation using different mark-up rates.
  • Excel integration for enhanced functionality.
  • Bid management tools.

Budget Management:

  • Tracking of original and revised budgets.
  • Detailed view of budget changes and associated change orders.
  • Control over budget phases and activities to prevent unplanned expenses.

Project Management:

  • In-depth project inquiries with detailed breakdowns.
  • Attachment of various electronic documents to projects.
  • Email and fax communication logging.
  • Tools for managing submittals, drawings, and project issues.
  • Centralized control of project changes affecting budget and contracts.

Commitment Management:

  • Automatic conversion of estimates into purchase orders and subcontracts.

Time & Equipment Costing:

  • Simplified timesheet entries and Excel integration.
  • Linked payroll system.

General features applicable across various business types include:

  • Bilingual support (English/French).
  • XML technology for transactions and web services.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications.
  • Customizable data inquiries and navigation.
  • Email and fax integration with a history of transmissions.
  • Document management system.
  • Advanced security features.

Billing and Accounting Specifics:

  • Various billing formats, with automated updates from estimates and change orders.
  • General accounting features for transaction holdbacks, payment approvals, and comprehensive financial reporting.
  • Payroll system compatible with Canadian and US standards, capable of handling multiple unions and generating necessary documents.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Maestro*ERP

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

Complete ERP for heavy construction company including project management, preventive maintenance scheduling & accounting.

The Good…

All inclusive, no need for a third party product for our needs. Work order, contract management, project analysis, preventive maintenance all in one software bundle.

The Bad…

Some bugs in the beginning, still some to sort out. Support is slow at solving issues.