Maintenance Pro

A CMMS software for equipment management and preventative maintenance.

Product Overview

Maintenance Pro CMMS excells in equipment management and preventative maintenance. It allows tracking an unlimited number of equipment pieces, with detailed information storage and a user-friendly, tree-like hierarchy for easy navigation. It offers automated, color-coded alerts and customizable maintenance schedules. It tracks repair maintenance trends, aiding in decision-making regarding equipment lifecycle management.


  • Scalable versions available
  • Equipment trend monitoring
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment options
  • Mobile access


  • Lack of CRM and ERP integration
  • Data export limited to spreadsheets

Target Market

Small companies needing an affordable CMMS software that can scale as business grows.

About Maintenance Pro

Maintenance Pro is a versatile software designed to manage and maintain various assets like facilities, plants, machinery, and more. It’s equipped to handle preventive maintenance across different industries and includes features such as tracking assets, recording repair maintenance, maintaining a history log, sending notifications, managing parts inventory, and creating work orders.

This software stands out for its user-friendly interface, making it easier to manage equipment maintenance, a task that is often complex. It’s widely used for various maintenance tasks including facility, grounds, heavy machinery, zoo, marine, aviation, and general equipment maintenance. Its adaptability allows it to suit almost any asset requiring preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Pro CMMS Key Features

  • Databases for Employees and Vendors, and Program Security: It includes databases for managing employee and vendor information and ensures program security.
  • Customizable Reporting: A built-in report designer lets users modify standard reports to fit their needs.
  • Parts Management (Deluxe and Professional Editions): This feature enables detailed recording and management of parts, including part numbers, descriptions, costs, vendors, and inventory management with re-order notifications and a purchase order system.
  • Equipment Tracking: Users can track unlimited equipment, storing details like descriptions, models, serial numbers, photos, and custom fields. It also offers a tree-like structure for easy categorization and navigation, with customizable icons for equipment and categories.
  • Maintenance History Logging: The software records detailed maintenance histories, including dates, meter readings, descriptions, and breakdowns of PM, repairs, labor, and parts, aiding in cost analysis and equipment management.
  • Maintenance Due Notifications: It automatically calculates and notifies when preventive maintenance and repairs are due, using color-coded alerts for easy identification.
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling: The software provides pre-defined preventive maintenance services and allows for customization based on the equipment’s specific tracking needs.
  • Repair Maintenance Tracking: This feature helps track repair maintenance, aiding in decisions regarding equipment retention or retirement.
  • Work Order Management (Professional Edition): It generates work orders based on maintenance needs, automatically updating services and storing work order history for detailed analysis.

Maintenance Pro CMMS Pricing

Basic Plan: $30/user/month

Premium Plan: $50/user/month

Enterprise Plan: $80/user/month

Starting Price
$30 /user/month
Price Range Learn More
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   $     $     $     $     $   

Product Overview

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