NEWSTAR Construction Software

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A construction ERP software handling accounting, bid management, and project management for residental homebuilders and land developers.

Product Overview

NEWSTAR, developed by Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, is a construction management software for midsize residential builders. It integrates various functions such as accounting, bid management, cost estimating, design studio management, sales & CRM, and project management.


  • Complete warranty management with access to homeowner data
  • Can auto-generate purchase orders and send to suppliers


  • Some users find it difficult to navigate
  • Requires consult call for pricing

Target Market

Mid to large size residential home builders including single-family, multi-family, high-rise, and condominiums as well as land developers.

NEWSTAR is an ERP software designed for the residential construction industry, offering features for scheduling, estimation, purchasing, accounting, and land development. It includes sales management and CRM tools, with real-time analysis for financial tracking and cost control capabilities like alerts and notifications. Suitable for a range of residential projects such as single-family homes, multi-family units, and high-rises, it’s ideal for mid-sized builders and developers working on large-scale projects.

The system includes:

  • NEWSTAR Enterprise: Links purchasing with production.
  • NEWSTAR Sales: A comprehensive tool for managing the entire sales cycle.
  • NEWSTAR OnSite: Aids in construction scheduling and task management.
  • NEWSTAR Focus: Delivers a three-dimensional perspective of vital data along with web notifications.
  • NEWSTAR Financials: Handles financial reporting and transaction management.
  • NEWSTAR Costing: Deals with construction estimates, change orders, and allows for tailored reporting.
  • NEWSTAR Fax Link & Checks: Provides fax and check processing solutions.
  • NEWSTAR Warranty: Oversees homeowner data and monitors warranty trends.
  • NEWSTAR Costing: Geared towards land development, commercial, and multi-family projects, featuring tools for maintaining estimates, managing change orders, and generating customized reports.


NEWSTAR Costing is a software module for managing various aspects of land development, commercial, and multi-family construction projects:

Project Management:

  • Customizable coding for project tracking.
  • Report Writer tool integrated with Excel.
  • Flexible job cost entry and general ledger integration.
  • Online job analysis and reporting.
  • Processing and calculation of production quantities and costs.

Subcontract Control:

  • Management of subcontractor commitments.
  • Tracking and pricing of subcontract change orders.
  • Budget comparison for subcontract commitments.
  • Mechanisms for retention and payment processing.

Contract Billing:

  • Customized billing integrated with accounts receivable.
  • Supports multiple billing formats.
  • Quick access to contract and billing information.

Maintenance and Equipment Management:

  • Maintenance scheduling and work order generation.
  • Equipment usage tracking and billing.
  • Preventive maintenance management.
  • Record keeping for equipment history and finances.

NEWSTAR Enterprise

NEWSTAR Enterprise is for construction business management, integrating various functions into one platform:

Product and Options Library:

  • Customizable product and option libraries for multiple subdivisions.
  • Range of products for different construction needs.
  • Subdivision-specific pricing and subcontract management.

Subcontract and Parts Management:

  • Integrated management of subcontractor agreements and costs.
  • Detailed tracking of subcontractor and supplier pricing.

Purchase Order Processing:

  • Custom workflows and rules for different purchase order types.
  • Integrated system for efficient management and distribution of purchase orders.

Scheduling and Onsite Management:

  • Customizable task scheduling with critical path analysis.
  • Automated task completion-based payment approvals.

Home Cost Reporting:

  • Flexible coding structures for detailed cost tracking.
  • Profit and loss analysis for individual projects.

Loan Draw Management: Integrated loan management based on project completion and costs.

Home Sales and Back Office Management:

  • Online management of sales offers and inventory.
  • Integration with upgrade libraries for option selection.

NEWSTAR Fax Link & Checks are two integrated modules for the NEWSTAR system:

  • Customizable fax solutions adaptable to business needs.
  • Compatible with standard fax systems for easy setup.
  • Facilitates faxing reports and documents from NEWSTAR ERP.


  • Streamlines check processing without needing pre-printed stock.
  • Supports detailed micro-coding for bank details.
  • Simplifies creation and customization of checks.
  • Easy updating of company and banking data.

NEWSTAR Financials

NEWSTAR Financials is a multifaceted financial management software for handling operations in multiple companies and divisions, featuring:

  • General Ledger: Flexible account structuring for consolidation, with pre-update reviews and support for different accounting methods.
  • Financial Reporting and Budgeting: Tools for creating financial statements and managing budgets, with a detailed transaction classification system.
  • Multi/Inter Company Processing: Manages inter-company transactions and account balances.
  • Taxation: Handles tax reporting for U.S. and Canadian entities across various levels.
  • Banking: Simplified check preparation, bank account management, and comprehensive reconciliation.
  • Consolidations: Offers data consolidation, currency conversion, and management of ownership interests.
  • Accounts Receivable: Tracks homeowner deposits and provides flexible invoicing options.
  • Accounts Payable: Integrates with subcontract systems, automates purchase orders, and manages cash requirements.
  • Payroll (U.S. and Canada): Supports various payroll cycles and types with customizable options.
  • MICR Checks: Facilitates on-site check generation compatible with all bank accounts.


NEWSTAR Focus is a data analysis tool designed for the home building industry, offering extensive search and information sharing capabilities:

  • Provides search functionality across multiple criteria, including dates, lots, and over 100 other data points.
  • Generates calendar views for easy visualization of monthly and weekly schedules.
  • Enables sharing of information with different stakeholders via email.
  • Offers detailed information on lot dimensions.
  • Displays crucial scheduling details, including task progress and key milestones.
  • Delivers insights into job costs and general ledger-related queries.


NEWSTAR OnSite is a scheduling tool for construction projects, enhancing on-site management and coordination:

  • Enables setting up of custom construction tasks and critical path mapping.
  • Offers adaptable scheduling templates with an integrated calendar.
  • Links task scheduling with the generation of purchase orders.
  • Automates payment approvals upon completion of field tasks.
  • Allows adjustment of task timelines as required.
  • Produces detailed reports on project milestones and stages.
  • Compatible with handheld devices for managing purchase orders on-site.


NEWSTAR Sales is a sales tool for the real estate sector, offering a range of functionalities:

  • Manages data for real estate subdivisions, lots, and options.
  • Records prospective buyer details and tracks advertising effectiveness.
  • Manages tasks throughout the purchase process and creates custom buyer surveys.
  • Tracks the sales process from initial contact to closing, including deal monitoring by realtor and agency.
  • Automates contract package generation and assesses buyer loan pre-qualification.
  • Enables interactive selection of property options and upgrades, with reminders and error prevention features.

NEWSTAR Warranty

NEWSTAR Warranty is a warranty management tool for the construction sector, integrating with homeowner information and Purchase Order systems:

  • Logs and tracks construction deficiencies in a customizable library.
  • Manages warranty validity dates for each lot.
  • Provides homeowner details, including contacts and property specifics.
  • Shows detailed construction schedules and related contractor information.
  • Generates reports to track warranty service performance.
  • Allocates resources for addressing warranty items.
  • Automates related financial processes with Accounts Payable.
  • Conducts trend analysis through ad-hoc reporting.
  • Attaches relevant documents for warranty issues.
  • Monitors customer service efforts in terms of time and cost.
  • Facilitates efficient distribution of work orders via email and fax.

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Product Overview

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User Reviews of NEWSTAR

Submitted on July 18th, 2024 by Steve Brock

NEWSTAR has been a game-changer for our operations, streamlining our processes and boosting efficiency across the board. We’ve seen significant improvements in our workflow, especially in scheduling, purchasing, and customer service. The software’s capabilities have allowed us to better manage our resources, resulting in more timely project completions and higher customer satisfaction. Overall, NEWSTAR has played a crucial role in our growth and success.