A planning, scheduling, and sequencing software for large-scale manufacturers.

Product Overview

Optessa software is an advanced planning, sequencing, and scheduling software used in manufacturing industries. It delivers intelligent planning capabilities and successful implementations among top-tier global manufacturers. The software stands out due to its AI-driven solutions that provide real-time optimization, handling complex sequencing and flow line challenges.


  • High quality scheduling and sequencing output
  • Responsive customer support
  • Comprehensive constraint library


  • Some users report long run times
  • Navigation requires multiple clicks

Target Market

Large-scale manufacturers, especially in industries like automotive, electronics, semiconductor, food and beverage, and paints. Beneficial for companies with multiple plants or global operations.

About Optessa

Optessa offers specialized software for planning, sequencing, and scheduling in manufacturing, utilizing unique algorithms that adapt to various challenges without requiring additional programming.

The software employs AI to optimize operations in real time, effectively managing complex tasks in sequencing and production lines to improve efficiency and output.

Optessa is available in three versions:

  • Optessa MLP
  • Optessa MLS
  • Optessa RTS A key feature of Optessa is its extensive library of constraints, enabling users to simulate diverse manufacturing scenarios without extra coding.

In February of 2024 Eyelit Technologies acquired Optessa to expand their software offerings into the advanced planning and scheduling space. Eyelit currently offers MOM, MES, and QMS software, including MESTEC by Eyelit and Eyelit MES.

Optessa Benefits

Optessa provides several advantages:

Consistent Quality of Solutions

  • Reduces the need for frequent rescheduling.
  • Streamlines supply requirements and minimizes inventory.
  • Ensures orders are fulfilled efficiently.
  • Achieves a balanced product mix.
  • Maintains optimal production rates.
  • Balances workforce requirements evenly.

Comprehensive Coverage

  • Includes demand factors, product attributes, and constraints.
  • Encompasses essential data like product details and material requirements.
  • Covers supply chain and logistical constraints.
  • Addresses production-related constraints including materials, facilities, and labor.

Optessa MLP

This variant focuses on order planning, matching demand with capacity, and scheduling. It’s suitable for operations ranging from a single plant to global scale.

  • Manages order allocation to meet production capacity.
  • Facilitates order scheduling and adjustment.
  • Allows for demand planning at various levels.
  • Aligns demand with capacity to maintain inventory levels.
  • Balances orders across multiple locations and timeframes.
  • Identifies and addresses bottlenecks in supply chains.
  • Generates orders to utilize available capacity.
  • Optimizes project selection based on constraints and financial objectives.

Optessa MLS

Optessa MLS is designed for order sequencing, detailing how to organize and ship different product features.

  • Considers a wide range of rules and constraints, allowing prioritization.
  • Supports a vast and adaptable set of constraints.
  • Simplifies the process of defining rules and constraints.
  • Allows specification of constraints on different time scales.

Optessa RTS

Optessa RTS is tailored for real-time sequencing and scheduling in contemporary manufacturing environments.

  • Offers a robust optimization engine.
  • Provides flexibility in operations.
  • Enhances production throughput.
  • Ensures stability in scheduling.
  • Manages late order changes and substitutions.
Starting Price
$5,000 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Optessa

Submitted on February 1st, 2022 by Anonymous

Excellent experience. The Optessa system is a dynamic system and it´s very easy to handle. It adds value to our planning and enables our production orders to be sequenced according to customer need.

Submitted on February 1st, 2022 by Anonymous

Throughout every step of the process, each Optessa contact has demonstrated the depth of knowledge and professionalism. Their focus has always been and continues to be their customer.