An HVAC software for small to medium-sized businesses in residential services.

Product Overview

P3 HVAC software features efficient appointment scheduling, customer data management, and easy creation of service calls. The platform can also handle invoice syncing and generate detailed reports for business analysis. P3 HVAC software includes proposal templates and integrates with QuickBooks Online and Desktop.


  • Integrates with QuickBooks Online & Desktop
  • Flexible pricing and setup
  • Strong customer profile management & invoice syncing


  • Limited payment device options for field technicians
  • Limited invoice customization
  • QuickBooks Desktop syncing can be challenging

Target Market

Small to medium-sized businesses in the HVAC industry, particularly those with 2-50 employees.

P3 is a comprehensive software designed to streamline various aspects of HVAC business management. This tool can simplify business operations, regardless of the scale or the variety of equipment offered.

P3 HVAC Software Key Features

Equipment Sales Features

  • Comprehensive database of HVAC brands and models
  • Tools for creating detailed equipment proposals
  • Integrated equipment financing options
  • Rebate and pricing management

Service & Operational Features

  • Flat rate pricing for HVAC and plumbing
  • Comprehensive customer and equipment management
  • Real-time scheduling and dispatching
  • Integrated online payment options
  • Service agreement and recurring billing management
  • Mobile app support for iOS and Android


  • Compatible with QuickBooks (Desktop and Online)
  • Integration with GPS, email marketing, and other tools

User Access and Support

  • Unlimited access for admin and office users
  • Scalable based on the number of technicians
  • Dedicated account management and support options

Sales and Pricing Tools

  • HVAC Sales Software: Enhances sales team efficiency with quick comparison charts for different models.
  • HVAC Pricing Software: Simplifies pricing processes, tailored for HVAC contractors.

Customer Interaction and Scheduling

Customers benefit from online, real-time scheduling options, enabling them to book appointments easily. This feature is particularly useful for managing seasonal demand fluctuations.

Office Management

The software also includes tools for managing technicians’ timesheets and payroll.


The software starts at $249/month for a monthly plan and $199/month for the annual plan.

Starting Price
$249 /month
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Pricing Details
For teams

Product Overview

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User Reviews of P3 HVAC Software

Submitted on May 12th, 2023 by Anonymous

We didn’t want a lengthy review and P3, being one of the first software we reviewed, ended up meeting all of our needs right off the bat. We are currently doing a trial with them and the program is proving to be an over all good fit. Our primary area we were looking to fill is in regards to scheduling. We also found the pricing agreeable as a small business.

Submitted on February 24th, 2023 by Anonymous

We are switching from ECI over to P3 becasue the system seems alot more intuitive and easier to use. We are just starting the implementation but the demo went great and Mike let me use a sandbox version so I was able to use the software myself before buying it.

It seems like P3 is better for the smaller guys that don’t want to hire someone just to operate the software. I can do everything myself

The Good…

Was intuitive to use and had the information I needed when I needed it.

Mike let me hands on test the software before buying it.

The Bad…