An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software that simplifies accounting, reporting, and shipping.

Product Overview

Radley EDI is an Electronic Data Interchange software that streamlines the exchange of business documents with trading partners. Key features include enhanced automation and compliance in business transactions, reduction in inventories, shorter order fulfillment cycles, and a decrease in the need for IT resources.


  • Configurable dashboard for tailored monitoring
  • Comprehensive translation and communication capabilities
  • Integrates with ERP systems


  • On-premise setup requires specific server capabilities and space
  • May require IT resources for setup and integration

Target Market

Industries with complex supply chain needs, such as automotive, where compliance, efficiency, and supply chain visibility are critical.

About Radley EDI

Radley EDI is a comprehensive software solution that enhances end-to-end productivity by streamlining manual business processes. The software facilitates Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), replacing traditional communication methods such as emails, phone calls, and paper-based exchanges with digital transactions. This shift accelerates transaction speed and accuracy and significantly reduces operational costs.

Radley EDI is equipped with various tools and services tailored to automate business transactions and ensure compliance with trading partner standards without additional staff, thereby eliminating time-consuming manual tasks and minimizing error-prone data entry​​.

Radley EDI Key Features

  • A configurable dashboard that provides a central view of EDI transactions and activities.
  • Translation capabilities to convert business documents into standard EDI formats like X12 and EDIFACT.
  • Communication tools that facilitate seamless data exchange between trading partners.
  • Automatic updates to ensure real-time compliance with trading partner requirements.
  • Integration with existing ERP and business systems for a unified operational environment.
  • Notifications and alerts to keep users informed of transaction statuses and issues.
  • An activity monitor that tracks EDI transactions and processes for enhanced visibility and management​​.

Radley EDI Target Market

Radley EDI targets a broad spectrum of industries, particularly those benefiting from streamlined supply chain and manufacturing processes. The target market industries include:

  • Automotive, with specialized solutions like iCARaS for release accounting, demand reporting, and shipping labels.
  • Manufacturing, offering real-time data collection to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Distribution, to enhance supply chain efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Any industry that requires robust EDI capabilities for B2B transactions, including those with complex supply chains and regulatory compliance needs​​​​.

Radley’s EDI solutions are designed to cater to the unique needs of these industries, providing them with the tools to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced market by improving inventory accuracy, automating data capture, and streamlining workflows such as labeling, labor efficiency, and order entry.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Radley EDI

Submitted on September 23rd, 2022 by Anonymous

We used to have an EDI crisis every week, now all is fully automated. I love it. We were never able to send future orders and now we are sending those as well.