A POS software system designed by Revel Systems for restaurants and speciality retail brands.

Product Overview

Revel Systems offers a wide range of POS features, including real-time inventory tracking, comprehensive sales reports, customer relationship management, and employee management tools. Other top features include an offline mode and multi-location management. It integrates with third-party solutions, such as with QuickBooks, and provides various payment options and loyalty programs.


  • Hybrid architecture with local network reliability and cloud-based features
  • Strong built-in CRM tools
  • Intuitive employee scheduling system


  • Exact pricing details not provided by the developer
  • Steep learning curve for new users

Target Market

Mid-sized to larger businesses, especially in the restaurant and retail sectors, that have a slightly larger budget.

About Revel Systems


  • Delivery Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management


  • Customer name
  • Customer address, with billing and shipping address differentiation
  • Customer email
  • Gift card and loyalty program information, including points accrual
  • Personalized call names (for pickup orders)
  • Comprehensive order history
  • Notes section, for adding customer details such as allergies or aversions

Employee Scheduling

  • Easy setup: Set up the date and time, and select the role you would like them to use (for example, manager). You can also schedule multiple time slots in one day for employees working different shifts.
  • Color Coded Time Slots: The employee scheduling time slots are color coded for easy reference–red refers to doubletime, and orange to overtime. This gives you the ability to reference an employee’s projected hours for the week at a glance.
  • Change Timesheet Rules on the fly: These rules are set in the backend under the “Time Sheet Rules” tab, allowing you to fully customize employee hours, as well as what constitutes a full day. If, for example, you set a full day as 8 hours, any employee working more than 8 hours will accrue overtime. You can also easily set the multipliers for overtime and doubletime in this tab.
  • Email Schedule to Employees: Select the employee(s) you would like to email schedule(s) to; you can select multiple employees at once; and click “send email.” These employees will then receive an email with a clickable link to the schedule you created, and you will see if the employee confirmed the schedule on the backend, once the schedule has been accepted. (Each employee would need their email entered into his/her Employee Profile to receive the email. This is entered by an admin with scheduling permissions.)
  • Toggle between shift, hours, and wage views: This feature enables you to smoothly toggle between different views–by selecting the corresponding button, you can see an employee’s specific shift, the hours to be worked, and the wage he or she will earn.
  • Copy shifts to other weeks: Easily copy employee scheduling across the month by selecting the shift you’d like to copy, click “copy shifts,” and then select from the calendar which weeks you’d like the shifts to copy to.

Intelligent Reporting

  • Sales Summary – A global breakdown of all financial payments and transactions
  • Hourly Sale’s – Sales totals broken down by the hour or time period
  • Product Mix – A listing of all products sold in a given time period with easy to read graphs and figures
  • Order History – A comprehensive history of all orders, including any and all relevant information
  • Payment Summary – Detailed breakdown of payment types received

Online Ordering

  • Customer convenience: Busy customers who need to order food for pickup can do so online, allowing them to order and pick up at their convenience.
  • Reduced wait times: Online orders are placed in advance for pickup, meaning customers in your restaurant will spend less time waiting in line.
  • Customizable pickup time: Customers can set pickup times for online orders according to their needs–“ASAP” allows them to order an item for immediate pickup, or they can choose a later time or date. Pickup times are restricted by your business’s hours as set in the backend of your Revel POS, so there’s no worry about customers placing orders to be picked up after your business has closed for the day.
  • Mobile ordering: Revel’s online ordering feature is also available via mobile device–your customers on the go will be able to place orders at your restaurant on the go from their mobile devices.


  • Mobile Discovery: Potential customers can pull up a mobile directory of nearby establishments that accept PayPal, helping them discover new places to patronize.
  • Ordering ahead to save time: Customers have the option of ordering ahead to cut down on wait times and avoid the line.
  • Secure payments on pickup using PayPal" accounts: Customers, many of whom already know and use PayPal", won’t even have to take out their wallet, or share any financial or payment information with the merchant.
  • Order ahead: PayPal" orders appear along with online orders on the Revel POS. These occur as prepaid orders, so the order balance will automatically appear as “$0.00.” since the customer pays the merchant ahead of time. Customers can also select pick up times within the app, which can communicate with your kitchen printer.
  • In-store check-in and payment: Customers will “check in” at your store with the PayPal" app. When they’re ready to pay, they will let you know they’d like to pay with PayPal". (A visual notification on the Revel POS will be there to let employees know when potential customers have checked in.) To complete payment, store employees simply touch the PayPal" button in the top left corner, and select the appropriate customer from the drop down list, to then bill that users PayPal" account.

Purchase Order Generation and Tracking

  • Creating Vendor Cards: Users can create vendor cards to reorder ingredients or items. The vendor card includes contact info, shipping terms, and tax rates. Vendors can be linked to certain products or ingredients along with default ordering information
  • Reorder Tab: Items can be reordered from the reorder tab, which lists any item linked with a vendor, or any vendor with linked items
  • Generate Purchase Order: Users simply select the items they would like to order and click “Generate PO” —all vendor information autopopulates in addition to shipping information.
  • Edit PO information directly from the form: Order units, conversion factor, quantity, and price can all be edited from the PO form, as can Comments, shipping terms, and the FOB (“Free On Board”) agreement.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Revel Systems

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Jeremiah Voris

An advantage of Revel is that we can change settings on the fly and push those updates to every single location without interrupting our operations.

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Maxwell Cohen

It’s very very helpful having access to the backend at any moment and seeing exactly what the restaurants are doing at any moment.