A cannabis software offering inventory management, seed-to-sale tracking, and METRC compliance.

Product Overview

Royal 4 WISECannabis is a cannabis software combining warehouse management, enterprise resource planning, and third-party logistics functionalities. Its key features include real-time inventory control, seed-to-sale tracking, and compliance with regulations like METRC. The software also helps manage customer, vendor, and employee data. Finally, WISECannabis provides solutions for diverse product lines, workforce management, and financial tracking.


  • Real-time inventory management and seed-to-sale tracking
  • Compliant with METRC, CGMP, ISO, and FDA rules and regulations
  • Integrates ERP, WMS, and 3PL functionalities


  • Extensive features may present learning curve for new users
  • Cost higher than other systems

Target Market

Mid to large-scale cannabis businesses across various segments, including cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

About Royal 4 WISECannabis

Royal 4 WISECannabis is a cannabis software encompassing ERP, WMS, and CRM functionalities. The software provides inventory management, seed-to-sale tracking, and METRC compliance, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity significantly.

The platform assists growers in managing the complexity of operations, including diverse product mixes, employee management, procedural adherence, and financial oversight. It enhances visibility into the cost of goods sold, work in process, production, and compliance tracking. WISECannabis is a flexible, rules-based application that is platform- and hardware-independent.

Royal 4 applies decades of experience in the food and beverage industry to support the cannabis sector. Like the cannabis industry, food and beverage manufacturers have requirements for traceability, lot and batch tracking, sales and operations planning, and regulatory compliance.

Video Overview

WMS Functionality

  • Receiving: A detailed set-up for all inventory types, including POs, transfers, work orders, ASNs, and RMAs.
  • Putaway: Using the mobile terminal as the backbone of the putaway tasks, WISE directs the users to the proper location and correct equipment in the most efficient route and manner.
  • Picking: Automates picking processes using built-in, configurable picking logic with mobile terminals. Wise supports dynamic package creation integration to METRC within the order-picking process while preparing transfer shipments.
  • Inventory: Track and transact regulated inventory from all licenses with non-regulated consumables side-by-side in a single environment.
  • Adjustments: Integrates adjustment activity using METRC reason codes and validates reason codes against each license-owned inventory.
  • Transfer: Automates and brings intelligence and control to all types of transfers, including license to license, license to external license, and license to Testing Lab. Transfers are automatically posted to METRC via an API for wholesale and non-wholesale transfers.
  • Transfer rejections: WISE provides multiple approaches for transfer package rejections management.
  • Production Control: Automates and integrates production from simple kitting operations to more complex manufacturing operations with package creation in METRC between regulated and non-regulated inventory.
  • Engineered labor standards: WISE tracks labor productivity and reports to calculate company site or shift average times for all work tasks. Compares what an individual worker is doing compared to their peers. This system runs automatically within the WISE WMS.
  • eWise web view: An integrated web portal so users can view almost anything from any browser if they have permission. View what is in inventory, status of, and dates; order status/progress; shipments and status/progress; confirmation numbers, tracking numbers; and freight.

ERP Functionality

  • Inventory management: Track and report inventory shortages, excess inventory, and the average turnover rate of cost of goods sold. Also track product transit and shipments.
  • Order processing: A key component of order fulfillment and efficient order processing workflows that includes picking inventory, sorting items, packing orders, and shipping them. Order processing helps to automate warehouse processes, improve accuracy, and decrease the time it takes to fulfill orders.
  • Purchasing: Control the cost of procurement of goods by providing traceability, efficient backorder management, controlling procurement costs, and timely payments.
  • Bill of Materials: Provide the list of materials, instructions, or components required for constructing, manufacturing, or requiring a specific product.
  • Manufacturing: Plan production to ensure the availability of raw materials and machine capacity.
  • Financials: Financial Module includes AR, AP, and GL.

WISE Extended ERP Functionality for Cannabis

  • MRP: Calculate the materials and components needed to manufacture the product. The steps required are taking inventory of the materials and components on hand, identifying which additional ones are needed, and then scheduling their production or purchase.
  • Demand forecasting: Make future estimates about customer demand over a specified period. Royal 4 provides advanced forecasting tools for analysis.


WISECannabis offers a cloud-based or on-premise pricing model based on the number of concurrent users.

The special introductory package price includes:

  • Licensing for five concurrent users
  • Zebra Handheld Scanner
  • Zebra Barcode Printer
  • Implementation
  • Leading financials - AR/AP/GL
  • WISE Warehouse Management System
  • Modules for purchasing and inventory management
  • A complete ERP solution
  • Training available both remote or onsite at the Royal 4 Training Center in Long Beach, CA

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Royal 4 WISECannabis

Submitted on February 16th, 2022 by Bruce Bernstein

WISE enabled us to automate our unique manufacturing/workflow process given our extensive mixing of balms and tinctures and be able to accurately align costs. This will help to reduce 20% of the time it takes to run the whole business for inventory tracking of raw materials and finished goods to order management, distribution, scheduling production, and accounting integration with AR/AP/GL. The Royal 4 engineers were efficient and knowledgeable. We looked at several other software programs but we ultimately chose the Royal 4 System and I recommend WISE to anyone looking to integrate Cannabis software to run their business

Submitted on February 16th, 2022 by Wil Henry

There are two things I look at when reviewing software systems — functionality and after-the-sale support. The WISE warehouse management system has provided superior functionality to our Distribution group since 2002. Royal 4 is the “gold standard” I use for evaluating vendor support — they are simply outstanding

Submitted on February 16th, 2022 by Anonymous

Royal 4 Systems, a leading cloud-based WMS, Seed-to-Sale, ERP and POS for Cannabis businesses, announced today that their platform will automate the following at Arise Cannabis: point-of-sale, B2B wholesale distribution, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, reporting and METRC compliance.