HACCP software offering support in food safety and quality management.

Product Overview

Safefood 360° is HACCP software offering food safety and quality management support. Key features include HACCP safety plans, auditing and management review, contamination control, customizable reports, and supplier risk assessments. Safefood 360° covers international legislation, including FSMA, USDA, CODEX, EU, and Australian.


  • Covers international legislation including FSMA, USDA, CODEX, etc.
  • Customizable reporting
  • Offers auditing and management reviews


  • Initial setup can be complex
  • Users report occasional slow performance

Target Market

Food production and beverage companies, particularly those with 11-500 employees.

About Safefood 360°

Safefood 360° offers an integrated cloud-based platform to manage both the food safety process and the quality of suppliers to gain complete oversight of multiple sites. The solution provides a comprehensive platform for all the elements required for a food safety management system, including monitoring, management processes, pre-requisite programs, document control, and risk assessment.

Safefood 360°’s Support team provides product and food safety assistance for project leadership and the internal team to ensure the solution’s effectiveness. With a team of food safety and technical experts, HACCP and Food Safety plans are built automatically from the software catered to business requirements.

This software covers international legislation:

  • FSMA
  • USDA
  • EU Legislation
  • Australian Legislation


  • All records are in one place with 24/7 access
  • One-click reports
  • Automatic email & SMS notifications
  • HACCP safety plans
  • Code of practice
  • Contamination control
  • Glass and plastic control
  • Auditing and management review
  • Separated supplier portal
  • Self-customised report
  • Intuitive transition to other food standards
  • Documents expiration notification
  • Supplier risk assessment

Video Overview

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Safefood 360°

Submitted on October 31st, 2022 by Anonymous

The software program really helped to make our overall quality management system a more living aspect in the daily work. It helped to make processes more effective and efficient. We get good feedback from production workers or other employees on the floor that use the system and they are very happy to no longer fill out so much papers. During audits, the software system also makes sure questions of auditors are quickly answered as evidence is ready available in a few clicks. Also, the system came in very handy during the Covid period as a lot could be followed up in the system by working from home. Overall we are satisfied.

Submitted on July 10th, 2020 by Stephen Posey

We worked with Professional Services quite a bit on the Supplier Module, and they were extremely helpful in helping us get everything set up to establish a Supplier Portal to rollout to all of our suppliers to collect all the necessary documentation we need to make sure we meet our regulatory and customer requirements.

Submitted on July 10th, 2020 by Brad Theobald

The FDA approved electronic signature has saved us time and money with every single audit. Safefood 360° has allowed us to set ourselves apart by showing true verification and not forged documents as I have seen in other companies.

Submitted on July 10th, 2020 by Jesús Elizondo

Safefood 360° takes our hand and leads us step-by-step with a great focus on our implementation as we standardize across our business unit.