A financial software suite that helps local governments manage property tax billing, utility billing, and fund accounting.

Product Overview

VADAR Cloud is a financial software suite designed for small to mid-sized local governments and special districts. Key features include property tax and utility billing, collections, and fund accounting with reporting and automation features.

The suite also includes customizable tax collection systems and utility billing applications. These tools automate billing processes, integrate with fund accounting, and provide detailed tracking and management tools for property assessments, transactions, and utility services.


  • Secure cloud-based infrastructure
  • Competitively priced
  • Industry specific government features


  • Not designed for large cities

Target Market

Small to mid-sized municipalities (less than 50,000 in population) and special districts, such as water and sewer districts.

Not Recommended For

Large municipalities above 100,000 in total population.

About VADAR Cloud

VADAR Cloud is a fully integrated financial software suite that helps local governments manage property tax billing, utility billing, collections, and fund accounting. The software is designed for small to mid-sized municipalities and special districts.

VADAR Fund Accounting

The fund accounting solution helps users track all monies coming in and out of the organization. It provides the tools needed to stay compliant while reducing duplicate data entry and facilitating the reconciliation of cash and receivables.

Fund accounting also includes reporting and automated turnover capabilities that simplify and improve transparency across local government agencies. Other key features of VADAR Fund Accounting include purchasing, budgeting, and state and local financial reporting.

The Receivable and Property Tax Suite can create a customized tax collection system. Users can streamline online tax payment processing and bill presentment with full taxpayer audit trails of payments and all transactions – all included within the VADAR online portal.

VADAR’s Tax Collection solution allows users to import data from their assessment database to easily create tax bills and track property assessments and taxable values. Users can also fully manage the delinquent tax process. All receivable functionality is directly integrated within the fund accounting solution.

VADAR Utility Billing

VADAR Utility Billing applications help simplify vital water/sewer, stormwater, and trash billing and collection services. Overall, it automates the process of billing and managing utilities for residential and commercial properties.

Other key features of VADAR’s Utility Billing solution include the ability to:

  • Add accounts
  • Record meter readings
  • Generate work order invoices
  • Track meter changes and “swap outs"

Security and Support

All of VADAR’s products are available through the VADAR Cloud, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All VADAR applications are on a high-speed, secure server to protect data from ransomware and other cyber security threats.

Regarding support and implementation services, every VADAR account is assigned dedicated Product and Account Managers. VADAR staff assist users through the complete installation and training process and continue to provide personalized, hands-on support through daily system maintenance.

Pricing Details
Pricing is based on number of cloud users and modules purchased.

Product Overview

User Reviews of VADAR Cloud

Submitted on March 25th, 2024 by Anonymous

I would highly recommend VADAR Systems! They have been our Municipal Financial Software Vendor since 2000. Exceptional in all areas, especially their customer service. With prompt attention and understanding of our needs.

Submitted on March 25th, 2024 by Anonymous

In our municipality, we have been using VADAR for Tax Collections, Utility Billing, Assessment Maintenance, and Tax Lien Maintenance for many years. Just this past summer, we also upgraded to Cloud services and added on the Accounting suite. Everything is now seamless from Assessment through Collections to Accounting. With the cloud-based option we have decommissioned one server and can access our data everywhere and have a great cyber-security plan in place. VADAR is extremely price competitive against other options and the team is super knowledgeable and helpful when needed. They are with the clients every step of the way in every conversion and for day-to-day support. I strongly recommend the VADAR team!

Submitted on March 25th, 2024 by Anonymous

As Finance Director, I oversee the Assessing and Treasurer/Collector Departments as well as Accounting.  We are VERY pleased with VADAR.  Their customer service is unbeatable and their software is made for smaller to mid-size municipalities.  The integration between Accounting, Treasurer/Collector and Assessing is a huge plus!  It is also user-friendly, which is great since we have decentralized payables (many users).  Another plus to VADAR is that it incorporates flexible reports and analytics which makes state reporting and your audit go smoother!  There are differences between all the software I have used (including Tyler and Springbrook), but VADAR has been the best overall.