A software system designed by Innago LLC.

About Innago

Innago provides simple, intuitive, and affordable tenant management software for small to mid-sized landlords. The entire rental process is managed in one single place. From screening tenants, to signing leases, to collecting rent, Innago makes managing your tenants and rentals incredibly easy.

Primary Features

  • Custom applications
  • Tenant screening services
  • Online lease signing and document storage
  • Online (and offline) rental collection
  • Maintenance ticketing and management
  • Tenant communication

Target Market

The smallest landlords who use Innago have just a single unit. The largest landlords have over 700. Innago works with anyone in between. It’s perfect for landlords looking to offload some of their busy-work as well as those looking to grow.

Innago works great for residential, commercial, and student housing landlords.


Access to software and all features is entirely free. Landlords pay when their tenant pays online (by eCheck or Credit Card). Fees include:

  • 1% capped at a maximum of $5 per unit for your first 25 invoices
  • 1% capped at a maximum of $1 per unit above 25

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Innago

Submitted on August 16th, 2023 by Tommy Parker

I enjoy using Innago. The customer support team is super helpful and always prompt in responding. I really enjoy that it makes it simple for me (someone with little technology knowledge) and the fact that it’s free to use for landlords/property owners.

The Good…

Love that it is free and does all that I need it to do.

The Bad…

No cons right now. Maybe if the app was a little better.