A web-based multi-module management system designed by CEBOS.

About MQ1

Our MQ1 technology is a suite of enterprise-wide quality management software. From the plant floor to the boardroom, CEBOS’ quality management software system enables organizations to save thousands of hours complying with management standard requirements.

This software helps companies:

  • Comply with the latest standards
  • Automate business practices
  • Integrate related process data

Determining how to automate business processes, comply with quality/regulatory standards, and leverage the same data needed in multiple processes is critical to cracking the quality management system conundrum.


Reduce APQP Time with APQP and PPAP Software

Those that have gone through the advanced product quality planning (APQP) process understand the level of effort required to complete this endeavor.

There’s more to it than just completing the process steps. There’s a great deal of effort that goes into managing the required paperwork too.

In completing the APQP process, you want to avoid:

  • Disconnected Systems. Mismatched Process flow, FMEA and control plans due to various spreadsheets or Word files add to audit findings and compliance risks.
  • Wasted Time. The enormous amount of time required to flow changes through as changes often affects multiple parts and thus many related documents.
  • Redundant Data Entry. Resulting keystroke errors are natural outcomes when you support uniquely formatted APQP documents that contain much of the same data and information.
  • Manual Approvals. The time consuming nature of manual approval workflows and record keeping.

The CEBOS MQ1 APQP Module enables best in class automation for advanced product quality planning (APQP) methodologies.

These include an innovative means for the creation and management of process flows, FMEAs, control plans, PPAP, product specification management, shop floor travelers, and other instructions and checklists used to ensure that operations and inspections are done right the first time.


Completely Manage the Auditing Process With CEBOS’ MQ1 Audit Software

The software solution eliminates manual administration and distribution of audits by electronically automating the entire audit process, including: scheduling, notification, linking to historical information, providing a closed loop audit finding follow up process, automating the reporting process, escalation and much more. MQ1 is an extremely versatile yet incredibly user friendly system, all while complying with critical business requirements and quality standards.

Benefits of the Audit Module

  • Ensures and facilitates compliance with requirements of the process based audit approach
  • Ensures that defined best practices and policies are actually being effectively implemented
  • Facilitates compliance with layered process audit requirements
  • Reduces auditor qualification time by enabling audit knowledge and tips to be captured directly within the audit questions
  • Highlights areas requiring improvement by quickly and easily generating graphical and numerical reports
  • Enables time savings through automated management of the entire audit function: from preparation to completion
  • Ensures all quality requirements including: ISO 9000/9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 14971, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, TL 9000, TS-16949, AS 9100, cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, QSR Title 21 Part 820, A2LA, OHSAS 18000, and many more, are met or exceeded

Features of the Audit Module

  • Ensures audits are scheduled and completed in a timely manner as MQ1 automates the management of the audit process, including fully integrated email capabilities that notify and automatically schedule audit personnel as well as keep track of and notify appropriate individuals of critical audit events
  • Enables review of audit results in the way the end user prefers: graphical, summary or detail format
  • Facilitates continuous improvement by allowing the users not to forget the “tough questions” on the audit questionnaire through data validation checking
  • Supports all types of audits from internal process audits, layered audits, product audits, supplier audits to third party audits, and much more
  • Allows for point and click creation of audit checklist templates that can be easily copied and modified for the next audit with no retyping
  • Supports the creation of customized user questions specific to an organization, activity, or element reference
  • Ensures that issues do not fall through the cracks by integrating with other CEBOS MQ1" systems so that corrective action requests and opportunities for improvement can be documented, resolved and verified by assigning responsibility and due dates
  • Precludes unauthorized modifications to audit results due to MQ1’s full-featured security functionality
  • Ensures that audit findings are reported to the responsible employees, suppliers or others involved in the audit process ensuring continuous improvement
  • Simplifies audit scheduling based on an user configurable algorithm helping to ensure that activities are audited based on the status and importance of the business activity

Dashboard Reporting

Manage to Best-in-Class With CEBOS’ MQ1 Key Performance Indicator Software

The CEBOS MQ1 Key Performance Indicator Software allows users to define and create organization key measurement and scorecards that strengthen management capabilities and improves corporate communication. It facilitates goal setting and ensures disciplined reviews of key performance indicators. Through data mining, the software brings together data from many different data sources within the enterprise and provides the central intelligence on which to act effectively.

Benefits of CEBOS’ Key Performance Indicator Software

  • Reduces time to collect and analyze company performance data.
  • Highlights trouble spots through a corporate dashboard and allows “management by exception” to be effectively realized
  • Improves decision-making confidence based on real-time objective data
  • Reduces business costs by identifying and quantifying process inefficiencies
  • Increases accountability by providing specific and objective performance targets
  • Sharpens the focus on strategic goals and objectives by providing all collaborators with visibility to the companies critical success factors
  • Increases employee understanding of how their individual activities link to the corporate objectives
  • Reduces redundant data management by fully integrating with all MQ1 modules and other business software systems
  • Eliminates wasted efforts by identifying measures that are not yielding value

Features of CEBOS’ Key Performance Indicator Software

  • Built in Trend Charts display progress toward goals
  • Smart prompts allow creation and linking of corrective actions (which can be managed through other MQ1 modules)
  • Email triggers notify users when to collect data while automated data collection, analysis and reporting saves administrative time
  • User defined search screens, fields, filters and reports add flexibility
  • Various types of data feeds (inputs) including manual entry, file links (e.g., Excel links to worksheets and cells, etc.), and SQL script links to OBDC data ensuring complete data collection
  • Supports simultaneous users in multiple locations
  • Tree-view based corporate scoreboard with Green, Yellow and Red indicators
  • Unlimited data inputs, complex formulas with weighting factors, and nested scorecards for data drill-down and roll-up provide extreme flexibility
  • Configurable security setting to protect confidential information
  • Quick access to procedures and change log for maintaining the metrics scorecards

Data Integration

The CEBOS data integration software is a product for elminating data input redundancy between CEBOS software and other applications such as, ERP/MRP or accounting software. It provides automatic data synchronization from any ODBC compliant data source to ensure that data is accurate, current and only inputted one time.


  • Save time, costs and frustration by keying in information only once
  • Enable accurate and faster cross application data analysis with improved data integrity


  • Automated transfer of desired data at user defined intervals
  • Set up once and use many times without changing
  • User-friendly interface for mapping fields and for setting up data events
  • Capability to query the source data and to use script logic to build the query to specify condition criteria
  • Ability to use a vast scripting expressions library to manipulate data
  • The frequency for updating data may be defined for each source item and events may be processed in a logical sequential order
  • Events can be run manually or set-up as timed events to automatically batch process all events
  • Configurable add, update and delete options, including the ability to email notification of data changes without actually changing data
  • Full reporting with 3 levels of message logging including text file based message logging

Document Control

CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Control and Management Software Solution

The software solution eliminates manual administration and distribution of documents by electronically automating the entire document management process, including: editing, routing, and approval. The system includes complete revision control and archival of previous versions, for an extensive audit trail of each file controlled. MQ1 ultimately acts as a central, single source repository for users, enabling access to the latest and greatest version of any stored file. MQ1 is an extremely versatile yet incredibly user friendly system, all while complying with critical business requirements and quality standards.


  • Reduce time and effort by completely automating all aspects of the engineering change request process
  • Reduce time to create documents by easily starting from controlled template files to suit specific needs of different document types
  • Workflow Management Software reduces document control and management costs through automating the creation, distribution, and approval tasks in the document workflow process
  • Reduces time and dollars by automatically tracking and monitoring the status of any and all documents
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs, time and non-conformances arising from the use of incorrect documents by storing the latest version of documents in one central repository and securely controlling access
  • Eliminates time spent locating approved, in process and obsolete documents Ensures all quality requirements including: ISO 9000/9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 14971, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, TS 16949; TL 9000; AS 9100; cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, QSR Title 21 Part 820, A2LA, OHSAS 18001, and many more are met or exceeded.


  • Maximize document security with the document vault functionality, preventing users from accessing documents through the “back door”
  • Complete user configurability in workflow creation and documentation categorization
  • Complete access to all documentation history including previous versions of the documentation to maintain an audit trail
  • Convert documentation to PDF format subsequent to approval, enabling users to preclude unauthorized printing, saving or copying of the documentation
  • Seamless integration with Intranets and/or public web sites is enabled by automated PDF file generation and virtual document storage locations
  • Prevent employees from making unauthorized changes and ensure that only the most recent revision is available for reference
  • Powerful search engines enable searching of the body text of the document itself and also allows keyword and parameter prompted searching of the meta data as well
  • Link documents to the MQ1" Human Resources system, automatically generating training needs for each employee having that particular skill when the change on the document is significant enough to require training
  • Integrate electronic engineering change requests eliminating further manual document management and enhancing project collaboration
  • Define the order in which individuals receive document change approval and distribution notification according to their responsibilities and rank
  • Manuals enable the grouping and organization of related documents (drawings, references, procedures, etc.)
  • Filter and sort easily and quickly, for efficient document locating and printing
  • Batch change and replacement utilities enable multiple documents to be changed simultaneously and responsibilities to be re-assigned
  • Create multiple change records simultaneously, each change supporting a unique approval list
  • Control and automatically manage distribution of hard and electronic copies so users can be notified of revision level changes
  • View documents in their native format effortlessly with one mouse click
  • Increase efficiencies in the document change process by automatically tracking and graphically reporting trending analysis on key process metrics (e.g; change cycle times, individual approval timing, etc.)

Gage Calibration

Gage Calibration Software That Streamlines Gage Management

The CEBOS MQ1" Gage Calibration Software System helps improve the accuracy of measuring devices by facilitating a calibration management process. Through close monitoring and comprehensive analysis of the performance of the gage system, the MQ1 Gage Calibration software system provides confidence in, and evidence of, control over all the gages used to maintain the high quality of products.

Benefits of CEBOS’ Gage Calibration Software

  • Improves the performance and effectiveness of your company’s gage system by capturing and effortlessly generating cost, status and trending analysis
  • CEBOS’ gage calibration software saves time and ensures nothing slips through the cracks by completely automating the management of all aspects of your company’s gage calibration and gage studies (R&R, bias, linearity and stability)
  • Protects the company’s investment in measuring devices through disciplined tracking and proper maintenance
  • Saves time through quick look up and entry of multiple gages with minimal data entry
  • Reduces session time with efficient, user-friendly gage calibration software system
  • Ensures all quality requirements (ISO 9001; ISO13485; ISO 14001, ISO 17025, TS 16949; AS 9100; 21 CFR Part 11 and many more) are met or exceeded

Features of CEBOS’ Gage Calibration Software

  • Integrate seamlessly corrective action and problem reporting with gage information, building a knowledge base of gages problems and optimizing maintenance and replacement intervals
  • Track and easily report on all aspect of costs associated with gages
  • Calibrate all related sub gage components at the same time, reducing work time by automatically optimizing the calibration schedule
  • Electronically approve calibration and R & R activities, ensuring that only employees with the proper qualifications maintain gages
  • Generate R & R, bias, linearity and stability studies to meet the various requirements for gages and automatically integrate this into the MQ1 APQP System
  • Generate complete graphical and numerical reporting on all aspects of gage management providing management with all appropriate information to make informed decisions
  • Cross reference part and product numbers for traceability

Inspection & SPC

The Data Collection module enables users to quickly and easily document inspection results in a centralized, integrated system. Inspection data can easily be configured to flow directly from the CEBOS Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) module where the quality or control plan is created and approved. As changes are made to the quality documentation, the inspection plan is automatically updated; ensuring the documentation being used on the floor is what is approved by the customer! The Data Collection module also enables real time statistical process control and other analysis capabilities ensuring product is produced within specification tolerances. Linking other aspects of the quality management system into the inspection process, such as the corrective action and non-conformance processes through the CEBOS MQ1 Problem Solver Module, ensures that there is a closed-loop continuous improvement process in place.

Benefits of CEBOS Inspection Software and SPC Software

  • Ensures that data collection is done to the most current control plan revision through direct ties to CEBOS’ APQP and drawing control modules
  • Increases accuracy of inspection information through built-in data validation checking and reminder mechanism’s
  • Enables positive means to document process problems through user configured, automated, non-conformance functionality
  • Reduces messy paperwork and minimizes data storage space
  • Enables quick retrieval with the ability to analyze inspection data and generate inspection documentation and statistics for customers upon request.
  • Enables configurable trigger events upon data collection “out of control” results, such as email alerts, text message alerts, NCR creation, etc., ensuring others in the organization are notified of such critical results

Features of CEBOS Inspection Software and SPC Software

  • Enables attribute data collection and attribute charts
  • Electronic security based sign-off of inspection results
  • Allows non-conformance reports to be created automatically from collection screens
  • User configurable inspection events
  • Link to MQ1" Gage system allowing inspectors to see which gages are to be used and their status
  • Display of current control plan information at the point of inspection
  • Report on and analyze data, enabling informed decisions
  • SPC analysis and charting
  • Configurable alerts and actions in response to out-of-control conditions based on Statistical Process Control using built-in Western Electric Rules
  • Direct feeds for automated collection from smart gages and other data sources
  • Comprehensive, user configurable graphical reporting

Layered Process Audit

The CEBOS Layered Process Audit Software (LPA Software) Suite enables a significant reduction or elimination of LPA paperwork and management time to be realized. With CEBOS’ MQ1, LPAs and compliance reporting can now be quick and just a click away.


  • Reduces time spent completing, managing and reporting on all aspects of LPAs including tracking and monitoring of any and all audits.
  • Reports trends through the use of MQ1 to easily identify and complete continuous improvement initiatives
  • Eliminates unnecessary costs, time and nonconformances arising from the use of incorrect audit checklists by controlling each checklist and storing in one central repository
  • Ensures all customer requirements are met or exceeded
  • Enables company personnel to be proactive and identify and act on problems before they happen


  • Eases management of the audit process by ensuring audits are scheduled and completed timely as MQ1 automatically schedules, tracks, and notifies audit personnel and appropriate individuals with fully integrated email capabilities.
  • Supports recurring audit scheduling
  • Enables review of audit results in the way the end user prefers: graphical, summary or detail format
  • Supports all kinds of audits: internal system, supplier and third party audits
  • Allows for point and click creation of audit checklist templates that can be easily copied and modified for the next audit with no retyping
  • Supports the creation of customized user questions specific to an organization, activity, or element reference
  • Integrates with other CEBOS MQ1 systems to ensure issues do not fall through the cracks by allowing corrective action requests and opportunities for improvement to be documented, analyzed and resolved with assigned responsibilities and due dates
  • Precludes unauthorized modifications to audit results due to MQ1’s full-featured security functionality
  • Verifies that audit findings are reported to the responsible employees, suppliers or others involved in the audit process ensuring continuous improvement

Preventive Maintenance

Maximize Machinery Uptime and Quality With CEBOS’ MQ1" Equipment Maintenance Management Software

The CEBOS MQ1" Equipment Maintenance Management Software System simplifies, streamlines and automates the entire equipment maintenance process. It protects the organization’s investment in and longevity of its equipment via planning and facilitation of executing on preventive and predictive maintenance activities.

Benefits of the MQ1" Preventive Maintenance Software

  • Maximizes efficient production via effective maintenance work order processing
  • Minimizes planning time and ensure machines are maintained in a timely manner by automatically generating and managing preventive maintenance schedules based on equipment usage or calendar days
  • Reduces production downtime through effective maintenance scheduling and execution
  • Minimizes downtime and the ensuing late delivery by managing and tracking equipment spare parts inventory
  • Ensures all quality requirements (ISO 9001; ISO 13485; ISO 14001, ISO 17025, TS 16949; AS 9100; 21 CFR Part 11 and many more) are met or exceeded

Preventive Maintenance Software Features

  • Manage equipment and spare parts information effortlessly by using a central repository that provides easy access to all details of individual equipment and spare parts
  • Facilitate preventative maintenance management by prioritizing, assigning and automatically notifying individuals of specific preventative maintenance required to be completed
  • Facilitate proper response to breakdowns in equipment by providing instant access to historical maintenance records and procedures
  • Determine spare part reorder needs, by viewing inventories on-line anytime
  • Reduce data input and time by defining and coping preventive maintenance procedures to multiple pieces of equipment if applicable
  • Generate comprehensive custom reports to help you understand how your equipment is operating, associated maintenance costs and what predictive maintenance can be done to improve overall efficiencies
  • Create work orders for maintenance needs and assign tasks that can be managed automatically, ensuring tasks are done in a timely manner
  • Facilitate predicative maintenance by tracking metrics of mean time between failure and equipment downtime
  • Manage all aspects of equipment including warranty information, serial numbers, date placed in service and much more

Project Management

Project Management Software That Lets You Manage Tasks Effortlessly

The CEBOS MQ1" Work Manager project manager software system is the electronic workstation that manages the organization’s daily tasks. It is a powerful project management tool that facilitates meetings as well as organizes and manages complicated projects by creating and assigning responsibilities with due dates for tasks. The MQ1 Work Manager System automatically notifies individuals of pending tasks and tasks overdue are automatically escalated to additional employees ensuring these tasks are completed and don’t slip through the cracks.

Benefits of Project Management Software

  • Saves employees time by quickly and efficiently managing projects by assigning responsibilities and due dates with automatic reminders ensuring tasks are completed timely
  • Increases customer satisfaction by enhanced customer communication and project documentation
  • Reduces time by managing important tasks by exception reporting
  • Reduces quality management audit preparation time by managing a real-time snapshot of the status of the quality system
  • Reduces business issue resolution time by facilitating team communication through organized meetings where responsibilities and due dates can be set and automatically managed
  • Increases action item accountability and organization participation in the quality system by providing a centralized and easy mechanism for people to see what is expected of them
  • Reduces session time with efficient, user-friendly system

Features of Project Management Software

  • Automatically E-mail action items and issues or reminders for open tasks to the responsible employees, ensuring all issues and tasks are noticed and handled by qualified staff
  • Escalate actions for non-performance, helping to share information and complete tasks in a timely manner
  • Leverage past projects by creating project templates with predefined tasks and checklists for quick and powerful project creation
  • Copy project information from similar projects, saving time to create new projects as well as leveraging best practices from existing projects
  • Reassign open issues and tasks quickly and easily to other employees when appropriate
  • Schedule meetings via email and document meeting minutes and associated action items

Risk Management

The CEBOS MQ1" Risk Management software covers management of all aspects of risk to an organization including requirements of such standards as ISO 14001 and ISO 14971. The risk management software enables users to define each risk, prioritize the risk, create a heat map, and create a mitigation plan with action items and comprehensive reporting. This enables organizations to manage a very comprehensive set of risk requirements.


  • Ensures that the organization is placing the appropriate resources on the highest priority risks
  • Reduce time and costs to manage risks by integrating all aspects within one central system
  • Reduces risk of fines from environmental regulation authorities
  • Covers all aspects of ISO 14001 and ISO 14971


  • Creation of very structured documentation relating to all aspects of each risk element
  • Creation of action items to enable proactive management, including email and escalation notifications to affected individuals and supervisors
  • Linkage of risks to data in other MQ1 modules (operations, processes, products, supplied items, activities, equipment, etc.)
  • Management of risks by identifying goals as well as setting responsibilities and due dates
  • Integration to the MQ1 Documents system supporting hyperlinks to reference documents and procedures
  • Reference to legal requirements that affect the risk management system
  • Linkage to other MQ1 functions (corrective actions, FMEA’s, etc.)

Training Tracking

Simplify Training Management With CEBOS’ MQ1 Training Management Software

Functionality includes “drag-n-drop” user configured dashboards which display training status and highlight delinquent training needs. Whether it’s: recurring training, competency based training or training that is required due to a controlled document change coming from CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Management Software module, the solution is focused on providing the right information to users in real time. From there, training managers can then schedule classes, record when the classes have been completed, document who attended, the curriculum and much more. Reporting is available at all levels and does not require complex programming or report writing!

Benefits of CEBOS Training Management Software

  • Ensures nothing slips through the cracks and employees are adequately trained by automating the management and maintenance of the overall employee training function
  • Manages training quality and expenses by capturing and analyzing data on training costs and effectiveness
  • Enables on-going employee development and succession planning
  • Improves the quality of training programs and employee morale by creating and analyzing employee surveys
  • Ensures contingency planning for identifying most qualified employee back-ups
  • Ensures compliance to all quality requirements including: ISO 9000/9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14000/14001, ISO 14971, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, TS 16949, TL 9000, AS 9100, cGxP, 21 CFR Part 11, QSR Title 21 Part 820, A2LA, OHSAS 18000, and many more, are met or exceeded

Features of CEBOS MQ1 Training Management Software

  • Link required training directly to controlled documents using the CEBOS’ MQ1 Document Management software, allowing a change in a controlled document to automatically spawn a training requirement and the associated training records.
  • Manage and maintain everything related to employee training including such items as employee: feedback, training records, skill levels, position specific required skills, attendance logs, and much more by using one central repository and management system
  • Maintain updated organization chart and clearly document position responsibilities and reporting relationships
  • Maintain a listing of qualified back-up personnel for all critical positions for quick, easy access minimizing line downtime due to staffing issues
  • Automatically generate training sessions or reminders based upon the last training date for skills needing recurring re-qualification. This ensures that employees remain qualified and current on the latest techniques
  • Generate employee opinion surveys, encouraging all employees to share ideas and help the organization increase shareholder value
  • Create skill descriptions for jobs so employees can see the path to attaining the skills needed to perform in a particular position as well as to assist managers in recruiting
  • Create employee mass mailings/E-mails allowing you to create mailing labels, send E-mails or mail merge for form letters, quickly and easily, for important employee correspondence
  • Integrate with ODBC compliant databases to automatically transfer employee data (e.g., names, etc.) into MQ1 to reduce or eliminate redundant data entry
  • Record and monitor all aspects of employee information including birthdays, date of hire, education, experience and job history, performance and much more, completely managing all important employee information

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User Reviews of MQ1

Submitted on August 15th, 2022 by Anonymous

Clunky, Buggy, Not User Friendly, Worst Search Functions I’ve Ever Seen… I can’t think of anything positive to say about it.

The Good…

when I don’t have to use it.

The Bad…

That one time it renamed hundreds of draft documents to the same title.

Submitted on June 6th, 2019 by Anonymous

Antiquated software but uses nice vintage icons

The Good…

Vintage Icons

The Bad…

Yellow on white color combo

Submitted on October 24th, 2018 by Anonymous

I’ve used the MQ1 solution at my previous job and loved it. I know it has the functionality that I need and know it will work because it’s a great solution