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About Restaurant365

Restaurant365 is built on the powerful Microsoft Dynamics platform, and offers a complete suite of restaurant management software modules including accounting, operations (or ‘above store’), catering/event management, marketing, and franchising. It also includes POS integrations and integrations to banks, food suppliers, social media sites, and outsourced payroll providers.

The solution as a whole was designed for multi-unit restaurant businesses. However, depending upon your needs, it can alternatively be deployed on a modular basis. Here are some things to consider.


Powerful, Automated Restaurant Financial Reporting Out-of-the-Box

  • Weekly Prime Cost Reports
  • Profit & Loss (Location Side by Side, YOY, v. Budget, +20 more variations)
  • Balance Sheet (Detail & Summary)
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Completely User Definable Financial Reports Using

Sophisticated Banking Suite to Control Cash

  • MICR Checks
  • Optional Print Signatures on Checks
  • ACH Vendor Payments w/ Auto-Payment Stub Emailing
  • Positive Pay
  • Bank Transaction Download w/ Auto-Reconcile for Matching Transactions

Budgeting by Location by 4-Week Period

  • Import Budgets from Excel
  • Budget by Location
  • Budget 4-week period or Calendar Month

Restaurant Fiscal and Operational Calendar

  • 13-4 Week Operational Periods
  • 4-4-5 Period Structure
  • 12 Month Calendar


  • Spread invoices across legal entities/locations
  • Apply transactions across legal entities/locations
  • Deposit funds across legal entities/locations
  • Transfer inventory across legal entities/locations

Restaurant Centric Check Processing

  • Pay invoices from one or more legal entities from one checkbook
  • View and apply open credit memos during check run process
  • View all available term discounts during check run process
  • Easily control total amount paid to each vendor


Expand your business without adding a single square foot in rent by offering catering services. This, in addition to hosting banquets at your existing location will help you leverage your kitchen staff and increase your top-line sales.

Never Drop a Sales Opportunity

Button up your sales cycle by tracking each lead that calls for a quote. The system will help your staff take each opportunity and turn it into a sale by following your defined sales process.

Stay Organized

A quick calendar glance for each seating area in your place allows you to communicate quickly with your customers as to your availability. Avoid an embarrassing double booking.

The System Keeps Your Team One Step Ahead

Automatically build work orders for chefs. The system also automatically sends out notification reminders via text to employees assigned to work on the job.

Your Best People, When It Matters Most

Creating a master schedule of your catering labor across all jobs is simple. Ensure you get the right staff at the right time for the right event.

Your Customer Will Remember Your Professionalism

Create professional quotes and contracts including every detail for the event all in one place. Email and set follow up reminders for yourself or other team members. Record deposits and terms. The system will automatically notify you of past due amounts.

Never Be Late–or Worse, Lost!

It’s convenient to be able to visually see the detailed location of your event and also generate quick driving directions with the click of a button. It’s all included.


Use the Restaurant365 Marketing module as a single tool to effectively promote your brand through multiple channels. Monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and focus on those producing the best results.

Save Time Posting to Facebook & Twitter

From a single screen and with a single entry you can ‘tweet’ and update Facebook at the same time. With the scheduling feature you can do all your posts for the week at one time. Post when it works for you.

Quickly Respond to Social Comments/feedback

View feedback and comments from Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp all in a single screen in real time. Identifying and responding to comments has never been as easy.

Do-It-Yourself Email Marketing

Quickly promote your own brand with rich email blasts. Detailed analytics on campaign performance will signal to you which pieces worked and which need to be scrapped.

Ping Your Customer When It Counts

Communicate with your customers via text right from within the solution. Track all your communication. Create a custom text message or use a template. Automate birthday and anniversary offers to your loyal customers.

Leverage Technology to Fill Your Seats

Take full advantage of web visitor tracking & analytics on your current website, bulk email delivery w/ click thru tracking, surveys, social discovery, lead scoring, dashboards and performance reports to keep your seats full.

Cross Market to Existing Customers

Contacts and guests added to the Event/Catering module of Restaurant365 are automatically included and picked up in the dynamic marketing lists so that they are reminded to come back.


Sales: Nightly ‘Polling’ Directly From Your Point-of-Sale

Every sales ticket (and all its detail) recorded in your POS is uploaded to ‘the cloud’ (Restaurant365) each night. That precious data is now secure and accessible for quick and powerful analytics. It is broken down by server, by menu item, by day part, by promotion, by store . . . the list goes on and on.

COGS: Purchasing & Stock Counting Help Control Food Costs

Food invoices are entered directly into Restaurant365 when product is received. All adjustments and expected credits are immediately recorded. Inventory stock counts at the end of the day, week, and/or period are recorded directly into Restaurant365. These two functions provide the basis for tight food cost control in your restaurant. The process is effortless and will also save you between 2-4% of your total food cost.

Labor: Keep Labor Under Budget Each Week

The final part of prime costs are labor. Each night all the labor details tracked in your point of sale system are uploaded to ‘the cloud’ (Restaurant365). These details automatically create the labor accrual entries in the accounting module of Restaurant365. The system comes with easy-to-use and simple-to-understand charts and reports that quickly reveal where improvements need to be made.

Monitor Prime Costs During the Week

Because Restaurant365 is an accounting solution and an ‘above store’ (i.e. sales, COGS, labor) analysis tool, it enables operators to see their ‘Controllable Profit and Loss’ report anytime they want. No need to wait for the accounting deparment to generate the numbers. Having this information while solutions can still be implemented is invaluable to an operator.

Improve Restaurant Manager Communication & Accountability

There are a variety of events and transactions that take place each day that require additional documentation by the manager (i.e. health inspector visits, equipment failures, trx. voids & comps, etc.) These are typically documented on paper by a manager in a “manager log book.” Restaurant365 includes an ‘online manager log book’ that not only makes the information instantly available to all but also makes analysis to identify trends possible.

Simplified Store-to-Corporate Process (All-in-One)

Daily sales, tender, house accounts & vendor invoices are sent to an approval queue for corporate to approve. Once approved, these transactions are automatically part of the general ledger, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable and accounts payable features of Restaurant365. The streamlined process will cut your administrative time by at least 20%.

Quick & Accurate End-of-Day Process

Counting end of day cash & checks is simplified and immediately reported to corporate. Paid-outs are easily categorized by the store manager to user-defined cost categories (i.e. GL). House accounts are quickly flagged to customers in the accounting module. VOIDS, COMPS, Discounts, other Exceptions are easily tagged by closing managers with comments so supervisors have complete access to the manager log books.

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