Total Restaurant Management

A web-based accounting software system designed by WAND Corporation for accommodations & food services companies.

About Total Restaurant Management

Cloud Technology Engineered for Uptime

Take advantage of the latest in cloud based computing with WAND’s restaurant management software. This technology platform provides reliable performance matched only by Fortune 500 technology and at a fraction of the cost.

Enterprise Scalability

Have software that grows with your margins. Whether you have a single store or tens of thousands, WAND’s restaurant management software can be trusted to meet your enterprise needs.

Integrated Security

Maintain total control over the flow of information. Across the organization, from CEO to regular store employee, you decide who knows what data.

Seamless Integration

Manage every aspect of your store from a single location. Whether you want to share prices and coupons, update caloric data, review inventory, or manage employees, all applications will be open to your discretion.

24/7/365 Support and Ongoing Development

WAND believes you should always benefit from your restaurant management software. 24/7/365 support staff and continuous system upgrades ensure that you always have the highest quality features.

Back Office

Reduce Labor Cost

Raise margins with lower labor costs using skill based labor guides, shared records, and an intuitive drag/drop scheduler.

Anytime, Anywhere Reporting

Monitor the workings of your quick service restaurant in near real-time with WAND restaurant back office software. A few clicks on any computer or mobile device can show you a single transaction or your entire system; the amount of information is up to you.

Shrink Food Cost

Reduce food costs with WAND’s restaurant back office software. You can ensure consistent quality with standardized recipes, waste tracking, and real time reporting; and ensure you’re always in stock with integrated transfers (with two stage approval/denial process) between stores.

Pre-Built Integrations

Increase efficiency using pre-built integrations to 3rd party accounting solutions, payroll services, and food supply providers.

Custom Report Builder

WAND’s restaurant back office software helps you quickly and accurately finish reports in a single portal integrating pre-built features and an intuitive custom report builder.

Digital Menu

Simple One-Click Deployment

Control every aspect of WAND digital menu boards from a single location. Whether you want to quickly change the price or promote a limited time offer, one click on your computer or mobile device can change a single or group of stores.

Engineered for Uptime

Maximize your digital menu’s uptime using WAND digital signage solutions. Locally pre-loaded content and built in failovers ensure that the impact of connectivity issues and failed hardware will always be at a minimum.

Intuitive Interfaces Designed for Your Restaurant

Drag-and-drop content scheduler and daypart/weekpart editor makes setup both simple and intuitive.

Proof-of-Play Confidence

Improve marketing performance with WAND digital signage solutions. When you want to track test-marketing success or to verify brand compliance, consolidated proof-of-play metrics and item number granularity will ensure you make the right investments.

Award-Winning Creative

WAND digital menu boards engage customers daily with award winning restaurant content. Designed by a team using a rigorous agency proof approval process, and monitored by dedicated account manager, your digital signage will be sure to look its best.

Point of Sale

Conversational Ordering

WAND restaurant POS systems are powered by innovative Conversational Ordering technology. Let employees deliver game-changing service speeds and improved order accuracy, all while increasing total customer satisfaction.

Single Shift Training

Easy to use point of sale systems take training to the next level. Join others who have reduced labor costs and improved operational efficiencies all in a one-shift training session.

Cost Reduction and Theft Deterrence

Improve operational efficiencies and deter employee theft with WAND’s trustworthy point of sale systems. You control the monitoring of employee actions at the display and the reduction of nearly all manager voids at the counter.

Improved Average Check

Watch average check size increase along with customer satisfaction. Sales driven restaurant POS systems promote margins by upselling items, promo videos and an overall decreased order time.

Integrated Prep/Cook Display

Integrate the prep and cook displays thanks to WAND’s 100% restaurant focus. The systems will help you to increase the speed of service and reduce the cost of food.

Product Overview

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