A complete restaurant management software.

About Waiterio

Waiterio is a complete restaurant management software that makes it easy to manage orders of both restaurants and bars. The solution aims to increase the revenue of your business through improved and faster service–allowing your staff members to make better decisions when it comes to online orders, sending orders to the kitchen, generating invoices, and more.

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Waiterio Features

The restaurant management features found wtihin Waiterio include:

Order Management

  • Take orders in any tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the restaurant.
  • Orders appear in real-time on the kitchen display screen and the printer prints the receipt automatically.
  • Mark your restaurant’s orders when they are ready, served or paid.
  • Completed orders are not displayed to avoid any confusion in the kitchen.
  • Update or cancel orders easily in seconds.

Table Management

  • Create a map of your restaurant by adding tables of different shapes, sizes and assign them with numbers.
  • Add multiple rooms, different floors, or outdoor sitting areas for your restaurant.
  • Take orders directly by selecting the table on the map or its number.
  • View live updates of all the orders of the restaurant through the table map.
  • Create menu and add categories for different types of food.
  • Import the entire restaurant menu directly from a text file on your device.
  • Add photos to your menu items. You can also add options for customization for your customers.
  • Hide menu items if they are out of stock or not available.
  • Reorder menu categories and items easily.
  • Assign different printers for your kitchen, bar, and cash counter.

Staff Management

  • Easily invite staff members through their email address.
  • Assign individual roles to each staff member. Each member will have limited access to the restaurant software for security.
  • Waiters are automatically assigned to the table while taking the order.
  • Menus are automatically synced for all staff members.
  • Every staff member can view all of the restaurant’s on-going orders.

Payment And Discount

  • Select different payment methods for the same bill.Learn more
  • Offer discounts to customers. You can offer a fixed or percentage discount.
  • Include or exclude taxes automatically in the bill.
  • Create separate bills when customers want to pay separately.
  • taking credit card payment and giving discount
  • report analysis

Sales Reports

  • View daily, weekly, monthly sales volume. You can also get sales reports between custom date ranges.
  • Find out your most selling menu items.
  • Find out how much revenue each waiter has generated for your restaurant.
  • Find out detailed information like payment method, date, etc. For any food order.
  • Download and view reports on your device.

Waiterio Pricing

The cost of Waiterio starts at $19/month, billed yearly. Month to month pricing is available. The pricing model is dependent on the number of orders you do each month. There is a free trial available. There is a free version available.

Starting Price
$19 /month
Price Range Learn More
   $     $     $     $     $   
   $     $     $     $     $   

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