A cloud-based inventory management software system designed by eTurns.

About eTurns TrackStock

eTurns TrackStock is simple, cloud-based inventory software that automates replenishment based on need and provides real-time inventory visibility into remote stockrooms. Using barcode scanners, smartphones, IoT weight sensors and RFID, eTurns TrackStock manages inventory at the point-of-use to increase sales and service levels, optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts. eTurns TrackStock helps customers decrease inventory levels by up to 73% and replenish inventory 90% faster than ordering through an ecommerce site.

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  • eTurns TrackStock Replenish is 90% faster than ordering through any ecommerce site. For businesses with many parts that constantly need replenishment, eTurns TrackStock Replenish allows users to scan bins of parts with their smartphone/PDA to order directly from their supplier in a fraction of the time it takes to write down a product number, logon back at their desk, key-in a product number and complete an ecommerce order.
  • eTurns TrackStock Manage decreases inventory levels by up to 73% by optimizing inventories. With TrackStock Manage users scan to use/receive inventory. It allows users to tune min/max levels based on actual usage and get alerts on inventory status. Distributors can use this to bill on consigned usage.
  • eTurns TrackStock RFID - Create transactions by waving a tagged bin past an RFID tower. One scan to order/use/receive.
  • eTurns TrackStock eVMI is eTurns’ most automated inventory management solution. It enables a complete physical inventory on each item 2x/day to trigger frictionless need-based replenishment with no human intervention eTurns puts an IoT weight sensor under a bin of parts on a mobile cart or stationary rack. The sensor measures the weight of the parts at user-defined intervals. When the weight, after being converted to quantity, falls below a minimum, a replenishment order up to the maximum is sent through the eTurns TrackStock eVMI cloud-based application, to the distributor’s ERP system. The distributor fulfills the order, the parts are shipped to the facility and the vendor or customer restocks the bins. This is fully automated VMI (vendor-managed inventory) at a fraction of the cost of inventory vending and offers a quick ROI.
  • eTurns TrackStock Truck provides contractors with real-time visibility into service truck inventories as well as parts and labor usage by job. Then it automates inventory management.
  • eTurns TrackStock Asset allows you to describe and track the assets you own and when they are scheduled for maintenance. eTurns optimizes the inventory of all of the MRO material needed to maintain your assets. If a list of material is needed to perform maintenance of an asset, TrackStock Asset makes it easy to include those items in a quicklist added to the work order. If maintenance of an asset is due, eTurns sends out an email alert.
  • eTurns TrackStock Tool keeps track of expensive, serialized tools (so you know who last had the item) as well as multiples of the same inexpensive tool like hammers and extension cords. We send email alerts when a tool is due for recalibration and prevent it from being checked out until properly serviced.

Industries We Serve:

  • Industrial Distributors
  • Multi-location Manufacturers
  • Contractors with Service Trucks
  • Medical Clinics/Hospitals, EMS

Industrial Distributors: 70% of our customers are wholesale industrial distributors (such as electrical, electronics, fasteners, etc) who use us to do need-based automated replenishment of their customers’ stockroom inventories. eTurns helps distributors offer consigned inventory because eTurns records consumption using barcode scans or RFID towers, allows distributors to bill on usage, and provides one invoice for reconciliation. Benefits: We make replenishment so easy for customers that they don’t leave the distributor, which is why distributors who use eTurns say that we help increase their same-customer revenues by 30% and increase customer retention.

Contractors with Service Trucks and EMS Companies use eTurns to replenish and manage inventory on their trucks…

Healthcare companies use us to have a simple iPhone app to replenish supplies in their stockrooms.

Manufacturers use eTurns to keep MRO inventory in stock using min/max levels for optimization.


Our customers include: 4 of the top 5 electrical distributors and 3 of the top 6 electronics distributors. Arrow Electronics, Graybar, Rexel, Gexpro, TTI, Anixter, Digi-Key.

Our Modules

  • Inventory
    • Bills of Material
    • Quicklists
    • Counts
    • Staging
    • Move Material
  • Consume
    • Pull
    • Work Order
    • Requisition
    • Project Spend
  • Replenish
    • Cart
    • Orders
    • Receive
    • Transfer
    • Return Orders
  • Assets/Tools
    • Tools
    • Assets
    • Scheduler
    • Scheduler Mapping
    • Maintenance
  • Kits
    • Build/Break Kits
  • Reporting
  • Barcode label configuration
  • Catalog printing
  • Customized reports
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Dashboard Alerts and Analytics
  • User Configurations

Cycle Counting

Our solutions are designed so that it is easy to turn on and off the modules you need for your particular remote inventory location. Chances are, you won’t use every capability listed in our modules, but if a customer or a location requires it, aren’t you glad you have the ability to turn the functionality on with a click?

Capabilities within the Cycle Counting Module:

  • Perform physical inventory or cycle counts
  • Manage a variable cycle count process for the stockroom
  • Set the number of times each of the inventory classifications are counted per year

Dashboard Alerts and Analytics

One of the most valuable capabilities of eTurns is the dashboard. The dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in and it shows your to-do list. Each module that can have pending transactions will indicate with a red circle the number of transactions that need the users attention to be completed. If an order is created but not submitted, it will be visible. If it has not yet been approved, it will be circled in red. The number of stockouts that have occurred this year will be circled. The number of items whose on hand quantity is under the minimum or over the maximum will be called out. If a requisition is awaiting approval, you will know. If an asset needs maintenance or a tool needs calibration, the dashboard will highlight it. One click on the specific alert will take the user directly to the offending transaction for action.

eTurns provides a graph that brings together in one graphic the result of all of your hard work to optimize inventory and maximize services levels. It is a clear metric of results over your specified period of time. On one graph, you can see total inventory value, inventory turns, and the number of stockouts that month. Whether you are managing your own inventory or that of your customers, this graph will allow you very quickly to determine effectiveness.

Capabilities within the Dashboard Alerts and Analytics Module:

  • Focuses user’s attention on their “to dos” with red circle alerts
  • Examples of alerts:
    • Items below minimum or critical quantity
    • Requisitions that need approval
    • Orders that need approval
    • Pulls that need to happen
    • Assets that need maintenance
    • Tools that need calibration
    • Cycle counts that need to be performed
    • Projects that have exceeded $ or item quantity limits
    • Receives that are ready
    • Transfers that need completion
  • Optimize mins/maxs based on consumption or orders
  • Analyze stockroom: valuation, turns, stockouts, category/supplier allocation


Being able to use a single part number to order or pull multiple items at one time is a great productivity tool. eTurns Kitting Module let’s you build simple kits to stock in inventory. If you wish more advanced kit building, eTurns tells you exactly how many of any kit you can build right now with the quantities of individual items in inventory. You can also use min/maxs to replenish kits. If the suppliers from whom you order kits cannot accept kit part numbers when replenishing, eTurns will send them the individual part numbers that make up the kit. In whatever way you need to manage and build kits, eTurns can help you make it simple.

Capabilities within the Kitting Module:

  • Use WIP (work in process) to monitor the items needed to build kits
  • See how many kits can be built based on the kit’s components using only the quantities of items in general inventory
  • Use min/max to maintain inventory of kits
  • Create suggested orders of components to permit building of kits when on-hand kit quantity falls below minimum
  • Order kits from suppliers using a kit part # or its component parts and quantities

Managing Assets and Tools

Many contractors want to track who has their tools: even the more typical ones like hammers and extension cords. The eTurns Tool Module makes this simple. We assign a serial number to these tools and keep track of the individuals who have checked them in and out. More expensive tools that have their own serial numbers are individually tracked so you know who last had them. If they need calibration, eTurns prevents them from being checked out until they have been serviced and placed back into inventory.

Assets need preventive maintenance to stay in service, whether they are machines used in the OEM production process or a truck used to haul material. You can use a “work order” on all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on your assets to capture maintenance records, parts and labor. When you set up maintenance schedules for your assets, you can specify when you’d like to receive an email notification about the upcoming maintenance. You can use eTurns reports to display all of an asset’s maintenance history at any time.

Capabilities within the Managing Asset and Tools Module:

  • Track multiples of identical tools, like extension cords
  • Prevent check out of a tool if it is time for calibration
  • Track who last checked out a tool and when
  • Send email before maintenance is due
  • Add quicklist of parts, kits, and labor typically used to maintain an asset to the work order

Managing Bills of Material

Our solutions are designed so that it is easy to turn on and off the modules you need for your particular remote inventory location. Chances are, you won’t use every capability listed in our modules, but if a customer or a location requires it, aren’t you glad you have the ability to turn the functionality on with a click?

These are the capabilities in the Bill of Materials Module:

  • Toggle between picture view or grid view of item
  • Manage consigned and/or customer owned material
  • Use critical/min/maxes at item level or location level
  • Create multiple supplier or manufacturer #s for the same item
  • Add new items from distributor catalogs
  • Share a common BOM across multiple stockrooms
  • Create multiple cost UOMs
  • Track by Serial #s, Lot #s, and expiration date
  • Value inventory using LIFO, FIFO, average, or last cost
  • Click “quantity on order” to see the purchase order
  • Click “quantity on transfer” to see which transfers include the item
  • Click “quantity on requisition” to see which reqs include the item
  • Get automatic reclassification of A thru E by item each night based on inventory turns or cost of the item
  • Create quicklists to group items for quickly adding to order or pull
  • Use quicklists as simple kit
  • Place quicklists within quicklists
  • Use unlimited bar codes for each item
  • View 2 images for each item, like picture and MSDS
  • Apply taxes to consumption of items and/or labor
  • Display value of distributor’s bonded inventory for any customer
  • Assign default reorder and pull quantities
  • Import large list of items at one time

Material Staging

Many times, a contractor needs to set material aside until it has all arrived or until a particular phase of building gets started. eTurns allows the contractor to allocate or separate material from general inventory and put it in a new location until she is ready to use it. At that point, with one click, she can simply pull all the items for consumption.

Capabilities within the Material Staging Module:

  • Allocate material from general inventory for later use
  • Order directly into a stage
  • Pull at one time all material in a stage

Project Spend Limits

One of the most difficult aspects of being a profitable contractor is monitoring spending as a job is underway. eTurns has created a module that allows the consumption of material to be tracked against multiple project budgets or just one. Individual items can also be tracked both in dollars as well as in individual quantity. When the limit of the project’s total budget, or the quantity of an item, or the dollar limit of an item is reached, the next pull will be stopped, and an email is sent to the person who can approve changes to the project spend limits. In addition, requisitions, instead of pulls, will be created until the spend limits are increased, helping the contractor keep track of spending.

Capabilities within the Project Spend Limits Module:

  • Apply all consumption to one project spend
  • Assign consumption to multiple project spends
  • Make a project spend selection mandatory to complete pull
  • Set spend limits on total $ or quantity of an item
  • Exceeding spend limit will stop pull and display message


Using an iPhone or scanner, users can very simply pull material by scanning the item’s barcode. Using the scanner, up to 5 separate user-defined fields can have specific information captured at the same time. eTurns can pass this critical information back to the distributor’s ERP system for inclusion in the distributor’s invoice to their customer, highlighting exactly where material was used for detailed cost accounting.

Capabilities within the Pulls Module:

  • Consume inventory with a scanner or RFID tags
  • Add up to 5 user defined fields for each transaction
  • Create requisition when user does not have authority to pull
  • “Burn off” customer-owned material before consigned material


Using eTurns with a barcode scanner, you can scan a shipping document to automatically find the correct order and receive the items into inventory. If the distributor shipped everything requested in the correct quantities, then you can click the Receive All button. If there are missing items, then use the scanner to scan individual items and enter quantities as you receive them. On the browser, incomplete receives are identified as an alert so they don’t become past due.

Capabilities within the Receiving Module:

  • Receive material by item
  • Receive material by all of or part of an order, supplier or category
  • Receive material into any location
  • Use scanner or web


eTurns offers multiple techniques to replenish storeroom inventories. First, if you want to do VMI/CMI, eTurns helps you automate replenishment by using an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch to scan barcodes of those items needing replenishment. Second, with consigned inventory, eTurns tracks consumption and consumption triggers replenishment as well as an invoice. Third, if you want to optimize your customer-owned inventories, use eTurns min/maxs. As material is consumed, our trending feature assists you in tuning the min/maxs to reduce standing inventory and eliminate stockouts. Orders are sent to the eTurns cloud and then on to appropriate distributors to fulfill. Orders may be changed up to the time that the distributor has shipped any material.

Capabilities within the Replenishing Module:

  • Make VMI/CMI ordering more productive using iPhone/iTouch/iPad/Scanner to scan bar codes
  • Using min/max, suggested orders are created automatically
  • Send orders automatically based on user-set schedule
  • Use eVMI sensors to automate inventory monitoring and replenishment
  • Receive orders through EDI/XML/flat file integration or emails
  • Allow change orders


eTurns reporting capability provides dozens of standard reports that provide visibility into any series of transactions over any period of time. In many reports, you can choose individual or selected items during a specific period time to analyze what happened. Of course, if you wish to change how a report looks, eTurns provides a tool to customize it simply.

Capabilities within the Reporting Module:

  • View dozens of standard reports
  • Choose parameters of the data to view in standard reports
  • Customize reports: add/delete columns, reorder/resize columns, subtotal $
  • Sort columns in report
  • Save the report in PDF, Excel, csv, or text
  • Email reports on a user schedule


Many times, prime contractors have sub-contractors that need to get material from the prime contractor. However, sometimes the sub-contractor does not have the authority to pull the material; he needs approval from someone. The process of capturing the material the subcontractor needs and notifying the individual who has the authority to approve it is all included in eTurns Requisition Module. When approved, pulls can occur straight from the requisition and the subcontractor receives his material.

Capabilities within the Requisition Module:

  • Create requisitions when user does not have authority to pull an item
  • Automate sub-contractor requisitioning to track consumption and facilitate billing
  • Email is sent to approver when requisition is submitted
  • Approve requisition within the email


The typical use of the eTurns Transfer Module is for service truck replenishment. Instead of replenishing directly from the supplier with purchase orders, the truck driver can request more material from a branch location. eTurns manages the stock on the truck and will create suggested transfers that can be approved by the inventory manager back at the central location. Material is pulled and set aside for the tech to pick up and receive in his truck when he next gets back to the main location.

Capabilities within the Transferring Module:

  • Pull or push material from one stockroom to another or truck
  • View transfers by status: unsubmitted, unapproved, unreceived
  • Set permissions to determine what users can view, edit, approve, or delete
  • Move material from one stockroom or truck to another

User Configurations

The User Permission Module is very powerful. Using only checkboxes, the administrative user can setup a number of roles to which to assign various users. Each user can even then have his/her individual settings differ from the role to which they were assigned. Some users should have view only capabilities because they only want reports. Other users should have edit capabilities to some transaction modules, while other users should have full access to all of eTurns’ power. The administrator has the authority to set these permissions.

Capabilities within User Configurations:

  • Search for any string of data in a grid
  • Narrow search by many categories
  • Multi-column sort
  • Show/hide any column
  • Reorder columns
  • Resize columns
  • Set permissions at the role and user levels to view, insert, edit, delete
  • Change size of font
  • Change terminology for any word/phrase across a company
  • Multiple language
  • View change log for all updates
  • Use up to 5 User Defined Fields for any transaction/item/tool/asset/order/pull

Work Orders

The primary purpose of work orders is to package together the consumption of parts, kits, and labor that are used by a contractor to install or repair something at a customer. Work orders are also used to group together items used for a phase of a project, for reporting purposes. Additionally, work orders can document what maintenance was done on an asset – such as a machine, service truck or fork lift.

Capabilities within the Work Order Module:

  • Track parts, kits and labor consumption on the job
  • Include customer information
  • Requisition material if need authority to consume it
  • Add up to 5 user defined fields for each work order
  • Use a full-page description if desired

Product Overview

User Reviews of eTurns TrackStock

Submitted on March 16th, 2020 by Ray Herzog

eTurns pays for itself within 1-2 months of each new customer installation and it allows us to stock 35% less inventory at our customers’ stockrooms because of the visibility it provides.

Submitted on March 16th, 2020 by Jeremy H.

It’s user-friendly, has easy navigation, an accessible platform, is versatile, and offers exceptional customer service. It’s been great. We now have the ability to streamline our ordering, tracking, and replenishment process.

Submitted on March 16th, 2020 by Brian Galowitz

We were using a completely manual process that led to a stockroom filled with unused supplies and lots of stuff expiring. Switching to eTurns demonstrated significant change in a short period of time. The value of our inventory on hand was north of $75,000 when we started using the system; now we have around $20,000 sitting on the shelves. The drain on my time has been significantly reduced and continues to improve.