Time and expense tracking and billing for professional services.

About Sage Timeslips

Best Suited For:

Small businesses with 1 to 50 employees

Sage Timeslips helps make our customers more profitable and efficient by providing flexible, full-featured, powerful time and expense management and billing for professional services businesses. While it is a good fit for small businesses, Sage Timeslips can scale to accommodate larger organizations as well. Sage Timeslips has features, such as automatic time capture and multiple billing arrangements that make accurate, efficient time tracking and timely client billing easier than ever before. Plus, Sage Timeslips integrates with over 20 accounting packages, including QuickBooks, so your data stays in sync.

Sage Timeslips customers can add an unlimited number of Sage Timeslips eCenter licenses, available as a monthly subscription. This gives customers the ability to get time and expense tracking capabilities from anywhere with an Internet connection, including tablets, laptops, Macs or smart phones. This is perfect for customers with a mobile or virtual workforce or with a need to add seasonal employees. Just add or adjust the licenses you need.

Sage Timeslips

Spend more time on your clients and less time managing administrative tasks.

Sage Timeslips makes it easier than ever to track and manage time and expense information, so more time is spent generating revenue instead of generating reports.

Getting started is made simple with the Sage Timeslips Setup Wizard. New users are guided through a series of steps and can begin working in Sage Timeslips in minutes. Should there be any questions, the first 30 days of support are included. Customers can sign up for a choice of ongoing support plans to ensure they have the access they need to support resources at the level they desire.

Sage Timeslips has features designed to make you more efficient, including Automatic Time Capture, which makes accurate time capture effortless, and Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL), a two-way link between Sage Timeslips and 20 accounting software packages to keep you synched. Sage Timeslips also has a range of customizable settings, including custom data fields, and multiple billing arrangements so that you work the way that works best for your business.

Key Capabilities:

Intuitive Time and Expense Tracking

Sage Timeslips makes it simple to capture all of your organization’s billable time, whether your team is in the office or out in the field. Sage Timeslips makes entering time and expenses efficient in these 4 ways:

  1. Turn time spent on client tasks and email into billable entries with a two-way integration with Microsoft Outlook
  2. Capture time effortlessly with Automatic Time Capture, which automates the recording of time in active windows of multiple applications, including Microsoft Office documents, Adobe® PDFs, web pages, and third party applications.
  3. Time and expense capture is available on the go with eCenter, a web portal for time and expense entry via tablet, laptop, Mac or smartphone.
  4. Prevent errors with customizable rate rules based on any combination of rate, task, client and timekeeper.

Customizable Bill Creation and Design

Sage Timeslips enables quick and easy entry of bill payments and management of the billing process. You get the flexibility of printing a bill for all clients or a subset of clients, for activities within a date range or for any number of custom criteria. Easily create professional looking bills with drag-and-drop customization or use one of the numerous templates. Bill details can be summarized on a bill cover page in any format you choose.

Sage Timeslips makes managing billing, balances and payments easier in these 7 ways:

  1. Offer a variety of billing arrangements, including contingency, flat fee and hourly.
  2. Directly edit bills during the billing review process.
  3. Automatically generate envelopes or labels during the billing process.
  4. Reprint copies of unpaid or partially paid bills in one step.
  5. Sage Timeslips links with 20 accounting packages, including QuickBooks and Sage 50 Accounting.
  6. Record payments, write-offs, credits, refunds and fund transfers in a single, simple interface.
  7. Allocate payments to timekeepers based on recorded contribution.


Understand and project the performance and financial well-being of your organization with Sage Timeslips reporting. Use some of the more than 100 pre-defined reports to manage staff productivity, adjust rates to ensure profitability and more. Customize a report with drag-and-drop functionality to report on information such as slips, clients, timekeepers, tasks, expenses and transactions. A customizable dashboard gives you access to key business indicators, such as slip totals, budget figures, account balances and more.

Networking Features:

  • Unique, detailed security profiles may be set for each user.
  • Control access to databases with Station Administrator.
  • The Connected Databases feature keeps multiple databases synchronized.
  • Turn off all active stopwatch timers with one mouse click.
  • Audit Trails show you the date and time of any action performed by the timekeeper that was logged into the database.

Data Import:

A built-in text import utility allows Timeslips by Sage to accept data from other applications or your old billing system. If you can produce data in a delimited text file then Timeslips by Sage will import information like client names, addresses, balances, rates, task lists, and more. Setup time is reduced dramatically when you do not have to reenter your data!

Sage Timeslips eCenter

Sage Timeslips eCenter lets you generate time and expense slips over the web so you’re always current on all your important time and billing activities–anytime and anywhere there’s an Internet connection. By linking Sage Timeslips eCenter to a desktop implementation of Sage Timeslips, you provide your remote users with web-based access to post information even as it is happening. And, for your Sage Timeslips eCenter users, you don’t have to install any additional software, so you have the option of using multiple devices–including laptops, tablets, smartphones, Macs and more.

Plus, you can customize your deployment of Sage Timeslips to suit your personal preferences. Enter new clients, tasks, and expenses on the fly. Keep track of billable time in real time with optional slip timers. And whether you need individual time slips to document rapidly changing tasks on a daily basis, or a timesheet template for a particular client’s recurring jobs, you’ll have the confidence of knowing your work is always up to date.

Sage Timeslips eCenter also lets you access client invoices and certain account information, to conduct onsite account reviews or invoice reviews as the client needs to without waiting around for someone back at the office to send anything over.

This add-on is available as a monthly subscription and you can add or adjust the number of eCenter subscriptions you have at any time by contacting your Sage Timeslips sales representative.

Sage Timeslips Electronic Billing

Sage Timeslips Electronic Billing can be added on to let you meet your client’s corporate compliance guidelines in a fast and efficient way. The Electronic Bill Delivery tool in Sage Timeslips allows you to specify an e-bill format for each of your clients, print your bills to the e-bill file format, and then send e-bills as required by your clients. With a single tool, you’ll simplify your billing process and satisfy your clients. You can generate these bills in a wide array of formats. If you have multiple corporate clients that need their invoices formatted in different ways, you can select the ones you need and save time generating the correct bills in the correct format.

Billing formats include:

  • Chubb Legalgard
  • CLASS Audit
  • Data Clearinghouse
  • Examen
  • F&D Legalgard
  • General Accounting Legalgard
  • Great American Legalgard
  • Law Audit Service (LAS)
  • LEDES 97
  • LEDES 98
  • Legal Bill Format
  • Legalgard
  • Legal Solutions Suite
  • Pro Fee Manager by Peerpoint
  • TyMetrix
  • Vik Brothers Legalgard
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$1,123 /year
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Sage Timeslips

Submitted on February 2nd, 2021 by Anonymous

The first version purchased was 8.0. Its connection with palm pilot was liked but it was error prone and caused numerous problems in the office. Have upgraded along the way. 2011 was final straw. It is more stable than previous versions but still lacks true flexibly. Every new year, I check for a competitor product to make the jump and dump TimeSlips®. After two calls to support with the original version, it was obvious that Sage does not understand the concept “support.” The product is not good enough to sell itself, so every version is quickly outdated and support stopped to force users upgrade at outrageously expensive, ever increasing pricing. The basic concept is good but corporate greed makes this software choice ugly. Cloud is a worthless option. If you put customer data on a third party server, confidentiality and privilege is destroyed. This is de facto malpractice in many (US) professions. I would not recommend any software from Sage under any circumstances (tried others). Word to wise: back-up, back-up, back-up. You’ll need it. As long as the price is unreasonable, the support non-existent, and the move away from local installation continues, our company will continue to use and maintain 2011 by any means necessary. The search for a replace is vigilant. Think twice; buy a different software.

The Good…

The concept is good, the reality lacks usability.

The Bad…

It is a fancy spreadsheet and hugely over-priced. No winOS is secure so going to the cloud is error.

Submitted on August 4th, 2020 by Keuling-Stout, P.C.

We’ve been using Sage Timeslips for years. More years than I can remember.

The Good…

I love the simplicity of this software. Even my 73y/o boss can use it without much complication.

The Bad…

It does seem outdated. I wish the billing had a more “modern look”.

Submitted on April 2nd, 2019 by Marlene

Sage’s pricing has become offensive and not cost effective. They have intentionally cut off all customer support (which is frequently needed) if you don’t pay the huge (for our multi-user installation) annual upgrade fees. Once you have been using their software, you are stuck between changing to entirely new software or paying huge fees.

The Good…


The Bad…

horrible program

Submitted on February 19th, 2019 by Anonymous

Moderately intuitive software which our attorneys use to enter their time and cost entries for legal billing and which we use to run bills and track payments.

The Good…

Time and cost entry utilizes a simple entry window; can easily run reports to show total hours billed in a period for one or more attorneys; can easily see client bills and payments.

The Bad…

While billing templates have many customizable options, they are often hard to use. Most importantly, Sage’s pricing model has become truly offensive and not cost effective. They have intentionally cut off all customer support (which is frequently needed) if you don’t pay the huge (for our multi-user installation) annual upgrade fees. Once you have been using their software, you are stuck between changing to entirely new software or paying huge fees.

Submitted on January 24th, 2019 by Anonymous

Sage Timeslips allows us to keep track of billable hours for our attorneys and paralegals. It gives us a way to email invoices to our clients and our clients can use the same invoice to pay their bills.

The Good…

I can invoice my clients through email and my clients can pay their invoice through the same email.

The Bad…

CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Sage makes you pay for technical support in advance. We paid for three technical calls for the year and when that is used up, forget about getting any help. If you call for support but you’ve used your three calls, they want to forward you to their Sales Dept to purchase more support. It’s very frustrating. This happened today. All I wanted to do was move Timeslips from one computer to another but they don’t want to help unless I “upgrade” my support help. So I’m looking for another billing service. That is how I stumbled on this review site.

Submitted on July 17th, 2018 by Anonymous

I used Sage Timeslips for two decades and I just got tired of their service department. Being on hold for two hours while you wait in line is unacceptable, or they call you back, and of course, I am back to work and can’t take their call. They just don’t have the customer service they used to have. I think they have just gotten too big to care about the solo practitioner.

The Good…


The Bad…

Service department does not care. Not all of the techs - but most of them.

Submitted on November 15th, 2016 by Anonymous

We’ve struggled with TimeSlips for a few years now and we’re done. We’ll definitely be going a different direction. The final straw was when we purchased a new computer but our activation codes would not work, so they charged us almost $300 to get the same activation codes that we had already paid for.

The Good…

Not much.

The Bad…

It’s not intuitive and difficult to get it to do what needs to be done. Their formatting for their invoices and forms is terrible. Sales and support are both terrible.

Submitted on September 12th, 2014 by Anonymous

I just upgraded to 2015 and I don’t like some of the changes. I don’t like that the in reference to is not on the first page with initial client information. I think that abbreviations should work in whatever screen you are in. I have several other issues, but those are my main complaints. I don’t like that the upgrade wiped out my G/L transfer accounts.

The Good…

I like that I can change the color scheme. I like that I can take out features that I don’t normally use to create less keystrokes.

The Bad…

Abbreviations should be functional on all screens.

Submitted on June 24th, 2014 by Anonymous

We have used Timeslips since 1999. The 2014 version is a major set backwards. It now takes at least 5 times longer to fill out a time record because of some change made in the autofill function. We used to type a few characters and the software would autofill properly. Now it does not. In addition, it no longer saves for future use the place designates to save a file. Instead, this must be selected each time. In short, the 2014 version of Timeslips has made us less efficient.

The Good…

Nothing at this point. See comment above regarding the inefficiencies that have been built into the 2014 version.

The Bad…

The changes to the autofill properties addressed above. This is a major problem with the 2014 version. I am sorry that we “upgraded.” It was really a downgrade.

Submitted on April 28th, 2014 by Anonymous

This product works well for our small business and gives us the extra features for time tracking that meet our clients’ specific needs. The support team has been helpful when we’ve had challenges and the addition of some of the new features over the last year or two have made this a more competitive product. It is pretty feature-rich in general and we don’t use everything, but we feel we’re getting a good value.

The Good…

I like the reporting, especially the profitability reporting. It is easy to see who is hitting their goals and how our business is performing overall. The Automatic Time Capture feature was a nice addition over the last year or so. I also like that this is integrated with my QuickBooks software without having to pay extra. We have been able to add eCenter licenses when we needed to provide a way for team members working outside of the office to enter time and expenses.

The Bad…

It would be nice to have a truly cloud-based version of the software. eCenter works for remote time/expense entry but it’s just a web portal. The user interface could use some updating too.