A time & billing application designed by TimeLinx Software, LLC.

About TimeLinx

TimeLinx is your complete time tracking solution for use with Sage Mas90, Sage Mas500 and QuickBooks. If you have any of the three aforementioned systems, TimeLinx will allow you to track and bill for your employee’s time. The system also features a complete sales management system, allowing your sales staff to retrieve any and all information about a customer’s account. The system also allows you to manage contracts and perform billing for time or projects.

Accounting and Finance

Can Your Service Billings Be More Efficient and Accurate?

With TimeLinx, you can:

  • Eliminate error-prone re-keying of time and expense information, needed for invoicing.
  • Automatically track and decrement deposits, retainers, and pre-pays in line with work performed.
  • Bill automatically when work milestones are reached for project deliverables.
  • Push detailed project data directly into your accounting system’s appropriate G/L accounts.
  • Review, edit and approve time and expense reports before data is synchronized with your accounting system.
  • Create new customer accounts in your accounting system utilziing the most current customer data from your CRM system.
  • Provide visibility of A/R data to certain personnel without giving access to the accounting system.
  • View invoice and payment data from within a particular project.
  • Auto-renew retainers when they hit a threshold.
  • Trigger invoices off project task and milestone completions.
  • Automatically create time and expense records in accounting from project service records.

Request a remote demo to learn more about TimeLinx’s end-to-end service management that seamlessly integrates with your accounting and ERP systems, sales quoting and CRM. We will show:

  • Project costs on an up-to-the-second basis.
  • Project-level time and expense billings and revenue capture.
  • Current payment and invoice data by project or customer.
  • Complex billing schemes by project, task, consultant, retainer, account and more.
  • Tracking employee expense reimbursements.
  • Tracking project expenses against forecasted project budgets.

Because all time and expense information is tied to your CRM within a single database, TimeLinx lets you mine your data to answer virtually any question about project financials and client accounting.

Project Management

As a project or service manager, do you ask yourself:

  • Can I guarantee that I have accounted for all project revenues and costs?
  • Am I effectivley utilizing all resources and have I optimized my workforce scheduling?
  • Am I delivering on my projects in the most effective and efficient manner?
  • Are my projects meeting their objectives, milestones and deadlines?
  • You owe it to yourself to learn more about TimeLinx software and the benefits of creating end-to-end project management within your CRM solution.

TimeLinx will eliminate duplicate data entry, automate numerous functions and give you complete visibility into:

  • What’s due.
  • What’s billable.
  • What needs to be scheduled.
  • Which employees are underutilized.
  • How long specific tasks are taking.
  • What’s behind schedule.
  • Which clients are most profitable.
  • Which staff are most/least profitable.

TimeLinx is CRM project management software that enables Professional Services organizations in virtually any industry to efficiently sell, deliver and bill for their services. Built within your CRM system and tied to your back-end fiancial and accounting software, TimeLinx improves business performance by helping you mange staff, projects and processes.

TimeLinx gives you real-time visibility into:

  • Which staff are most and least profitable.
  • Which clients are most profitable.
  • What projects and tasks are behind and on schedule.
  • Which staff are under-utilized.
  • How long specific tasks generally take to complete.
  • What work is due.
  • What work is billable.
  • What work needs to be scheduled.

Time and Billing

TimeLinx allows you to performed a detail tracking of all time worked and the corresponding tasks. TimeLinx weekly timesheet view permits time entry in a spreadsheet fashion for an entire week right down to the specific Tasks performed. All an employee needs to do to enter their time is choose and account, project and task; at which point they simply need to enter time and comments about the tasks. This information can then be used for analysis, as the system allows you to segment time according to the type of work performed. With TimeLinx you are able to view all the information you could ever need about each task, including: profitability by task, when did the task begin, who is assigned to it, how much is left to be completed, how much time has been spent, and actual vs. budget.

The system will also allow you to track and manage your projects. TimeLinx features project security controls and a workflow system that requires project managers and managers to approve tasks. Projects can be set to price and track costs based on five different pricing methods. The system will also track work performance over any date range. Further reporting tools allow you to perform utilization and realization analysis for each consultant. To safeguard against overages, the time spent on each project is continuously updated and displayed on screen. The system utilizes the TimeLight traffic signal system to display the status to completion left on each project.

TimeLinx is fully integrated with the Sage SalesLogix calendar. This allows your employees and project managers to schedule work based on availability for any number of consultants, projects, and tasks. Your employees can also enter their time and expenses directly into TimeLinx simply by completing scheduled or unscheduled Activities.

The system will then integrate with Sage Mas90/200, Mas500 and QuickBooks for billing. Meaning TimeLinx uses an Accounting Integration Platform (AIP) to pass billing and expense data for invoicing and expense reimbursement bi-directionally from TimeLinx into your accounting system.

Product Overview

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