A time & billing software for professional services organizations offering advanced project management.

Product Overview

TimeLinx is a time and billing software for professional services organizations. Its standout features include advanced project management capabilities, a reporting engine for customized reports, a mobile app for remote management, and a focus on field services and project management.


  • Integrated accounting and project management
  • Integrates with accounting, ERP, and CRM systems
  • Easily track work progress of field employees


  • Interface is not always intuitive
  • Designed mainly for small scale businesses

Target Market

Professional services organizations in consulting, IT services, engineering, architecture, and construction. It benefits those needing a project and service management solution that integrates with CRM and accounting software.

About TimeLinx

TimeLinx is a time-tracking software designed for compatibility with QuickBooks. It enables tracking and billing of employee time and includes a comprehensive sales management system for detailed customer account insights. The software also facilitates contract management and billing for time or projects.

TimeLinx Key Features

  • TimeLinx streamlines service billings by offering:
  • Automated time and expense tracking to reduce errors in invoicing.
  • Integration with accounting systems for accurate tracking of deposits, retainers, and pre-pays.
  • Milestone-based billing for project deliverables.
  • Direct synchronization of project data with accounting system’s G/L accounts.
  • Review and approval processes for time and expense reports.
  • Creation of customer accounts using current CRM data.
  • Access to A/R data for selected personnel without full accounting system access.
  • Invoice and payment data visibility within projects.
  • Automatic renewal of retainers and triggering of invoices based on project tasks and milestones.
  • Time and expense record creation in accounting from project service records.
  • Demonstration of real-time project cost tracking, billing, and complex billing schemes.

Project Management Capabilities

TimeLinx enhances project management within a CRM system by:

Ensuring all project revenues and costs are accounted for. Optimizing resource utilization and workforce scheduling. Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in project delivery. Monitoring project objectives, milestones, and deadlines. Providing visibility into task schedules, billability, and employee utilization. Identifying profitable clients and staff performance metrics.

CRM Project Management Software

TimeLinx, integrated within CRM systems, aids Professional Services organizations by:

  • Managing staff, projects, and processes efficiently.
  • Providing real-time insights into staff performance, client profitability, project schedules, and task durations.
  • Automating functions and eliminating duplicate data entry for enhanced business performance.

Time and Billing Features

TimeLinx offers detailed time tracking and task management, including:

  • Easy time entry linked to accounts, projects, and tasks.
  • Comprehensive task analysis including profitability, status, and budget comparisons.
  • Project tracking with security controls, workflow systems, and various pricing methods.
  • Real-time project status updates and performance tracking over different date ranges.
  • Utilization and realization analysis for consultants.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of TimeLinx

Submitted on September 26th, 2023 by Bwire Godfrey

Provide most Unique Service CRM AND Accounting in ONE which reduces the cost and Improve Seamless process of Devolving Business. It help to Reduce efforts and Time. Tracking and work progress of filed employees can be tracked easily and Managed very Easily.

The Good…

Timelinx software is one of the best platform which makes my time easy and for lead generating and accounts management and project management made my work easier and it’s all in one good software Cons: I don’t have anything cons on Timelinx software

The Bad…

software is like having two important helpers in one place: one for taking care of customers and another for handling money stuff. This saves you money and makes running your business easier. Plus, it helps you keep an eye on what your field workers are up to. It’s a handy tool to make your business run better.