A transportation management software that offers order management, dispatching, billing, and partner connectivity for trucking companies and logistics service providers.

Product Overview

Rose Rocket TMS is a transportation management software designed for modern trucking companies and brokerages. Key features include order input, rate generation, shipment tracking, document management, faster invoicing, and reporting.


  • Driver mobile app, customer and partner portals
  • Monitors ETA of in-transit orders live
  • Track and trace shipments


  • Costs can run high
  • Lack of carrier rate database and searchable lane histories

Target Market

Small businesses with two to ten employees and medium-sized companies with 11 to 200 employees. Suitable for the transportation, trucking, and railroad sectors.

About Rose Rocket

Rose Rocket TMS is ideal for trucking firms and brokerages, optimizing freight handling and workflows. It supports crucial freight operations like order processing, rate calculation, shipment monitoring, and speedy billing.

Its automated quoting and dispatching tools boost efficiency. The software also aligns with current trucking standards, offering real-time shipment tracking and communication via mobile apps and online portals. Rose Rocket has proven effective in diverse trucking sectors such as LTL, FTL, and reefer, streamlining business processes and elevating customer service.

Rose Rocket TMS facilitates order inputs, rate quotes, shipment tracking, document management, expedited billing, and vital metric reporting. Its powerful Network TMS automates the entire freight cycle, simplifying order entries and ensuring on-time deliveries with real-time order tracking.

Key features include advanced customer and partner portals, a mobile app for drivers, and tools for real-time reporting.


Learn more about the main features of Rose Rocket:

For Carriers

  • Quick Order Entry: Swiftly input orders with the OrderBot rate confirmation scanner.
  • Order Management: Efficiently oversee and sort all orders.
  • Driver Shift Management: Organize driver schedules using a calendar interface.
  • Driver Compensation Management: Reconcile and administer driver payments and charges.
  • Fuel Tracking & IFTA: Monitor fuel expenses and compute IFTA taxes.
  • Cross-Division Management: Operate across various asset divisions seamlessly.
  • Centralized Control Center: Strategically plan orders and driver assignments with a map overview.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor shipments and provide estimated times of arrival.
  • Order Profitability Analysis: Evaluate profitability in real-time for each order.
  • Invoicing System: Handle, merge, and distribute invoices efficiently.
  • Extensive Integration Options: Connect with top financial, compliance, and logistical software.

For Brokers

  • Efficient Order Search: Instantly locate and categorize orders.
  • Seamless Dispatching: Easily send jobs to carriers.
  • Rate Confirmation: Swiftly confirm rates and acquire digital signatures.
  • Load Board Connectivity: Post directly to load boards from the system.
  • Real-Time Updates: Receive updates automatically.
  • Customer Shipment Tracking: Offer clients real-time tracking options.
  • Historical Rate Analysis: Access past rate quotes for better decision-making.
  • Advanced Billing System: Manage and export bills with ease.
  • Direct Communication: Interact live with customers, partners, or team members.
  • Custom Commodity Records: Maintain records of common commodities for clients.
  • Diverse Integration Capabilities: Integrate with various software for enhanced functionality.

For Freight Brokers

  • Rapid Order Filtration: Quickly sift through orders with global views.
  • Direct Dispatch to Carriers: Send assignments directly to carriers.
  • Electronic Rate Confirmations: Accelerate rate confirmations and signature collection.
  • Load Board Integration: Effortlessly connect and post to load boards.
  • Partner Verification: Use SaferWatch for partner validation.
  • Customer-Focused Tracking: Provide clients with electronic tracking links.
  • Historical Quote Access: Review past quotes for informed quoting.
  • Comprehensive Invoicing: Consolidate and dispatch invoices efficiently.
  • Interactive Live-Chat: Communicate in real-time about specific orders.
  • Commodity Database: Store frequently used commodities for each client.
  • Broad Integration Options: Leverage APIs, EDIs, and other integrations for a seamless experience.
Starting Price
$250 /month
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Rose Rocket

Submitted on July 11th, 2023 by Anonymous

Of all of the programs we reviewed Rose Rocket was by far the most advanced. The interface is clean and the workflow is efficient. However their pricing structure was not something our company could get on board with. They price per load. In the end their quote was nearly double the cost of what we received from competing platforms.

Submitted on May 3rd, 2023 by Connor Smith

About a year and a half ago we shopped around and looked at multiple TMS programs and even tried implementing a different one.

As a Carrier Rose Rocket has everything we need for our complex operations. As far as software for trucking goes, Rose Rocket has a very modern aesthetic and rolls out updates every month.

The Good…

Clean polished look, regularly updated, good customer service, quick start up, easy to use.

The Bad…


Submitted on March 16th, 2023 by Yelena Chenkov

We received a handful of recommendations from Software Connect and we found that Rose Rocket was a program we really liked. It was able to meet all of our requirements as well as being easy enough to use that we felt comfortable with it.

However, for $600/month we were not able to justify the costs and make a commitment as we had other more immediate priorities to focus on.

When the market picks back up we will for sure check out Rose Rocket again!

The Good…

Able to meet all our needs in one program

Not too complicated to use

The Bad…

Was too expensive for our current budget.

Submitted on August 4th, 2021 by Albert Renaud

With their integration with google, we save time and cut cost on every order entry. The customer portal is a huge success with our customers, which provide them the ease of controlling their shipping experience; requesting rates, booking orders and viewing invoices. With Rose Rocket you feel part of a network, not just a client or a user.

Submitted on August 4th, 2021 by Shawna Wood

Rose Rocket makes my day easier. I can move around in this software with ease. Customizing any searches etc that I need. I personally recommend Rose Rocket for the overall ability and functionality for the industry.

Submitted on August 4th, 2021 by Adam Claytor

Rose Rocket offers a twenty first century software system at a more than fair price compared to its competitors. Whenever my staff has a question or concern, the customer service is immediate. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and service Rose Rocket offers.

Submitted on August 4th, 2021 by CJ Gonzalez

All of my orders are in 1 place and easy to see and find. Customer support team is excellent. Tons of positives in this product, to get through your work seamlessly.