An online owner/operator trucking software.

About Rigbooks

Rigbooks is an owner/operator trucking software that lets you choose the most profitable loads by recording cost per mile, profit per mile, and average miles traveled.

Rigbooks lets you get a better view at your bottom line by tracking your expenses, which means you no longer need to keep your receipts. Come tax time, you’ll be fully prepared to record your business expenses and determine the true cost of the loads you’ve been working.

Rigbooks is designed with truckers in mind and centers around determine your cost per mile. Generic accounting software such as QuickBooks Online will struggle to record mileage accurately, and regular spreadsheet programs such as Excel are complicated to use.

Rigbooks is backed up at all times via the cloud.

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Rigbooks Pricing

Rigbooks is available free for 30-days. The solution is $19/month thereafter.

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User Reviews of Rigbooks

Submitted on February 26th, 2021 by Kamsola

This has been by far the easiest to use TMS, I have tried 3 different solutions before going with Rigbooks, The entries for adding trips, expenses are straight forward and gives me an excellent Dashboard where I can see all the income & expenses.

The Good…

The best part is it’s really easy to add details of each trips & associate the expenses incurred with each trip.

The support has been phenomenal although it’s only e-mails Jason relies within a few hours every single time.

The Bad…

The capability to calculate and associate fuel expenses with each trip would have been an awesome feature to have (Had a word with Jason and he assures that this is a work in progress)

Submitted on January 7th, 2020 by Dale

Easy to use and works well

The Good…

Outstanding customer service!

The Bad…

I had a couple requests on how the product would be easier for me or if they could add a function. Every time, Jason would make a correction or add function at my request. No negatives for me!