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A software system designed by Manufacturing Systems Corp.


COLLECT WMS is a warehouse management solution that offers advanced inventory management including Purchase Receiving, Inventory Put-away and Tracking, License Plating, Shipment Scheduling, Advanced Pick-to-Ship, Inventory Quality Management, and includes Work-in-Process solutions for manufacturing. Our solution helps manufacturers and distributors track and optimize inventory movement and labor utilization in the warehouse and on the shop floor, provide better customer service and improve productivity.


Using mobile and/or fixed bar code data collection and/or RFID technologies COLLECT WMS provides transactions for capturing every warehouse and shop floor transaction in real-time. Primary transaction include: Purchase Receiving, Work Order Issue and Receipts, Sales Order Pick, Pack and Ship and comprehensive inventory management automation to assure inventory is managed correctly and efficiently through all stages of the warehouse.

Target Market

  • Small to medium companies ($1M to $500M).
  • Companies with 20-500+ employees
  • Industries served:
    • Serialized Products -- Medical Equipment, Electronics
    • Lot Controlled Products --Food, Pharma, Health, Metal Industry, Safety
    • Major Retailers -- Specialized Labelling, SSCC, ASN, Accuracy
    • Shipping Volumes - low volume to thousands of orders per day
    • Local Redundancy -- ERP Server in Europe, WMS local


  • Starts at $3,000 upfront per concurrent user
  • Depending on the overall user count it may be priced per user for smaller user counts (1-17 concurrent users) at a higher value per user.
  • For larger user counts (above 17 users) a set price for the WMS plus a smaller value per concurrent user.
  • No free trial available

Product Overview

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