Wine production management software from Process2Wine

About Process2Wine

Process2Wine is a cellar and wine management system that assists with managing day-to-day operations of wine production. Additionally, Process2Wine features modules for human resources, as well as reporting and compliance tracking for TTB reports and Canadian Excise reports.


Vineyard Management Functions

  • Work Order Management
  • Parcel Management and Georeferenced Map
  • Vineyard Input Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Production Cost Follow-up

Cellar Management Functions

  • Harvest and Bulk Wine Intake
  • Cellar Inventory Tracking
  • Transfer and Traceability Management
  • Oenological Input Management
  • Bottling and Bulk Wine Removal
  • Wine Batch Analysis
  • Harvest Management
  • Containers Management
  • Personalized Containers Map
  • HACCP Follow-up
  • Laboratory Analysis Files Import


Plan Price
Start Vineyard $60/month
Start Cellar $60/month
Start Full (Vineyard + Cellar) $90/month
Premium Vineyard $125/month
Premium Cellar $125/month
Premium Full (Vineyard + Cellar ) $200/month/user

Additional charges may apply for training. An optional GPS tracking module is available starting at $65/month.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Process2Wine

Submitted on October 2nd, 2020 by a Process2Wine user from Domaine Laurent Habrard

I am a winegrower on 15 ha of vines and vinify around 600 hl. I wanted to please myself and improve my traceability in the cellar by joining process2wine. The only solution that I had found intended for small structures. Cost: 50 ¬ / month (discount applied because membership for 5 years). In 2018, during my first vinifications, I was unable to use the application. I found him not very intuitive. I often found myself stuck. I did not understand the logic of the recordings despite the support of the hotline. The latter advised me to wait for the next vinifications to try again. 2019, same story. I am advised to wait another year (while continuing to pay 50¬ per month). 2020, Emma, ??an apprentice, is responsible for using the application. I didn’t tell him anything about my history with the tool. She thinks I just bought it. Very quickly she tells me that she cannot understand how it works. Unable to modify some data. Ergonomics difficult to define. Suddenly, after two years without using the software, Process2Wine allows me to terminate my 5-year contract at a cost of just under 300 ¬. In summary, very disappointed with the application. I think that a much more intuitive solution could be offered to “little” winegrowers like me. Pity. I took back my little files which work, moreover, very well

** The good: ** Application cheaper than the others.

** The bad: ** Application not intuitive and difficult to use

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Val Tait from Bench 1775 Winery

We have found Process2Wine to be an excellent modern software that is ideal for quality or premium vineyard and wine production. The software is detail oriented, intuitive to follow and the team at Process2Wine have been very helpful in training our team and helping us with implementing the software. The use of Process2Wine has helped us to control costs, to establish traceability of products used and to track our operations in detail. Overall we are very pleased with Process2Wine and the company behind it. I wouldn’t operate our cellar without it now.

Submitted on June 17th, 2019 by Gabriel Reis from Painted Rock Estate Winery Ltd.

Proccess2wine has been a great software platform to use and has helped us modernize the way we collect information in our vineyard and winery. Having all our information in the software has greatly improved our traceability as well as keep track of all our processes from vine to wine. The team at P2W has been very easy to work with and are quick to fix any problems that might occur.