Financial Cents

Accounting practice management software built to help you scale your firm.

About Financial Cents

Financial Cents is an easy to use accounting practice management solution that helps accountants, bookkeepers, and CPA’s scale their firm. Collaborate with your staff, track the status client work, store all your client information in one place, and hit your accounting deadlines.

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Financial Cents Features

  • Task management
  • Workflow automation
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Email integration
  • Automated client requests
  • Client management
  • Document management
  • Capacity management
  • Reporting

Accounting Workflow Software Features

  • Dependencies: Automatically have your staff notified when their work is ready to begin
  • Workflow Filters: Get visibility by filtering your view to see work for by specific client, employee, or tag
  • Document Storage: Share files and store documents on work so your team has everything they need
  • Recurring Projects: Set work that done on a regular basis to recur to save you time and prevent human error
  • Turn Emails to Projects: Track ad hoc client request in Financial Cents by turning emails into projects
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate on work with your staff and keep everyone in the loop with real-time notifications
  • Workflow Templates: Streamline your process with the best practice workflow templates or create your own
  • Subtasks: Create step by step instructions so your current and new employees can get the job done

Time Tracking Features

  • Start/Stop timer: Easily rack time in the background with our automated timer
  • Reporting: Run reports to gain insights into profitability and where your firm is spending it’s time
  • Manual entries: Don’t like the timer? You can also manually log time on for work and clients
  • Time budgets: Set time estimates for client work and identify when you are running over budget
  • Invoicing: Seamlessly integrate with your apps to invoice your clients in seconds
  • Billable rates: Set billable rates for clients work to see how much you are owed and create invoices
  • Billable vs non billable: Track both billable and non billable time to identify time waste
  • Effective hourly rate: See how much you are actually making on an hourly basis for each individual basis

Accounting CRM Features

  • Document storage: Share files and store documents on work so your team has everything they need
  • Activity timeline: A timeline of all your staff’s interactions with a client to keep a pulse on the relationship
  • Client information: Store client emails, phone #'s, and address for your team to access
  • Client groups: Group you clients into custom categories to quickly find certain client types
  • Client vault: Securely store all your client passwords for your team to easily access
  • Data collection: Automate your client data collection process with client tasks and auto-reminders

Client Tasks Features

  • Client tasks: Create a client task to request information, documents, or action
  • Auto follow-UPS: Schedule auto-reminder that will follow up with your client until they complete the task
  • Bank level security: We encrypt all documents and communication between you and your clients
  • Client friendly: No login required so your clients can start using financial cents at the click of a button

Financial Cents Pricing

The cost of Financial Cents starts at $23/user/month. There is a free trial availble. There is no free version available.

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