A cloud-based accounting practice management software.

About Practice CS

Thomson Reuters Practice CS is an accounting practice management software that saves time on searching for information and duplicating work. The solution is used by many accounting firms and can handle far more than simple time and billing. This includes staff onboarding, client invoicing, and profitability analyzing.

Integrate Practice CS with these products and services to streamline your workflow:

  • Efficiently manage projects
  • Easily assign tasks and deadlines
  • Access effort-saving technology
  • Easily share client documents and data
  • Logically store and access all client interactions

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Practice CS Features

  • Firm/client/staff information
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Electronic invoices
  • Time and billing
  • Reporting

Practice CS and the Cloud

Practice CS hosted solutions offer remote software access, relieving you of IT burdens and providing industry standard security for you and your clients’ data:

  • Virtual Office CS: Get anytime, anywhere online access to CS Professional Suite and select Microsoft® products in the cloud.
  • SaaS for CS Professional Suite: Lease online versions of the entire award-winning CS Professional Suite, plus Microsoft® Office and Exchange.

Additional Modules

PRactice CS has additional modules to help you monitor every detail of your firm’s projects. For example, the accounting project management module lets you:

  • Display staff projects and tasks: A customizable dashboard keeps staff focused and ensures timely delivery to clients.
  • Monitor staff availability: A quick glance ensures the right people are working on the right projects.
  • Monitor staff performance: Maintain a close watch on operational efficiencies to ensure peak productivity.

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User Reviews of Practice CS

Submitted on April 8th, 2021 by Anonymous

Overdesigned and cumbersome. No real practical design for firm of less than 50 persons. No one has asked a firm what is needed to ensure information is properly provided. Need a full time administrator to keep program working and to use in an approrpiate and professional manner. No way to check or review notes applied to time and billing once time is applied to billing. Notes are important so that adjustments and improvements can be made year to year. If you have less than 50 staff AVOID!

The Good…

Nothing really. Overdesigned and cumbersome

The Bad…

Overdesigned and Cumbersome

Submitted on February 10th, 2021 by Sheryl Messner

I was originally introduced to Practice CS while at a previous CPA firm, and was familiar with its operation and capabilities.

Using the status reports feature we are now given automatic reminders for follow-ups and check-ups that have improved revenue and overall customer service. The 941 payroll payment reminders were especially useful as they may otherwise have possibly been missed.

Choosing Practice CS for my firm was the right decision to make. If anything, I’m disappointed I waited those six to eight months because of concerns over the price. My hesitation wasn’t worth the potential revenue I now know I lost in that time. Practice CS paid for itself within two months, and it’s still going strong.