A full accounting software system designed by BQE Software for startups and small organizations.

About BillQuick

Flexible, Award-Winning Billing–Choose from 150+ invoice templates that organize your information beautifully. Automate bills to go out on the schedule of your choice to keep cash flow coming in smoothly.

  • “The Select Items in reports will save me the cost of BillQuick each month. It is mind boggling when you custom Autocomplete and process 20+ invoices at once, in a few seconds.” Mike Block, Block Tax

  • “Using BillQuick has significantly reduced the time required to do our billing; what used to take me 10 hours, now only takes me 6 minutes.” Darla Metheny, Williams Co.

Notable Ease of Use–An intuitive user interface helps you navigate the software and complete tasks quickly.

  • “BillQuick’s user interface is excellent, with easy-to-read fields, right-click capabilities and explanatory descriptions. It offers a wide breadth of customized functions in an intuitive, easy-to use package.” (Susan Barnett, CPA Magazine

Increased Profitability – Prevent billable time from slipping through the cracks and confidently bill for more hours.

  • “You’ll definitely make more money with BillQuick. Charging for your labor has never been easier than with this powerhouse that shows your projects, clients, rates and expenses. A click here and a click there creates the perfect record of your efforts.” Ed Rasimus, ZDNet Reviewer

  • “I recommend anybody who is considering a more expensive, complicated system to take a look at this software before you think you need to spend thousands to get the tools you need to track and bill within the professional services industry.” Judy Ashley, Olson Lewis Dioli & Doktor

  • “I would have to say that of all of the software that we use in the daily operation of our business, the purchase and use of BillQuick has had the most dramatic effect on our bottom line. Highly recommended!” Al Truss, Fountainhead Group Consulting Ltd.

Simplified Reporting – Choose from 100s of reports for clear metrics on your firm’s performance.

  • “We are blown away by not just the quantity but also the quality of reports and invoices that are pre-loaded into this system. With so many templates to choose from, we always find what we are looking for.” Nelson Filmore, Arc Group Inc.

Centralized Information – The Collection Center houses everything you need to help your collection efforts in one place. The Dashboard keeps you informed about key metrics at a glance.

  • “The Report Center is a perfect example of how smart programming can make difficult tasks easy.” Rakesh Sharma, GetApp

Intelligent Accounting– Tracking A/R, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation and more are a breeze with BillQuick Plus Accounting. “5 Stars” CPA Practice Advisor

Recent Honors:

  • Best New Business-to-Business Product (Gold, Stevie American Business Awards)
  • Awesome Application Award, (The Sleeter Group)
  • Technology Innovation Award (Tax and Accounting, CPA Practice Advisor)
  • 2013 Gold Excellence Award (Billing and Invoice Software, TopTenReviews)
  • 2013 Reader’s Choice Award–Time and Invoicing Software (CPA Practice Advisor)
  • Gold Developer Application (Intuit Marketplace)
  • 2013 Bronze Excellence Award (Time Tracking Software, TopTenReviews)
  • Best of Breed, Billing and Invoicing category (GetApp)

Accounts Payable

BillQuick includes the ability to track and pay all your vendor bills, write and print checks for those bills, maintain your bank account balance with a check register, record bank deposits, transfer funds between bank accounts, etc.


BillQuick provides the ability to bill clients and track the invoice payments. You’ll find very flexible billing capabilities including: automatic billing, progress billing, ability to create invoices in either batch or manual mode, retainer invoices, recurring invoices, percent completion invoices, fixed invoices, hourly invoices, hourly “not to exceed” invoices, etc.

Billing, Accounts Receivable and Payments

BillQuick provides the ability to bill clients and track the invoice payments. You’ll find very flexible billing capabilities including: automatic billing, progress billing, ability to create invoices in either batch or manual mode, retainer invoices, recurring invoices, percent completion invoices, fixed invoices, hourly invoices, hourly “not to exceed” invoices, etc.

General Ledger

Included in BillQuick you’ll find the ability to create a chart of accounts for income, expense, assets, liability and credit card accounts, record General Journal entries, print detailed profit and loss reports. In addition, included are 400 report templates with the ability for you to design custom reports as needed. Also included is a company “Dashboard” to keep on top of key performance indicators for your business.


BillQuick includes the ability to track your projects so to be sure that they are profitable. With this product you can create project budgets and assign expenses, payroll, etc to individual projects. Then as needed you can run reports to determine the financial status of all your projects.

Time and Expense

The BillQuick product includes the ability to create time and expense entries, track overtime, compensation time, sick time, vacation and holidays. With each entry you can record unlimited notes about the entry.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of BillQuick

Submitted on January 23rd, 2014 by Anonymous

An integrated system that allows for bookkeeping along with project management. BillQuick back ends into Quickbooks for full accounting features. Employees enter their time, supplier bills are entered and invoices are created with full costs of a project available easily in the same system.

The Good…

Allows for project management as well as project profitability. Ease of use.

The Bad…

Some issues getting the taxes to work right for our purposes. I spent a lot of time using Crystal Reports to customize the reports we use.

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

We use BillQuick (BQE) to keep track of time on projects (as we are an engineering firm), bill, receive payments and generate financial statements. This program allows billing of time in many ways - phased fixed fee, fixed fee, hourly, etc. and through email as well. The program has several reports for job cost/billing/WIP/profitablity, etc.

Although BQE has the capability of integrating with other accounting software, I did not want to have to keep track of 2 different programs, so we purchased their version with the accounting feature (2012). The usual reports-Balance Sheet, Income Statement are more than sufficient and meet our needs. They are still tweaking some features/reports in this area but this program allows almost anything to be exported to excel so you can modify whatever you need. The can also create a report for you for a fee.

Since we run our payroll through an outside party, I don’t require this feature, which in my opinion, would greatly increase the cost of the program.

I would highly recommend utilizing the trial feature that BQE offers to get a better idea of the features and reports.

I find this program an excellent tool for businesses that are too small for software that exceeds $10,000 and too large for Quickbooks and/or Peachtree that require extensive time recordkeeping.

The Good…

I have cut down on my billing time from days to hours. The fact that I can email invoices has saved me lots of time. One option is to automatically send an email to clients as soon as a payment is posted. This has been a plus as clients appreciate acknowledgement and thanks. I love the fact you can generate pre-billing reports and email to project managers and they can respond “yes/no” to bill and whether to mark up or down on an invoice before finalizing.

The Bad…

The general ledger has a “write up/down adjustment” feature that is built in, but doesn’t hit a specific account. This was an issue when I first purchased it, but since then I haven’t had it show up. I did mention to the support team that this needs tweaking. There should never be a debit without an offsetting credit anywhere. It is my understanding this is being worked on. They also are working on (one of my wishlist items) - Statement of Cash Flows.

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Anonymous

I think the product has a lot of functionality. It does not have an intuitive user interface.

The Good…


The Bad…

Not sure how to use the functionality—the interface is not intuitive

Submitted on December 16th, 2013 by Phil

Project Financial Management software, with invoicing capability.

The Good…

It allows us to financially manage our engineering services, invoice our clients and develop financial reports.

The Bad…

We paid to have the software firm set us up, which later required considerable adjustment. We pay for the VIP call in service because it is not a simple system to set-up or operate, but the final results are good.

Submitted on December 11th, 2013 by Tom

It not only keeps track of time and expenses but also breaks that down to phase of project and individual doing the work. I am still learning the software but what I am using is very impressive. generation of invoices and reports is simple an thorough. I would recommend this software for anyone that performs constantly varying, phased type of service.

The Good…

It is very well thought out and it is obvious that it was developed by someone that had worked on projects of the type I do.

The Bad…

There is a lot I do not yet understand though that is a result of my busy schedule and not the software.