General Accounting

A web-based software system designed by Municipal Software for government & public administration companies.

About General Accounting

MSI offers a wide range of sophisticated software applications to assist in the automation of virtually every department All products are designed to be operated by non-technical personnel in a municipal setting. Each application is menu driven and user definable. This allows the software to conform to the USER’s needs rather than the user having to conform to the SOFTWARE’s requirements. By applying an ýopený design, the need for costly custom programming is virtually eliminated. All software is programmed to run on a variety of operating systems, allowing the user complete flexibility when purchasing new hardware. MSI applications will operate in the Windows environment, and each can be linked to an ODBC compliant database. Popular versions of UNIX, along with Novell and WindowsNT networks are our most common hardware platform.

Accounts Payable

The MSI-ACCOUNTS PAYABLE SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed with the municipal office worker in mind. A complete accounting of invoices, as well as on-line invoice inquiry, eliminates the frustration of lost invoices. In addition, it allows for computer generated checks and manual check entry. It has an ýopený design with user definable codes which combine to make it the most sophisticated and flexible accounts payable system on the market.

Features of the MSI-Accounts Payable System Include:

  • Complete invoice entry with up to 99 items per invoice
  • Unlimited allocation of expenses to General Ledger accounts
  • Creation of vendor maintenance file dumping invoice entry
  • User defined terms and invoice status codes
  • Check printing with A/P check register
  • Single check printing for multiple invoices per vendor
  • Automatic posting to MSI-General Ledger with distribution journal
  • ýManualý interim check processing
  • Check reconciliation
  • Check voiding with automatic general ledger reversing entries
  • Complete on-line vendor and invoice inquiry
  • Current and historic vendor information
  • Cash requirements report printing
  • Detail and summary board report printing
  • Alphabetical or numeric vendor listings
  • Supports full 1099 reporting
  • Annual Treasurer’s Report with user defined limits
  • Logical audit trails
  • Ability to assign up to 3 category codes per vendor
  • Retains complete invoice history

Accounts Receivable

The MSI-ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed to assist the user with miscellaneous billings and receivables. It allows the user to generate invoices for customers and refer to the data entered in the system. Not only is time saved during the actual billing, the system also provides detailed reports of outstanding receivables. This increases control on the collection of receivables by providing current data on past-due accounts.

Features of the MSI-Accounts Receivable System Include:

  • Flexible creation and maintenance of invoices
  • Invoice printing with user defined headings and messages
  • Credit memo creation and application
  • All code maintenance is user defined
  • Cash receipts entry with control totals
  • Invoice inquiry by invoice number, customer number or name (partial or full)
  • Variable methods of invoice deletion
  • Complete open accounts receivable reporting
  • Late notice printing for past-due accounts
  • Billing activity reporting for any time frame
  • Alphabetical or numeric customer listing
  • Ability to assign up to 5 category codes to a customer for account definition
  • Separate Bill-to and Ship-to addresses
  • Invoice items with up to 3 applicable tax codes
  • Interfaces with MSI-General Ledger and MSI-Cash Register Systems
  • Automatic generation of repetitive invoices
  • Bar code support
  • History is limited only by available disk space
  • System wide table maintenance on the ýflyý

Budget Planning

The MSI-BUDGET PLANNING SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. provides the user with an efficient means of preparing the fiscal budget. Historical account information from the MSI-General Ledger is maintained in the system. This allows the administrator to prepare ýwhat if’ scenarios which do not affect the current operation of the MSI-General Ledger. Worksheets give department heads the comparative data needed to make responsible budget requests. This means improved speed and accuracy with budget preparation, as compared to a similar manual system.

Features of the MSI-Budget Planning System Include:

  • Budget work file created from current general ledger
  • Line items can be grouped by budget types
  • Standard profiling method supported
  • Automatic recalculation of worksheets
  • Loads budget data into MSI-General Ledger for comparative reporting
  • Comparative Budget Worksheet printing
  • Revised Budget printing
  • Final Budget printing
  • Interfaces with MS1 accounting modules

Building Permits & Inspections

The MSI-BUILDING PERMITS SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed to assist local building departments in collecting permit fees and scheduling periodic inspections of projects in progress. This system will indicate when contractor insurance policies and bond policies have expired, by flashing the expiration date when assigning such contractor to perform work on a permit. The scheduling of inspections is made easy with the printing of work tickets for upcoming inspections. Entering inspection completion dates allows for progress reports on all ýopený permits issued.

Features of the MSI-Building Permits System Include:

  • Pro-forma contractor group codes, fee codes, and inspection codes
  • Default of next available alphanumeric permit number and contractor number
  • Tracking of permits by improvement code
  • Automatic notification of expired contractor’s insurance and bond certificates
  • User maintainable permit fee tables, permit type codes, contractor tables, and inspection codes
  • Inspection scheduling by inspection date and time and inspector
  • Contractor entry available during permit entry
  • Permits linked to a parcel file of city addresses
  • Printing of contractor’s license and building permit
  • Full permit and inspections inquiry and reporting
  • Contractor maintenance with user defined category codes
  • Cash receipts entry with distribution to MSI-General Ledger
  • Interface availability with MSI-Cash Register
  • Up to 30 contractors and 30 fee codes per permit
  • History limited only to available disk space
  • System wide table maintenance at entry screens

Cash Register

The MSI-CASH REGISTER SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed to assist the user with billing and receivables. It allows the user to input cash receipts for multiple systems. These receipts are then electronically posted to the each of the MSI subsystems. A Cash Receipts Edit Report allows for accurate balancing of the front end cash receipts activity.

Features of the MSI-Cash Register System Include:

  • User Definable Receipt Codes
  • Stub Validation
  • Roll Tape Receipt Printing (Multiple Part)
  • Multiple Cash Drawer Operation
  • Accurate Cash Tracking
  • Customer account number validation
  • On-line receipt inquiry
  • Interfaces with all related MSI systems for on-line validation of customer account numbers
  • Cash Receipts Edit Report
  • System wide table maintenance at entry screens
  • History is limited only by available disk space
  • Bar code and bar code scanning options

Fixed Assets

The MSI-FIXED ASSETS SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. provides the user with a single source of current data on any asset in the municipality. This allows for improved asset management by municipal administrators. In addition to depreciation and location data for each asset, the system accounts for all maintenance and repair costs. The user can then identify those assets which are inefficient to operate. Insurance coverage documentation provides quick access to policy data during emergencies.

Features of the MSI-Fixed Assets System Include:

  • Flexible asset ID number length
  • Asset classification by fund and department
  • Assets grouped by type and class
  • Up to three funding sources per asset
  • Manufacturer information, including serial number
  • Insurance policy information
  • Asset inquiry including depreciation and book value
  • Complete asset disposal and recovery documentation
  • Multiple asset retirement by fiscal year
  • Unlimited retired asset history
  • Repair and maintenance entry by detailed work ticket
  • Complete repair and maintenance inquiry
  • Printing of asset ID tags
  • Prints Asset Listing by location

General Ledger

The MSI-GENERAL LEDGER SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed in accordance with GAAFR reporting requirements. It provides the financial officer with concise and meaningful information allowing for better administration and control of municipal finances. Flexible account numbers conform to the user’s present system rather than forcing the adoption of a fixed length number. Professionally designed financial reports eliminate the cost of auditor generated monthly statements. A complete audit trail provides confidence of data integrity.

Features of the MSI-General Ledger System Include:

  • Supports multiple funds, departments, classes, sub-classes, and accounting codes up to thirteen characters
  • Period ý13 ýfor adjusting entries
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Flexible, user defined account numbers and report breaks Unlimited, double entry journal entries
  • Fund based accounting in accordance with GAAFR
  • Automatic posting to individual accounts
  • Retains complete journal entry and cash receipt history
  • Detailed cash receipt entry
  • Complete account and journal inquiry
  • Revenue/Expense Reports compared to budget with variance percentages
  • Ledger Activity Report for user-selected groups of accounts
  • Standard Balance Sheet and Revenue and Expense printing
  • Month-to-Date and Year-to-Date Trial Balance printing
  • Selected account activity printing
  • Processing allowed in new fiscal year without closing prior Fiscal year
  • Logical audit trails
  • Complete history limited only by disk space
  • Recurring journal entry option
  • Encumbrance accounting supported
  • History limited only by available disk space

Human Resources

Features Include:

  • Integration with MSI Payroll
  • Review of Insurance Manager & Education/Training Manager
  • Tracking of Job/Wage History
  • Calculation of Universal Pay Increase
  • Set-up of Date Reminders

Job Costing

The MSI-JOB COSTING SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. allows department heads to determine the projects and job responsibilities that staff members spend time completing. It can function as a stand alone software module or be interfaced with the MSI-Payroll application to eliminate re-keying of time cards. The system also allows for the tracking of costs associated with certain capital improvement projects.

Features of the MSI-Job Costing System Include:

  • User defined creation of task codes, location codes, and equipment codes
  • Interfaces with MSI-Payroll system
  • Comparison of actual amount spent to budgeted amount
  • User defined alphanumeric project number creation
  • Task maintenance tracking by labor, equipment, and related costs
  • Miscellaneous charge-outs
  • Reporting available by project, a single or range of date(s) task codes, location codes, labor type codes, and equipment codes
  • History is limited only by available disk space

Parking Tickets

The MSI-PARKING TICKETS SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed to assist local police departments with the issuance and subsequent collection of parking tickets. It can function as a stand alone software module or be interfaced with the MSI-Cash Register. User defined penalty amounts can be applied to past due balances.

Features of the MSI-Parking Tickets System Include:

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd notice processing of unpaid parking tickets
  • User maintainable fee tables, violation location, and issuing officer badge number
  • On-line inquiry by ticket number, plate number, name, address, and ticket disposition
  • Tracks parking tickets forwarded to traffic court
  • Tracks parking tickets sent to collections and fees associated with subsequent collection
  • Tracks parking tickets by officer’s STAR number
  • Creation of violation codes, location codes, officer codes at entry screen
  • Cash receipts entry and listing
  • On-line inquiry shows total outstanding due by ticket holder
  • Open Balance Report
  • Parking Ticket Detail Report
  • User maintainable penalty calculation by number of days late
  • Statistical reporting by location and ticket status
  • History limited only by available disk space
  • System wide table maintenance at entry screens
  • Unauthorized deletion of unpaid parking tickets report
  • Interfaces with MSI-General Ledger, MSI-Cash Register, and MSI-Vehicle Licensing systems
  • Radix hand held parking ticket interface - optional


The MSI-PAYROLL SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed to cover all facets of the municipal payroll process. It can function as a stand-alone module or be interfaced with the MSI-General Ledger. Payroll generation is straightforward and produces a logical audit trail, as well as all necessary government reports. Labor costs can be automatically distributed to up to ten account numbers. Flexible pension definition supports IMRF and other municipal pension programs.

Features of the MSI-Payroll System Include:

  • Retains MTD QTD, and YTD data on all employees
  • Employee master files with relevant personnel information
  • Supports various municipal pensions, including IMRF
  • Provides for EEOC reporting
  • Automatic payroll tax calculations
  • Accrual disbursement and reporting of benefit hours (vacation, sick, etc.)
  • Up to 99 voluntary deductions per employee
  • Up to ten automatic labor distributions per employee
  • Labor distribution interfaced with MSI-General Ledger
  • Payroll Distribution Journal printing
  • Payroll Check Register printing
  • State unemployment report with magnetic media option
  • State pension reporting with magnetic media option
  • Form 941 printing
  • Automatic liability check printing
  • Override of all deductions during pay cycle
  • Logical audit trails
  • History is limited only by available disk space
  • Optional direct deposit support

Purchase Orders

The MSI-PURCHASE ORDERS SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed with a flexible system configuration to accommodate both encumbrance and non-encumbrance users. Departmental requisitions with centralized approval combine to offer a logical data flow and audit trail. The interface with MSI-Accounts Payable significantly lowers data redundancy by reducing the need for duplicate invoice entry. Automatic encumbrance liquidation and shared vendor file provide for a truly integrated purchasing environment.

Features of the MSI-Purchase Orders System Include:

  • Entry of purchase requisitions
  • On-line Purchase Order Maintenance
  • Fully Encumbered Purchase Orders with automatic liquidation
  • Processes blanket Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Printing
  • Open Purchase Order Report
  • Open Requisition Report
  • Open Purchase Orders Aging Report
  • Purchase Order Variance Report
  • Blanket Purchase Order Report
  • Purchase Order Inquiry
  • Interfaces with MSI-Accounts Payable and MSI-General Ledger systems
  • Automatic warning when an account’s expense is nearing budget
  • History is limited only by available disk space

Utility Billing

The MSI-UTILITY BILLING SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was designed with the help of various utility professionals from communities with populations as large as 100,000. This insight has helped to produce a system that can support a broad range of utility billing situations, This system can help to maximize revenues often overlooked in manual and other computerized systems.

Features of the MSI-Utility Billing System Include:

  • User defined account information, messages, and codes
  • UP to five billable services, three metered and two non-metered
  • Allows for bill-to, owner, and service address data
  • Lien identifier and counter
  • Single, compound, and deducting meters supported
  • Billing cycle, route number within cycle, and read sequence within route
  • Multiple billing rate schedules per service
  • Automatic reading entry in route/read sequence
  • Estimates readings in both entire and partial cycles
  • Multiple meter exchanges between billing periods
  • Single-invoice group billing of multiple accounts
  • Additional billing copies by account
  • Previous residents supported for account termination
  • Prorating of final and new account billing amounts
  • Complete cash posting and adjustments entry
  • Posting of penalty and interest fees
  • Accounts receivable aging reports
  • Billing register printing
  • Label and meter reading card printing
  • On-line account inquiry by number, name, or address
  • On-line inquiry for billings, payments, adjustments, usage & financial activity
  • Bar-code bill printing available
  • Hand-held meter reading interfaces are available for most major interrogators
  • History limited only by available disk space
  • Telephone reads supported
  • Automatic debit payments supported - optional

Work Orders

The MSI-WORK ORDERS SYSTEM developed by Municipal Software, Inc. was developed to assist departments in the scheduling, completion, and follow-up of work requests. These requests may be generated internally or by a resident request.

Features of the MSI-Work Orders System Include:

  • Offers service request and work order processing
  • User defined work codes, source codes, location codes, status codes, and priority codes
  • Customer processing by customer number, name, and address
  • Automatic generation of next available request number
  • Requested by information tracked by name and address
  • Interfaces with MSI-Utility Billing system
  • Notification upon completion field
  • Supports comments by request number
  • Supports the printing of work orders
  • Inquiry by service request, work order, work order schedule, and work order follow-up
  • Recurring work requests supported
  • Reporting by service request and work order scheduling
  • Deletion of closed service requests and work orders
  • History is limited only by available disk space

Product Overview

Industry Focus

General Accounting is designed primarily for use in the government industry.

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