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SoftLedger is your system of record for all things financial, across your entire organization. By utilizing the latest cloud technology, they provide a flexible financial management solution that includes best in class functionality for your general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, employee expenses, fixed assets, reporting, and more.

SoftLedger is built to grow with your business. Their modular system allows you to upgrade the pieces you need, when you need them.

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Automate Your Processes

Is your team using too many spreadsheets? You’re not alone. SoftLedger helps you streamline these processes into repeatable, controlled workflows.

Enable Strategic Decision-Making

Making informed strategic decisions requires quality financial data. Enable your organization to move forward by providing consistent, accurate, and actionable reporting.

Manage Your Global Organization

A global organization needs a global financial management solution. SoftLedger allows your organization to scale, wherever in the world that may take you.

Accounts Payable

Control your costs with SoftLedger’s accounts payable automation and approval workflows.

Make Your Accounts Payable Process Work for You:

Tracking vendor bills at a detailed level may not be as important when you’re small, but ultimately that information will be invaluable as your organization grows. Get insight into how your expenses match up to the budget for each department so you can effectively managing expenses and maintain accurate financial projections. If you invest early there’s no reason you can’t establish a world-class accounts payable function.

Accounts Receivable

Collect quicker with recurring and usage-based billing automation.

Collect Quicker

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organization. There are few things that are more important to your business’s daily operations than the timely collection of customer receivables. However, many organizations take their foot off the gas once they close a deal. This should be the first step in the accounts receivable setup process, immediately followed by issuing any invoices due upon execution and ensuring the invoicing and collections follow-up schedule is set up going forward.

Automate Your Billings and Collections

Any delay between the deal closing and related invoicing reduces your Days Sales Outstanding and therefore negatively impacts your cash flow. With SoftLedger’s accounts receivable functionality, this process can begin right away and will be automated going forward.

Cash Management

Control your cash flow with automated bank feeds and cash reconciliations.

It All Comes Down to Cash

At the end of the day, cash is what keeps your company operating. It is critical to have a system for effectively managing your company’s cashflow. With detailed information about where your cash is going on a timely basis, you have the ability to make decisions that can have a real impact on your financial performance.

Make Decisions That Impact Cashflow

It’s easy to wait until the end of the month and see where your cash went, but you can’t go back in time. You need actionable data to decide what to do next. With SoftLedger’s direct connection to over 9,000 banks worldwide, you’ll have the information you need to proactively manage your cashflow.

Financial Reporting

Enable your organization to move forward by providing consistent, accurate, and actionable reporting.

Empower Your Organization

It’s important to develop best practices for how locations, cost centers, products, and any other relevant dimensions will be handled as your organization grows. With SoftLedger, your financial reporting is driven directly from your financial system of record. Empower your organization to make the right decisions with their real-time, flexible reporting.

General Ledger

SoftLedger is your system of record for all things financial, across your entire organization.

Structure Your Financial Data in a Meaningful Way

Developing a world-class accounting function starts with your general ledger accounting system. As your accounting system of record, every transaction that has any financial impact ultimately ends up as an entry on your general ledger. SoftLedger was built to have enough dimensions to give you the flexibility to keep up with your growing organization, no matter how complex your operations become.

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Submitted on April 30th, 2020 by Barnabas Debreczeni from MrCoin

Finally someone thought of the ever growing market of crypto companies! SoftLedger created an outstanding product that can easily handle really complex multi currency crypto transactions without breaking a sweat. Ben and his team always had fast response times and added many features that we needed - sometimes overnight!