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Product Overview

Spire is an integrated accounting and business management software designed for small to mid-sized businesses. It offers robust features for automating accounting processes, optimizing inventory levels, and boosting sales productivity through a streamlined quote-to-order process. The software provides real-time financial data tracking and reporting, helping businesses gain visibility and control over their operations.


  • Readily available user training
  • Optimized accounting and inventory


  • Limited US tax support
  • Limited costing reports

Target Market

Small to mid-sized businesses that have outgrown entry-level solutions. It’s particularly beneficial for those needing strong inventory control, sales management, and accounting features.

Not Recommended For

Larger enterprises or businesses requiring advanced customization and integration capabilities may find Spire limiting. Its features and scalability might not fully support the complex operational needs and high-volume transactions typical in larger organizations.

About Spire


  • Profitability: Data-driven decision-making for growth and cost reduction.
  • Customer Demand: Optimizes inventory for reliable delivery and customer trust.
  • Efficiency: Automates and streamlines processes, reducing manual workflow.
  • Account Reconciliation: Accurate bank transaction monitoring and reconciliation. -** Accounts Payable:** Efficient vendor management and payables process optimization.
  • Accounts Receivable: Automates invoicing and payment collection, minimizing overdue credit.
  • Bill of Materials: Control over finished product specifications and components.
  • Communications: Organized notes, alerts, and task management.
  • Customers: Comprehensive customer information management.
  • General Ledger: Real-time financial data for informed decision-making.
  • Inventory: Detailed inventory management with real-time information.
  • Job Costing: Tracks income, expenses, and material costs for projects.
  • Multi-Currency: Handles multiple currencies and exchange rates.
  • Point of Sale: Manages sales transactions with quick processing.
  • Price Matrix: Custom pricing variations based on specific criteria.
  • Purchase History: Insightful information on past purchase orders.
  • Purchase Orders: Comprehensive management of the purchasing process.
  • Requisitions: Automates requisition entry and approval process.
  • Sales History: Detailed view and reports on past sales.
  • Sales Orders: Flexible control over the order entry process.
  • Vendors: Complete vendor information management.
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Spire

Submitted on September 4th, 2020 by Anonymous

An accounting software that is marketed to current or previous users of Sage Business Vision or Essentials for Business Vision. generally speaking, it is easy to use. Each user can customize their views and create custom filtered data to reduce keystrokes and improve productivity. It fails on reporting, don’t buy into what they say. It fails in this area. More importantly, they don’t care how much people complain. Some upgrades have major changes, which causes those who have purchased custom reports to have to pay to get them created again. Reporting is based on Crystal reports, which is expensive and not easy to learn, so most people pay extra for custom reports. Example, they removed the ability for people to reprint a PO and can’t see how this is an issue to their customer. They are actually pushing back.There are some vulnerabilities in “edit” tools reported in 2017 and at 2020 when this was written, they still haven’t fixed it. The company doesn’t listen to their customers, and have a bad attitude towards them, and they hide behind their partners who actually deal with the customers. I would not select this software again.

The Good…

Straight forward and simple to use.

The Bad…

1-Very few reports. They allow you to filter data, and expect the user to export to excel, create pivot tables etc., instead of creating and maintaining meaningful reports. They also eliminate or forget to create or move reports between versions. So suddenly, a report is gone and they don’t’ seem at all interested in fixing it. feedback “no one else is complaining”. You waste a lot time and money getting custom reports. 2-There are lot of vulnerabilities where all user can access some sensitive data and communications.

Submitted on January 16th, 2017 by Denis

Spire is a fully charged (18 integrated modules) business management software. it is highly efficient and extremely easy to use

The Good…

Searching for pertinent data within your accounting software can be an arduous and sometimes impossible task. Spire makes searches, filters, exports and reports easy as all your data is accessable

The Bad…

Advanced filtering & export capabilities does away with the need for many reports. Some users have stated their preference for these. Luckily, Spire has listened and has added many and continues to do so based on popular demand