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About Spire

Spire is a business management solution for small and mid-sized businesses. The software is developed with an intuitive user-friendly interface and a robust database that uses modern technology for efficiency, flexibility and scalability. With Spire, organizations gain a competitive advantage with greater visibility and control of business operations.

Start experiencing the benefits of a business management software designed to meet your business needs.


Having all the information allows you to make better decisions that help drive profitable growth. Spire provides valuable data and insight about your business operations in one system so you no longer need to waste time compiling data from multiple sources. With this information, you can determine where you can make cost reductions and improve profitability.

Meet Customer Demand

Customer satisfaction is important for growing your business. By optimizing inventory levels and reducing shortages, Spire will help you deliver on time, every time. Have confidence in knowing that you can gain the trust of your customers and meet their expectations.


Improving operational efficiency leads to increased productivity. Spire helps automate and streamline business processes and eliminates manual workflow. As a result, your organization can expand at a quicker pace without the need to hire more employees.

Account Reconciliation

Reconcile and validate your bank transactions accurately with the Account Reconciliation module. With this module, you can monitor transactions and adjustments, while automatically reconciling bank statement items with the General Ledger.

Save time and reduce mistakes with the automated matching of transactions. Stay on top of your cash flow and know that your books are balanced with insightful analysis of your bank transactions.

The Account Reconciliation integrates with the following modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Multi-Currency

Additional Features Include:

  • Easily import bank transactions
  • Sortable columns makes it easy to find information
  • Automate reconciliation and matching of transactions
  • Reconciliation can be done daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Supports multiple divisions and companies
  • Supports multiple banks

Accounts Payable

Proactively manage your vendors and payments with the Accounts Payable module. This module optimizes the payables process for efficient vendor management and improving productivity.

The Accounts Payable module is a comprehensive solution that gives you control over the payables process with easy-to-use features that saves time and reduce mistakes made during data entry. Take full of advantage of this module to help manage your cash flow requirements, maintain vendor relationships, track your payables and reduce administrative costs.

Features Include:

  • Create custom filters
  • Support for multiple bank accounts
  • Single or batch payments
  • Multiple check formats
  • Set filters by aging period
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Easily export to Microsoft Excel
  • Link and unlink transactions easily
  • Quick access to all vendor history and information
  • Unlimited credit terms and payment discounts
  • Set up notifications and alerts on purchase orders
  • Directly post purchase orders to AP

Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable module will automate the process of issuing invoices and collecting payments from your customers in a timely manner to minimize overdue credit. Reduce bad debts by setting up alerts to identify and track potential problem accounts.

Quick access to customer details and history makes it easy for you to find the information you need. Track outstanding balances and generate reports, including:

  • Aged AR Listing
  • Account Statements

The Accounts Receivable module is part of the Spire core accounting system and integrates seamlessly with the Sales Order and General Ledger modules.

Additional Features:

  • Create custom filters
  • Set filters by aging period
  • Sort accounts by aging period
  • Create custom statement templates
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Easily export to Microsoft Excel
  • Link and unlink transactions
  • Set up notifications and alerts on sales orders
  • Post service charges
  • Quick access to customer history and information
  • Send statements and invoices by email merge
  • Unlimited credit terms and payment discounts

Bill of Materials

The Bill of Material module gives you control over a finished product. Users are able to define which components are used and how many of each are required. Meet customer requirements and maximize production efficiency with real-time information about inventory, labour and overhead items.

Features Include:

  • Items can be kitted or manufactured
  • Kits commit/build when sold
  • Build manufactured items before sale
  • Full integration with Production Manager add-on to for greater control of production and scheduling
  • Set scrap and yield factors
  • Add overhead/labour codes
  • Conversion for units of measure


The Communication module is a versatile tool allowing you to create notes, alerts, and lists in a structured and organized manner. Set up reminders and to-do lists so that users can prioritize and stay on top of their tasks.


  • Add notes and set up alerts for sales and purchase orders
  • Add and assign tasks to specific users with due dates
  • Create a to-do list

The Communication Module Integrates With:

  • Customers
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales History
  • Vendors
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase History
  • Inventory
  • Production Manager (optional add-on module)
  • Service Manager (optional add-on module)


The Customer module stores all customer information. Users have quick access to all customer data, including shipping information and sales order history.

Quickly setup new customers by entering information on one screen or simply copy an existing customer record.


  • Add multiple ShipTo addresses
  • Add multiple contact information, including name, email and phone
  • Enter notes and set reminders for each customer
  • Custom filters and searches
  • Set custom pricing by customer or customer type
  • Mail and email merge capabilities
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Easily export selected data to Microsoft Excel

General Ledger

The General Ledger module provides precise, real-time information that allows you to make better business decisions.

As the foundation for Spire’s accounting system, the General Ledger module stores accounting data from all subledgers and modules. The General Ledger module fully integrates with other modules, making it a powerful, robust system with easy-to-use features that allows you to access important financial information with just a couple clicks.

Find the information you need with our macro view of accounts and balances, or drill down to the details by viewing journal entries, invoices, sales and purchase orders from one screen.

Additional features of the GL module include:

  • Detailed audit trail
  • Copy/paste journal entries
  • Reverse journal entries
  • Edit recurring journal entries
  • Supports multi-segmented chart of accounts
  • Supports multiple departments
  • Create custom filters
  • Powerful search engine for easy lookup
  • 3 years open GL for posting
  • Unlimited historical GL years


The Inventory module makes it easy to manage your inventory by storing all inventory data and allowing users to maintain detailed records of inventory items. Get real-time inventory information and gain tighter control over your inventory with robust features that help businesses optimize inventory levels.

The Inventory module will help you save valuable time and meet customer demands by automating processes and providing quick access to stock levels.


  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • Flexible units of measure conversion
  • Comprehensive pricing structure
  • Inactivate or hold items
  • Lot or serial number traceability
  • Allocate and consume lot by receipt dates, lot numbers, or expiry dates
  • Custom filters and searches
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel
  • Import data from Microsoft Excel
  • Automatic calculation for suggested reordering
  • Group inventory items
  • Print barcodes from inventory lists
  • Average, FIFO, LIFO and serialized/lot costing
  • Set up physical and non-physical items
  • Add alternate part number for easy substitution
  • Track harmonized customs code and country of origin
  • Edit multiple items in one instance
  • Add accessories to item
  • Add notes and alerts on inventory items

Job Costing

The Job Costing module integrates with the Sales Order and Purchase Order modules to capture the total cost for any job by tracking income, expenses, time, and material costs. Designed to help keep projects within budget and on schedule, the Job Costing module provides quick access to project and status and real-time cost updates.


  • Post sales invoices to a specific job
  • Preselect one or more jobs per sales order
  • Post purchase order expenses to a specific job
  • Preselect one or more jobs per purchase order


Expanding internationally is a signal of growth for many businesses. With these new opportunities, your software must be able to handle different currencies.

The Multi-Currency module makes it extremely easy to manage multiple currencies. Foreign currency is automatically converted to the base currency at the time of each transaction with currency gains/losses tracked in the General Ledger. This multi-currency tool will increase accuracy and help save time by allowing you to manage unlimited currencies and exchange rates.

The Multi Currency Module Integrates With the Following Modules:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales Order
  • Job Costing
  • Purchase Order
  • Point of Sale

Additional Features in the Multi-Currency Module Include:

  • Unlimited currencies and exchange rate schedules can be added
  • Recalculate accounts to current rates
  • Change rates during transactions

Point of Sale

The Point of Sale module lets you manage all of your sales transactions from a single interface with quick processing, and displays products when items are scanned.


  • Supports multiple payment methods, including split payments and on account sales
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Compatible with barcode readers, receipt printers and cash drawers

Price Matrix

The robust and flexible Price Matrix module provides a comprehensive custom pricing feature that lets users set multiple pricing variations based on specific criteria.

Features in the Price Matrix module include:

  • Quick update of multiple prices
  • Import new prices from Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel
  • Set colors for price reasons
  • Multiple dates for prices
  • Contract costs
  • Customer part numbers

Purchase History

The Purchase History module provides insightful information about previous purchase orders. You no longer need to spend hours digging for information. The Purchase History module will save you time and money by enabling you to quickly access the information you need with our custom filters and searches.


  • Comprehensive view of purchase history
  • Create reports using custom filters and searches
  • View, copy and/or reprint purchase orders

Purchase Orders

Manage all aspects of your purchase orders with the Purchase Order module. Automatically generate new purchase orders from shortages and requisitions or easily create a new one by copying an existing order.

The Purchase Order module enables you to track every step of the process from creating an order to receiving and invoicing.

With the Purchase Order Module, Users Can:

  • Automatically create purchase orders for shortages and special orders
  • Print or email purchase orders to vendors
  • View sales and purchase history from the Purchase Order screen
  • Define vendor-specific prices
  • Automatically post purchase orders to Accounts Payable and General Ledger
  • Copy open/closed purchase orders
  • Convert different units of measure
  • Convert different currencies to base currency
  • Print labels for orders or receipts
  • Create purchase orders from requisitions
  • Look up order by vendor name, date, or keyword
  • Drop ship to warehouse or customer
  • Set custom filters and searches
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel
  • Edit freight and duty costs
  • Access purchase and sales history
  • View line by line inventory status
  • Unissue orders as required


The Requisition module automates the requisition entry and approval process. Managing internal purchase requests from inventory, sales, and production is so simple with an easy-to-use interface that reduces manual entry and increases accurate requisitions.

The Requisition module provides an efficient workflow that will track requisitions from beginning to end.

Key Features:

  • Automatically generate requisitions from inventory shortages
  • Automatically generate requisitions from sales orders
  • Automatically generate requisitions from production shortages (optional)
  • Maintains link between sales orders and purchase orders
  • Create purchase orders from requisitions
  • Assign requisitions to existing purchase orders or create a new one
  • Ability to combine items from the same vendor
  • Change vendors on the fly

Sales History

Make better business decisions with the Sales History module. Get up-to-date information by creating custom reports using filters and searches.

Sales History Features Include:

  • Comprehensive view of past sales
  • Create reports using custom filters and searches
  • View, copy and reprint sales invoices
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Edit non-financial data on a historical invoice
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel

Sales Orders

The Sales Order module allows for greater flexibility and control over the order entry process. Users can access customer information from the order entry screen, including shipping and billing information, history, open orders, account balance and credit status.

The Sales Order Module Supports Multiple Order Types:

  • Quotes
  • Bookings
  • Work orders
  • RMA
  • Deposits
  • Standing orders with custom repeat cycles

Additional Features Include:

  • Custom filters and searches
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel
  • Track orders through shipping process
  • Custom order phases
  • Add and edit customer and inventory data on the fly
  • Set up customer and inventory notifications
  • Batch or real-time invoicing
  • Track and fill back orders
  • Real-time inventory status
  • Easily create purchase orders from sales orders
  • Email merge orders, quotes, and invoices
  • Add multiple ShipTo addresses
  • Select forms on the fly
  • Job headers
  • Display line items and total margins on orders
  • Add attachments
  • Print item and packing labels
  • Environmental fees can be added to items
  • Automatically calculate shop/fuel surcharge
  • Automatic substitutions for out of stock items
  • Set order permissions
  • Create custom templates for invoices and orders
  • Comprehensive customer prices


The Vendor module will store all of your vendor information and provides quick access to all vendor data, including purchase history, vendor balance, aging and credit information.

Quickly setup new vendors by entering information on one screen or simply copy an existing vendor record.


  • Add multiple ShipTo addresses
  • Add multiple contact information, including name, email and phone
  • Enter notes and set reminders for each vendor
  • Custom filters and searches
  • Set custom pricing by vendor
  • Mail and email merge capabilities
  • Multiple word search of all records
  • Easily export selected data to Microsoft Excel

Product Overview

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User Reviews of Spire

Submitted on September 4th, 2020 by Anonymous

An accounting software that is marketed to current or previous users of Sage Business Vision or Essentials for Business Vision. generally speaking, it is easy to use. Each user can customize their views and create custom filtered data to reduce keystrokes and improve productivity. It fails on reporting, don’t buy into what they say. It fails in this area. More importantly, they don’t care how much people complain. Some upgrades have major changes, which causes those who have purchased custom reports to have to pay to get them created again. Reporting is based on Crystal reports, which is expensive and not easy to learn, so most people pay extra for custom reports. Example, they removed the ability for people to reprint a PO and can’t see how this is an issue to their customer. They are actually pushing back.There are some vulnerabilities in “edit” tools reported in 2017 and at 2020 when this was written, they still haven’t fixed it. The company doesn’t listen to their customers, and have a bad attitude towards them, and they hide behind their partners who actually deal with the customers. I would not select this software again.

The Good…

Straight forward and simple to use.

The Bad…

1-Very few reports. They allow you to filter data, and expect the user to export to excel, create pivot tables etc., instead of creating and maintaining meaningful reports. They also eliminate or forget to create or move reports between versions. So suddenly, a report is gone and they don’t’ seem at all interested in fixing it. feedback “no one else is complaining”. You waste a lot time and money getting custom reports. 2-There are lot of vulnerabilities where all user can access some sensitive data and communications.

Submitted on January 16th, 2017 by Denis

Spire is a fully charged (18 integrated modules) business management software. it is highly efficient and extremely easy to use

The Good…

Searching for pertinent data within your accounting software can be an arduous and sometimes impossible task. Spire makes searches, filters, exports and reports easy as all your data is accessable

The Bad…

Advanced filtering & export capabilities does away with the need for many reports. Some users have stated their preference for these. Luckily, Spire has listened and has added many and continues to do so based on popular demand