An advanced planning and scheduling software.

About PlanetTogether

PlanetTogether is an advanced planning and schedule platform (APS) for manufacturers to integrate in with their existing ERP software. The software aims to better your supply chain planning through faster delivery, higher efficiency, and accelerated cash flow.

PlanetTogether enables capacity planning, production scheduling, and MRP (material requriements planning) to be linked to your ERP software.

Video Overview


  • Real-time visualizations
  • Alerts and KPIs
  • Bottleneck and materials management
  • “What-if” scenarios and analytics


  • Starter Plan starts at $250/month/plant
  • Pro Plans under $3,000
  • Unlimited plans around $5,000

The Small Business Edition is designed for smaller companies with scheduling needs that can be handled by a single planner. This edition is limited to one concurrent planner and one plant, and does not manage dynamic inventory constraints. It provides a very powerful set of automatic and manual scheduling tools that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Add-ons Available

  • Gantt Viewers: Enable customer service, sales, and management to see the schedule at all times. Gantt Viewers also provide the optional ability to update the schedule status so that employees can update the schedule as they complete their work.
  • Shop Viewers: Communicating schedule changes in a dynamic environment can be very difficult. As one schedule is printed and distributed to the shop, a change comes in making that printed version obsolete. PlanetTogether Shop Views solves this problem by providing shop floor personnel with a live view into the schedule. They can see up to the minute dispatch lists by resource so they always know what’s in their queue, what’s coming, and what should be worked on next. They can also report that they’ve started setting up or running a job, or have completed production. Hours and quantity complete can be tracked and will update the schedule in real-time for a truly coordinated production facility.

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Submitted on April 14th, 2022 by Bruce Hays

Easy integration! Great product.

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