A fixed asset management application designed by Real Asset Management - Fixed Asset Management Sof.

About Track4000

This fully integrated module enables asset managers to carry out low cost physical audits on barcoded or RFID tagged assets and inventory items using the latest in data capture technology. A handheld unit uses an interactive display to guide the user through the audit process. Data is then read by this module and used to either confirm existing details or report on changes (moved, missing or new items) and to update the various registers.

Features Include:

  • The leading portable laser scanners with on-screen displays guide users through the audit process, prompting them to look for missing items.
  • Asset and inventory data from the Asset4000 module is automatically downloaded to the hand-held unit in user-defined segments (by building, floor, department, zone, room or asset type, etc.).
  • Information on the items to be audited such as make, model, serial number or user is displayed in a scrollable format on the hand-held unit.
  • Verification or alteration of asset details can be actioned during the audit with details of transfers, disposals or missing items entered directly into the portable scanner.
  • Audited data is downloaded into RAMI’s fixed asset accounting module from which audit reports can be produced. Actions arising from the audit can then be verified and checked prior to updating the register.
  • As part of the asset register update process, transaction records for verified transfers and disposals will be created automatically. All updates and transactions are recorded in an audit log for reporting purposes.
  • RAMI can provide a comprehensive range of bar-code label options and specialist security tags. The hand-held unit has been designed to work with an array of standard bar-coding formats.
  • RAMI also provides a range of services which include:- asset register design, bar-code set-up, physical audits, health checks and periodic asset register updates.

Product Overview

Industry Focus

Track4000 is designed primarily for use in the manufacturing industry.

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