A multi-module management system designed by Miles Business Management Software for health care & social services companies.

About CSST

Tri-County Community Action Agency of New Jersey has been a computer and networking services customer of Miles Business Management Software for many years. Two years ago Tri-County realized that the fragmented, disparate, often antiquated software systems they were using were costing them severely in terms of efficiency, productivity, and ability to effectively manage their many programs. But an exhaustive search of available software lead them to the conclusion that a comprehensive, modern, affordable, Windows-based package simply didn’t exist. Miles Business Management Software has extensive experience developing custom software for the medical services industry, so Tri-County approached us with a proposal to collaborate on the development of a custom system to meet their needs.

CSST is the result. It is designed to be the primary client data engine for both large agencies and small. Consequently, it is constructed in a modular fashion that allows any size organization to purchase only the components required for their particular operation. By working hand in hand with Tri-County CAA in the creation of CSST", Miles Business Management Software has developed an acute sensitivity to on-the-ground needs of community action agency staffs and has tailored CSST" to meet those needs in a very user-friendly manner, regardless of the organization’s scope.

Adult Day Care

The Adult Day Care Module provides agencies with a sophisticated tool to track and manage day care programs for adult clients and their families. In addition to the extensive health, mental health and nutrition records available in the CSST Base Program, Adult Day Care offers detailed record keeping on medical and social issues unique to senior citizens and Alzheimer’s patients. It schedules and tracks activities, meal delivery, client attendance, client needs evaluation, funding sources, payments, and eligibility. Additionally provided is a dated and time-stamped searchable notes section for free-form text entry of detailed case history and incident records.

Community Services

The Community Services Module offers tools to help agencies manage three major programs more efficiently: HEA (Home Energy Assistance, formerly referred to as LIHEAP), Emergency Assistance, and Transitional Housing. In support of all three of these components, two separate additional tools are provided to monitor Counseling activities and to track specific information on Housing & Utilities on a per-client basis. All components offer multiple records per client, so annual rollovers or repeat applications are a snap–with no need to ever repeat data entry. Multiple eligibility requirements are equally simple: each component offers its own requirements checklist, and the Counseling module additionally provides for program specific questionnaires. Once again, you will be impressed by the detail available in the Service Delivery component: multiple funding sources, individually itemized invoices, tracking of all checks and payments, several service coding options, detailed coordination with vendors and providers, tracking of individual facility details, and much more than can be covered in this brief description.

Daycare and Unified Child Care

CSST offers a flexible and easily adaptable childcare framework for use with any childcare program. While the CSST Base Program tracks basic client demographic information, the Daycare and Unified Child Care module adds the ability to track enrollment, eligibility requirements, child care-specific service details and waiting lists and wait list priorities. It accommodates multiple records per child to allow historical tracking of conditions that change over time, and it provides for recording detailed ýservice neededý requirements by day of week and hour of the day, down to the minute. The Service Delivery component allows tracking of multiple funding sources and payments, including separate fund payments and parent co-payments on a per-child, per specified time period basis. It enables the generation of invoices from this data. In addition, multiple providers and their specific licensed capacities and enrollments are also tracked. CSST offers an instantaneous ýsnap shotý of any individual provider’s enrollment on any given date and even any given hour or minute of the day!

Health, Education & Jobs

The Head Start Module completes the CSST" application’s data collection and reporting for Head Start programs. While the CSST" Base Program provides for tracking all demographic, health care, developmental, and outcome information for Head Start clients, this module adds enrollment tracking and reporting, Head Start specific questionnaires and checklists, and the ability to monitor multiple funding sources, payments and co-payments on a per-child basis.


The Housing module focuses on the banking, scheduling, and developer-oriented tasks needed by a public housing authority to manage, promote, and fund housing construction and rehabilitation projects.


IDA, or Individual Development Accounts, require special handling by agencies participating as sponsors of these accounts due to the need for detailed tracking, not only of deposits and withdrawals from the accounts themselves, but also of the myriad of different rules and matching procedures that may be applied in different situations. The CSST" IDA module provides complete flexibility and the attention to detail required to effectively manage these programs, their participants, their funding partners, and their sponsoring organizations with all the disparate requirements that may attach to each. And it does so in an easy-to-navigate set of three forms that will be a very pleasant surprise to those familiar with older software applications being used to track IDA programs.

Lead Remediation

For agencies offering Lead Abatement/Remediation services, this module offers the ultimate in effective tracking and management. It focuses on lead remediation by project and property. It develops a history of the property in question, maintains a tenant listing, unit specifications, tracks project costs and funding allocations and sources. A spreadsheet style record provides for detailed tracking of job costs and displays instantly updated subtotal and total figures any time a cost item or allocation is changed. Additionally, agency-wide global program summaries are available, and, taking advantage of the power of computing, are always updated with current job and funding source data.

Literacy Program/ESL

Agencies offering Literacy or ESL programs will find the CSST Literacy / ESL module essential to accurate and efficient management of their operation. This module focuses on literacy programs, scheduling, personnel (volunteer and professional), funding sources, program locations, client goals and intended learner outcomes. Detailed records may be kept on client motivations, available hours and other service details, testing results and progress, and client-tutor match results. Enrollment, scheduling, and service delivery tracking are available for your use, if needed. In addition, a waiting list with assigned priority may be maintained. On the tutor side, detailed record keeping of basic demographic data is provided by the CSST Base Program, while the Literacy / ESL Module offers additional detail on volunteer status, education, training, interests, related work or volunteer history, program involvement, and enrollment.


The Weatherization module focuses on aiding agencies that offer this program to more effectively manage individual Weatherization jobs and job costs while providing detailed agency-wide reporting tools for more efficient broad program management strategies. Clients may be automatically screened for eligibility, as are individual addresses (locations). Jobs, job descriptions, and job costs may be tracked in great detail. And an additional dated, time-stamped, searchable notes feature has received rave reviews from our users. Each project has tight linkages to Contractor, Energy Supplier, and Mortgage Company (or Landlord), and detailed information about each of these entities may also be tracked.

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